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Hap Wheeley was a gemmologist specialising in agate who ran a gemmological business in Townsville until 1970. He wrote The Happy Helion, Faceting without Tears and Take your Pick to Agate Creek . He also worked with James Cook University geologists in the production of a television program called Take your Pick to Agate Creek. He died about 1980. This collection includes both published and unpublished manuscripts.

Archive Location: 342R


Detailed Listing

HW/1                           "The Patch" 70,000 word novel manuscript (loose pages)

HW/2                           "The Patch" bound galley copy with amendments.

HW/3-31                     "The Black Opals" file (research notes and drafts of script); part of "Inky".

HW/32                         "Black Opals" script in folder.

HW/33-35                   "Letter to a Chinese Friend," 17 November 1975. Three-page photocopy extract from National Review, vol. 6, no.8, 5 November 1975.

HW/36-110     Collection of Short Stories.

HW/36 -37                   “The Metaphor,” typed copy.

HW/38-39                   “The Metaphor,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/40-41                   “The Metaphor,” typed copy, different version.

HW/42-44                   “He was one of those whiskery coots…” - typed copy, untitled.

HW/45-46                   “The Appearance of Iggles in Australia,” typed copy.

HW/47-51                   “The Epic of Trumpet Downs,” typed copy.

HW/52                         Poem, “The Man from Trumpet Downs,” by Jerry Winn, typed, carbon copy.

HW/53-58                   “The Epic of Trumpet Downs,” different version, typed copy.

HW/59-61                   Poem, “The Man from Trumpet Downs,” by Jerry Winn, typed copy.


HW/62-64                   “Wot’s in a Name?” typed copy.

HW/65                         “Gas Attack,” typed copy.

HW/66 -68                   “……….to a Man’s Heart,” typed copy.

HW/69-72                   “……….to a Man’s Heart,” roneo copy.

HW/73-74                   “Crickets,” typed copy.

HW/75                         “The Magic Window,” typed copy.

HW/76 -77                   “Have You Met Ray O’Light?” typed copy.

HW/78-80                   “I Sit on a Beach in the Setting Sun Watching the Tide Come In……” typed copy.

HW/81                        “made up a lovely warm bed for her….” typed copy (incomplete).

HW/82 -84                   “I remember that late in 1943….” untitled, typed copy.

HW/85-87                   “Five Minutes with a Brick,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/88-90                   “The Thing,” typed copy.

HW/91-96                   “The Throwback: A short story of about 1350 words” typed copy.

HW/97-98                   “Question Mark,” typed copy.

HW/99-100                 “Question Mark,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/101-104               “Take a Piece of Good Rough,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/105-110               “The Throwback: A short story of about 1350 words” typed, carbon copy.

HW/111-123 "Damn the Woman," a play.

HW/111-112               "Damn the Woman," a play, typed, carbon copy.

HW/113                       Poem, “Pandanus Cove,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/114                       Poem, “In Your Front Yard,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/115                       Poem, “Dizzy Anti-Woman,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/116                       Untitled, “Dizzy singing and introducing Zombie…” section of play.

HW/117-18                 Untitled, “Scene is foredeck of Breeze…” section of play.

HW/119-20                 Dialogue, “He can have his stinking Robot…” handwritten.

HW/121                       Play opening, handwritten.

HW/122-3                   Dialogue, handwritten.


HW/124-144   Poetry by H Wheeley.

HW/124-25                 “Mister Peter Passoff,” typed copy.

HW/126                       “The Open Door,” typed copy.

HW/127                       “Jonkerred,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/128                       “Perspective,” typed copy. Name and address at top right: J. Davis, 18 Daley St., Heatley, Q., 4814.

HW/129/1                    “The Qwertyuiop,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/129/2                    Untitled, “O hell, Kel…” typed, carbon copy.

HW/130                       “The Open Door,” typed, carbon copy, dated “Aug 75.”

HW/131                       “The Midden,” typed.

HW/132                       Untitled, “What will the postie bring today?” typed.

HW/133                       “…..from Here to Wittenoom,” typed, carbon copy, dated “Townsville April 71.”

HW/134                       “Desert Sunset,” and “Life,” typed.

HW/135-37                 “Gregory River,” by Helen Horton; “?” by Barbara McMullen; “Highland Plains Haiku, (per a Britain-Norman Islander)” typed, carbon copy. 

HW/138                       “Tail Piece,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/139                       “Presence,” typed.

HW/140                       “We Know,” typed.

HW/141                       “Omega?” and “Driftwood,” typed, dated “Townsville 1974.”

HW/142                       “Qwertyuiop,” typed [variation of version at HW/129/1].

HW/143                       Untitled poems, “Slow day – the magnificent,” and “Man steps on moon, he” typed.

HW/144                       “Statistics prove,” typed, carbon copy.


HW/145-183   Aboriginal legends [all typed, carbon copies]

HW/145                       Letter from Hap Wleeley [sic] to Manager, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, re submission of “a dozen children’s dtories [sic] for your perusal,” [this, and the following twelve short stories, are carbon copies].

HW/146-47                 “Wulguru of the Big Eye.”

HW/148-9                   “Granny Oola’s Magic Dombee.”

HW/150                       “The Minggah of the Rainbow Serpent.”

HW/151                       “The Staff of Manarouka.”

HW/152                       “Kooparunni, the Frilled Lizard.”

HW/153                       “Kapunya and the Crocodile.”

HW/154                       “The Tunnel.”

HW/155                       “Tid-Dalik, the Flood Frog.”

HW/156                       “Weeping Deeral.”

HW/157-8                   “Mirriwinda the Spoonbill.”

HW/159                       “Goondi and the Carpet Snakes.”

HW/160                       “The Rage of the Rainbow Serpent.”

HW/161-3                   Untitled, “The wyreenen had sat in the shade of the big bloodwood,” typed.

HW/164-66                 Untitled, “The Australian aboriginals [sic] were a remarkable race,” typed.

HW/167                       “Gilgaili’s Dingoes,” typed.

HW/168                       “The Tunnel,” variation of version at HW/154.  

HW/169                       “The Influence of Goolay,” typed.

HW/170                       “Lowillika, Spirit of Shallow Waters,” typed, photocopy.

HW/171                       “The Tunnel,” typed, photocopy of HW/168.

HW/172                       “The Grief of Cooroorah,” typed, photocopy.

HW/173                       “The Rage of the Rainbow Serpent,” typed, photocopy, variation of version at HW/160.

HW/174                       “Kapunya and the Crocodile,” typed, photocopy, variation of version at HW/153.

HW/175                       “Pakadringa and the Koorunba,” typed.

HW/176                       “The Legend of Banyan Spring,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/177                       “The Minggah of the Rainbow Serpent,” typed, carbon copy, variation of version at HW/150.

HW/178                       “Granny Oola’s Magic Dombee,” typed, variation of version at HW/148-49.

HW/179                       “Pakadringa and the Koorunba,” typed, variation of version at HW/175.

HW/180                       “Wulguru of the Big Eye,” typed, variation of version at HW/146-47.

HW/181                       “The Influence of Goolay,” typed, variation of version at HW/169.

HW/182-83                 “Gilgaili’s Dingoes,” typed, variation of version at HW/167.

HW/184-281               Agate Creek manuscript.

HW/282                       Letter from J Nehmer, Nehmer and Assoc’s Solicitors, to Mrs E A Wheeley, “Re Your Husband’s Novel,” and Colin Roderick paperwriting, dated 14 November 1978.

HW/283-368               "Inky, a novel, or, the Black Opals."

HW/369-375   About gemstones.

HW/369-72                 “Space Visitors,” typed, carbon copy, