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F.P. (Frank) Woolston Archive

This collection is concerned with research undertaken by the historian F.P. Woolston and associates such as Percy Trezise and Doug Seaton on cultural, material and artistic facets of Aboriginal life. Of interest is his correspondence with and knowledge of the work undertaken by the Aboriginal painter, Dick Roughsey. Much of the correspondence and academic research was done during the 1960s and 1970s, and much of the study of Aboriginal culture is taken up with conservation/preservation of rock art, language, practices, and land rights issues. The papers are augmented by folders with many original newspaper cuttings on issues regarding Aboriginal culture dating back to the 1950s (and facsimiles of articles published in Queensland newspapers in the late colonial/early federation period), and colour reproductions done in the 1950s and 1960s of Aboriginal rock art in various locations. Woolston was very much interested in ethnobotanical aspects of Aboriginal culture and included here are preserved samples of plants and vegetation that they used.


Archive Location: 406M-407R

Detailed Listing


FWP/Correspondence/1/ Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies

FWP/Correspondence/2/ Department of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement, Archaeological Branch

FWP/Correspondence/3/ Department of Aboriginal and Islanders Affairs, Archaeological Division

FWP/Correspondence/4/ Methodist Overseas Missions: North Australia District

FWP/Correspondence/5/ Stacey & Stacey Optometrist

FWP/Correspondence/6/ Australian universities

FWP/Correspondence/7/ Australian and overseas museums

FWP/Correspondence/8/ Coral Seas Industries Pty. Ltd.

FWP/Correspondence/9/ Letters from Doug Seaton

FWP/Correspondence/10/ Oxley Memorial Library of Queensland/John Oxley Library

FWP/Correspondence/11/ Public Library of Queensland

FWP/Correspondence/12/ Letter from Henry Lamond, noted Australian writer

FWP/Correspondence/13/ Stan [no other identification]

FWP/Correspondence/14/ Richard (Dick) Roughsey

FWP/Correspondence/15/ Tex Turnley (with 2 photographs of Aboriginals, northern Queensland, and newspaper cutting, dated 19 April 1968)

FWP/Correspondence/16/ K. Meyer (Western Samoa, with 3 photographs and negatives of Polynesian objects)

FWP/Correspondence/17/ Folder with inscription, 'Letters Personal Mostly from Percy Trezise they all contain historical information'

FWP/Correspondence/18/ Writing pad with inscription, 'Various Letters mostly to and from Mary Jackes'

FWP/Correspondence/19/ Ana and Allen Hicks' letters

FWP/Correspondence/20/ Various letters written/typed during 1960s

FWP/Correspondence/21/ Various letters written/typed during 1970s

FWP/Correspondence/22/ Various letters written during 1980s

FWP/Correspondence/23/ Various letters written/typed that are not or only partially dated

Research Papers and Notes

FWP/Folders/1/ Newspaper Cuttings/1/

FWP/Folders/2/ Newspaper Cuttings/2/ Many Cuttings from North Queensland Register

FWP/Folders/3/ Newspaper Cuttings/3/ Explorers; and extracts from colonial and early federation era Queensland newspapers

FWP/Folders/4/ Newspaper Cuttings/4/ Scrap Book Cuttings from the North Queensland Register [and] some mention of F.P.W.

FWP/Folders/5/ Range of Antiquities (Aboriginal and  Roman)

FWP/Folders/6/ National Estate Report (Anthropological Section Photostat thereof)

FWP/Folders/7/ Article published in journal Mankind

FWP/Folders/8/ Peter Laver’s Occasional Papers, Queensland University

FWP/Folders/9/ Dick Roughsey file: ‘Dick’s Trip Brisbane Nov. 1965 Press Cuttings and Photos’

FWP/Folders/10/ Anthropological Society of Queensland: Rocky Scrub Creek-Black Duck Creek (outing 22 June 1969)

FWP/Folders/11/ Some legends collected by Trezise

FWP/Folders/12/ Final Reports:

i. Conservation: Permeability & Compressive Strengths of Limestone Samples

ii. Electron Microscopy and Particle Sizing of Two Ochres

iii. X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Red Ochre Specimens

iv. Analabs Pty. Ltd. Certificate of Analysis

v. Graffiti Removal, Bates Cave, Hyden, Western Australia

vi. Site Conservation Project at ‘Two Mile Ridge’ Aboriginal Engraving Site, Port Hedland, Western Australia

FWP/Folders/13/ Notes, papers, summaries:

i. Oral history tapes held by A.I.A.S. and notes on extracts from a tape, July 1967

           ii. Dr. F.W. Whitehouse, Some Notes for those Attending the Pre-Sessional Excursion. ANZAAS, Section 25 (Anthropology) (1971)

iii. P.J. Tresize and D. Roughsey, The Cape York Galleries – Development or Destruction (1972)

iv. F.S. Colliver and F.P. Woolston, Anthropological Notes from Queensland

v. Some Poisonous Plants in Brisbane

vi. University of Queensland Botany Department Herbarium

vii. Total material other than sandstone fragments, recovered from the excavation utilizing a ¼” mesh plastic sieve

viii. Notes on the Contributors

ix. Australiana Exhibition…Catalogue of Early Australian Items (1972)

x. F.P. Woolston note book, inscription on front, ‘No. I’

xi. ‘Aboriginal Rock Art’, pamphlet issued by Department of Aboriginal and Island Affairs, Brisbane

xii. Illustration titled ‘Traditional method of sharing Dugong’

xiii. Memo book with inscription 'Nature Plants, Foods, Manufacturing, Other uses'

FWP/Folders/14/ Minutes of Meetings/1/ Anthropological Society of Queensland, 1960s, 1981, 1983

FWP/Folders/15/ Minutes of Meetings/2/ Conservation Committee, Archaeological Division, Department of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement, mid-1970s

FWP/Folders/16/ Australian Post Office histories: Murgon, Georgetown, Caboolture, Beenleigh, Tambo, Normanton

FWP/Folders/17/ Schools Pamphlets (1963-1970)/1/ prepared by Dr. F.W. Whitehouse, with memo, list of titles, nos. 2-25

FWP/Folders/18/ Schools Pamphlets (1963-1970)/2/ nos. 26-44

FWP/Folders/19/ Maps

i. Arcadia Sheet 8647

ii. Australia North and East Coast Sheet XX: Cape Grenville to Booby Island

iii. Cooktown, Queensland

iv. Queensland: Endeavour Strait

v. National Parks Association of Qld: Bellenden Ker Bartle Frere National Park (15 and 15A)

vi. Aboriginal "Tribal" Areas

vii. Admiralty Map of Western Approaches to Torres Strait

viii. Unique Map of Sydney Island (Langu-Narngi) North Wellesley Group, Gulf of Carpentaria, by P. Trezise,1966

ix. Mossman, Queensland

x. The Voyages of Discovery by Abel Tasman 1644-46 [2 copies]

FWP/Folders/20/ Rock Art Conservation Papers and Articles

FWP/Folders/21/ Palmerston file /1/ research notes; including transcript of Palmerston diary, spoken by F.P. Woolston, 7 February 1967 at Parliament House Library

FWP/Folders/22/ Palmsterson File /2/ including copy of Christy Palmerston's letter and vocabulary, and Howitt letter (1884?)

FWP/Folders/23/ Research notes: Aboriginal culture, artifacts, etc.:

i. F.P. Woolston and F.S. Colliver, Some Stone Artifacts from North Queensland Rain Forests [2 copies]

ii. Manufacture of Swords and Shields

iii. Classification and Terminology in Australian Rock Art

iv. Aboriginal Relics Site Record Card

v. A List of Bora Grounds in South-East Queensland

vi. Frank P. Woolston, The Former Pattern of Aboriginal Life. The Aboriginal Room (with letter from Sir Raphael Cilento, 1971)

vii. A.J. Gold, Samsonvale. A history of the Samsonvale District from 1845-1962 (1962)

viii. Article, 'Signs of Another Era', North-West Star, 28 September 1979

ix. F.S. Colliver and F.P. Woolston, The Aborigines of Stradbroke Island [monograph]

x. Yanggariny and Naridjin painting descriptions

FWP/Folders/24/ Newspaper articles on 'lost' or 'pygmy' Aboriginal tribes in northern Queensland:

i. 'Lost Tribes of Moreton Bay', Brisbane Courier, 28 July 1923

ii. 'Ape-men here before Aboriginals?', Cairnsweek, 8 June 1980

iii. 'In search of little natives', Townsville Daily Bulletin, 25 January 1982

iv. 'No evidence to support 'lost civilisation' theory', North Queensland Register, 5 March 1982

v. 'Little woman could hold key to 'lost civilisation'', Townsville Daily Bulletin, 26 January 1982

vi. 'Little woman possible key to 'lost civilisation', North Queensland Register, 29 January 1982

FWP/Folders/25/ Explanatory letter and colour and b/w photographs of archaeological digs, northern Queensland (1971); and colour photograph in envelope with heading, 'Leichhardt River Crossing'

FWP/Folders/26/ Ethnobotany papers and articles

FWP/Folders/27/ Mira Mira; and Notes Taken from 'Boonjie'. A Romance of a lost tribe of Australian Aborigines

FWP/Folders/28/ Captain Cook and 'Endeavour' material; including photographs of where he died (postcard-type) and replica of ship cannon

FWP/Folders/29/ International Coral Reef Symposium, 1973

FWP/Folders/30/ Photostat and letters regarding Landsborough monument

FWP/Folders/31/ Original typescript for article 'The Gogo-Yimidjir People and the "Endeavour"' (1970)

FWP/Folders/32/ Wildsoet Interview - some recollections of the Aborigines of the Tully area: original typescript and notes

FWP/Folders/33/ Sword and Shield

FWP/Folders/34/ Mornington Island

FWP/Folders/35/ First Contacts for F.P. Woolston, concerning trip to North Queensland and contact with Aboriginal people

FWP/Folders/36/ Radiocarbon dating test, Australian National University, 1966-67

FWP/Folders/37/ Murder of John Williams

FWP/Folders/38/ Platform Dig 1965

FWP/Folders/39/ Draft copy of L.P. Winterbotham, "The Jinibara Tribe of South East Queensland (and its neighbours)"

FWP/Folders/40/ Several ANZAAS papers and abstracts, 1969 and 1971; copy of ANZAAS News, 12 May 1981

FWP/Folders/41/ Lentz papers (memoirs)

FWP/Folders/42/ Historical Society of Queensland: receipts, accounts, bulletins

FWP/Folders/43/ Hopevale Turnoff Galleries (1967) and Red Bluff Valley

FWP/Folders/44/ Copy of Grant letter, written 1924 and explanatory note

FWP/Folders/45/ Copy of 'Aboriginals in the Brisbane Area', 1978, and notes: Tracing the Last Ones

FWP/Folders/46/ Aboriginal Land Rights papers

FWP/Folders/47/ English translation of Eric Mjoberg's 'Contributions to the knowledge of the natives of North Queensland', who led two scientific expeditions to Australia, 1910-1914, with explanatory letter (1967)

FWP/Folders/48/ Papers relating to conservation of archaeological discoveries and indigenous art sites in Australia

FWP/Folders/49/ Some Stone Artefacts from North Qld. Rain Forests and other papers

FWP/Folders/50/ Papers concerning ethnographic fieldwork with cameras, photography

FWP/Folders/51/ Stradbroke Island papers; including Royal Society of Queensland/ANZAAS, Symposium Stradbroke Island, 15-17 June 1974

FWP/Folders/52/ Talks for the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders: Catholic Council Field Trip (talks 1-7)

FWP/Folders/53/ Notes and papers on Aboriginal artefacts, archaeological sites, rock art styles, material culture

FWP/Folders/53a/ More notes and papers on Aboriginal artefacts, archaeological sites, rock art styles, material culture; including copy of J.J. Hogg, The Palmer Goldfield: Narrative of a Pioneer Miner [died June 1940]

FWP/Notebooks/1/ Two sets of notebooks, most of them inscribed 'Shorthand Note Book Spiral Bound' on various research topics, themes, meetings, 'to do' lists, etc.



FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/1/ Robert L. Jack, On Aboriginal Cave-Drawings on the Palmer Goldfield, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, vol. xi, Part 2 (1895), pp. 1-8 [2 copies]

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/2/ R.H. Mathews, The Keeparra Ceremony of Initiation, J. Anthro. Inst., vol. xxvi, pp. 320-340 (1897)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/3/ R. Hamlyn-Harris, Mummification, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, vol. 1 (1912), pp.7-22

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/4/ Herbert Basedow, Sketch Plan of the North-West Coast of Australia, Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (South Australian Branch), Session 1916-17, vol. xviii.

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/5/ Ronald Hamlyn-Harris, Queensland Ethnological Notes, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, xxviii, no. 9 (1916), pp. 104-106; Ronald Hamlyn-Harris, Further Notes Regarding the Kaiva Kuku and Semese Dances of Papua, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, xxviii, no. 5 (1916), pp. 88-92

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/6/ A. McDonald, Mode of Preparing the Dead among the Natives of the Upper Mary River, Queensland, J. Anthro. Inst., vol. 2 (1873), pp. 176-179

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/7/ Ursula H. McConnel, Inspiration and Design in Aboriginal Art, Art in Australia (1935), pp. 49-68

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/8/ Issues of North Queensland Naturalist, nos. 91-94, 102, 108, 122 (1940s and 1950s)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/9/ S.R. Mitchell, Victorian Aboriginal Axe Stone, Victorian Naturalist, vol. 78 (1961); Victorian Naturalist, vol. LVIII, no. 8 (1941)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/10/ F.W. Whitehouse, Sediments Forming, The Queensland Naturalist, vol. 17, nos.3-4 (1964), pp. 51-58

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/11/ F.S. Colliver and F.P. Woolston, Anthropological Notes from Queensland; and Anthropological Notes from Queensland -II [two copies] (1966)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/12/ Edmund D. Gill, Aboriginal Kitchen Middens and Marine Shell Beds, Mankind, vol. 4, no. 6 (1951), pp. 249-54

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/13/ A.A. Abbie, Anthropology and the Medicine of Moses, Medical Journal of Australia (1957), pp.925-30

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/14/ Articles written by G. Leslie Adkin for the Journal of the Polynesian Society: vol. 59, no. 1 (1950); vol. 64, no. 4 (1955); vol. 66, no. 2 (1957); vol. 68, no. 2 (1959); vol. 69, no. 3 (1960); vol. 72, no. 1 (1963); Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, vol. 79, Part 2 (1951); promotion for Horowhenua: its Maori Place-names and their topographic and historical background;  Geological Evidence of The Antiquity of Man in the NZ Area, N.Z. Science Review, no. 4 (1952), pp. 41-45

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/15/ Ceremonial Circumcision, Medical Journal of Australia (1959), pp. 412-413

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/16/ Bowen Historical Society Bulletin, nos. 1 and 2 (1963)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/17/ Townsville Naturalist, vol. 5, nos. 3-4, 6, vol. 6, nos. 1, 6-8, vol. 7, nos. 1-6; and Index for vols. 4, nos. 1-8

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/18/ Ronald M. Berndt, External influences on the Aboriginal, Hemisphere, vol. 9, no. 3 (1965), pp.2-9

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/19/ David R. Moore, Island Clues to Aboriginal Prehistory, Australian Natural History (1967), pp. 418-422

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/20/ F.P. Woolston and P.J. Trezise, Petroglyphs of Cape York Peninsula, Mankind, vol. 7, no. 2 (1969), pp. 120-127; with letter from journal's Circulation Manager (1970)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/21/ Brian Hayden and Johan Kamminga, Gould, Koster, and Sontz on 'Microwear': A critical review, Newsletter of Lithic Technology, vol. II, nos. 1-2 (1973), pp. 3-14

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/22/ Gordon White, Culture, Community Medicine and Venereal Disease, Medical Journal of Australia (1977), pp. 17-18, 422

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/23/ F.S. Colliver, Historical Aspects of Hinchinbrook Island; and the Aborigines of Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland Naturalist, vol. 22 (1978), pp. 1-4, 19-24

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/24/ Kalori Quarterly Newsletter , nos. 3 and 4 (1978)

FWP/Publications/Journal Articles/25/ Articles by Johan Kamminga and letter to F.P. Woolston


FWP/Publications/Booklets/1/ D.R. Teague, Aspley Heritage (1969, corrected edition 1971); 'Jagara', Frederick Engels Lewis Morgan and the Australian Aborigine (n.d.); Food Supply and Preparation (n.d.); The Quinkans...Laura, Nth. Qld. (n.d.)

FWP/Publications/Booklets/2/ Department of Territories, Australian Territories (Canberra, 1961); Dept of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement, The Aboriginal Relics of Queensland (Brisbane, n.d.); Australian National Committee for UNESCO, Australian Aboriginal Culture (Sydney, 1962); Frederic Wood Jones, Tasmania's Vanished Race (Sydney, 1935); Justine Kenyon, The Aboriginal Word Book (Melbourne, 1951)

FWP/Publications/Booklets/3/ H.P. Somerset, The 1893 Flood: Recollections (1932)


FWP/Publications/Surveys/1/ David R. Moore, Results of an Archaeological Survey of the Hunter River Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Part 1: The Bondaian Industry of the Upper Hunter and Goulburn River Valleys. Records of the Australian Museum, vol. 28, no. 2 (Sydney, 1970)

FWP/Publications/Surveys/2/ V.V. Ponosov, Results of an Archaeological Survey of the Southern Region of Moreton Bay and of Moreton Island (1963-1964). Department of Pyschology, University of Queensland


FWP/Publications/Newspapers/1/ Facsimile copy of New Zealand Chronicle, June 1886

FWP/Publications/Newspapers/2/ Facsimile copy of Centenary Times, 1875


Photographs and Illustrations

FWP/Photographs/1/ One contact sheet; on back is inscription 'Stradbroke Is.'; two b/w photographs of carvings by Karbooli Youngi; two b/w photographs of 'Moon Rock'; one b/w photograph inscribed 'Dillybag Making', being done by three Aboriginal women


FWP/Illustrations/1/ Sketchbook, including 'Bird Feet drawings' by Mary McKenzie

FWP/Illustrations/2/ 'Rough Section Looking South' [2 copies]; 'Platform Gallery Dig' [2 copies]; 'Sandstone Cliff Estimated 80' to 90' High Sheer Above Shelter' [2 copies]; and transparencies of each

FWP/Illustrations/3/ Roll/1/ Emu Gallery

FWP/Illustrations/4/ Roll/2/ Sloping Gallery no. 2

FWP/Illustrations/5/ Roll/3/ Bull Creek Gallery no. 3

FWP/Illustrations/6/ Roll/4/ No. 1 Isabella Gorge 1966 with inscription 'Most of copies of Paintings used in Qld Heritage Trezise did these for me'

FWP/Illustrations/7/ Roll/5/ No. 2 Gallery East Wall, sketched 20 August, 1950, by D. Seaton

FWP/Illustrations/8/ Roll/6/ No. 3 Gallery West Wall

FWP/Illustrations/9/ Roll/7/ Watsonville Rock Paintings N.Q. Underside rock Cave Hill, sketched from galleries and photographs, by D. Seaton, 27 December 1950

FWP/Illustrations/10/ Roll/8/ Silver Valley N.Q. Rock Paintings East side/Gallery on Hilltop East side of Valley

FWP/Illustrations/11/ Roll/9/ Watsonville Rock Paintings N.Q. Underside rock Cave Hill [line drawing]

FWP/Illustrations/12/ Roll/10/ Silver Valley N.Q. Rock Paintings East side on North side of Boulder [line drawing]

FWP/Illustrations/13/ Roll/11/ Captain Cook's Ship 'Endeavour Bark' - 1764

FWP/Illustrations/14/ Roll/12/ Article: 'The Extraordinary Explorations of Capt. James Cook', Australian, Weekend Review section, 17 August 1968.


Plant Specimens

FWP/Plant Specimens/1/ Folder enclosing dried/preserved leaf specimens, collected by F.P. Woolston in North Queensland, July 1968 [fragile]

FWP/Plant Specimens/2/ Folder enclosing dried/preserved leaf specimens, collected by F.P. Woolston [fragile]



FWP/Personal/1/ Christmas card (1974), postcard from British Columbia, Canada, and F.P. Woolston's ANZAAS Brisbane 1971 badge; Pinkenba State School Centenary Year 1875-1975

FWP/Personal/2/ Sun Centre Tourist Bureau/Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

FWP/Personal/3/ TAA calendar for October-December 1966 showing New Guinea Masks and Utensils


Addendum - further publications

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/1/ Articles from Records of the South Australian Museum, vol. VI, no. 3; vol. XI, nos. 2-4; vol. XI, no. 3 (1939-1955)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/2/ F.S. Colliver et al., Notes on the Fraser Island Aborigines, parts 1-111, Queensland Naturalist, vol. 19, nos. 1-3 (1968), pp. 53-64

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/3/ Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, 14th Session, 1898-99, vol. XIV.

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/4/ Year books of the Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, vol. 3, no. 2; vol. VI, no. 4; vol. VII, no. 2; vol. VIII. no. 3; vol. IX, no. 2 (1940-1971)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/5/ The Wreck of the 'Maria' or Adventures of the New Guinea Prospecting Expedition, Nautical Magazine (1872-1873, various volumes)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/6/ Henry Tryon, On an Undisclosed Class of Rock Drawings of Aborigines in Queensland, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, vol. 1 (1885), pp. 45-52

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/7/ E. Palmer, Concerning Some Superstitions of North Queensland Aborigines, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, vol. II, Part 2 (1885), pp. 1-13 [fragile]

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/8/ N.W. Thomas, Australian Canoes and Rafts, J. Anthro. Inst. Gt Brit. & Ireland, vol. XXXV, New Series VIII) (1905), pp. 56-79; N.W. Thomas, Addenda to Australian Canoes and Rafts, J. Anthro. Inst. Gt Brit. & Ireland, vol. XXXVI, New Series VIII) (1906), pp. 409-412

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/9/ R.H. Mathews, Notes on the Aborigines of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland, Qld. Geog. Journal, vol. XXII, no. 8 (New Series) (1907), pp. 74-86

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/10/ G.F. Bowen, On the New Settlement in Rockingham Bay, and advance of Colonization over North-Eastern Australia; including Mr. J.E. Dalrymple's report on his Journey from Rockingham Bay to the Valley of Lagoons [1865], in uncited journal

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/11/ J.H. Maiden, Useful Australian Plants, in uncited journal

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/12/ Robert Edwards and Lesley Maynard, Prehistoric Art in Koonalda Cave, Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australia, vol. 68 (1967), pp. 11-17

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/13/ A.A. Abbie, A Survey of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Collection in the Tasmanian Museum, Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 98 (1964), pp. 49-62; and The Factor of Timing in the Emergence of Distinctively Human Characters, Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 98 (1964), pp. 63-71

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/14/ D.J. Mulvaney, Beche-de-Mer, Aborigines and Australian History, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, vol. 79, Part 2 (1966), pp. 449-457

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/15/ Aqua, March 1971

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/16/ The Queensland Naturalist, vol. 18, nos. 1 -2 (1966)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Journal Articles/17/ D.J. Mulvaney, Archaeological and Geomorphological Investigations on Mt. Moffatt Station, Queensland, Australia, Proceedings of the Prehistorical Society, vol. XXXI (1965), pp. 147-212


FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/1/ Richard H. Graves, The Bushcraft Handbooks. Food and Water in the Bush: How to live off the land (Sydney, n.d.)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/2/ Colonial Office, Report on Gibraltar for the Year 1956 (London, 1957)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/3/ H.J.J. Sparks, Queensland's First Free Settlement 1838-1938 (Brisbane, 1938)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/4/ C.A. McCallum et al. (eds.), Catalogue of the Scientific and Technical Periodicals in the Libraries of Australia: Supplement 1928-1933 (Melbourne, 1934)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/5/ Avon Print Pty. Ltd., Old Ship & Shipping Prints (North Sydney, n.d.)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/6/ Centenary Opening of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Building, January-1863

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/7/ Heber A. Longman (ed.), Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, vol. IX, Part II (1928)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/8/ N.J.B. Plomley (ed.), Records of the Queen Victoria Museum Launceston (Launceston, 1949)

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/9/ Frank Clune, The Greatest Liar on Earth (Melbourne, 1945) [fragile]

FWP/Additions/Publications2/Booklets/10/ Public Library of South Australia publications: Aborigines of Australia (Adelaide, 1964); and Rare Australiana, etc., etc. (Adelaide, 1964)



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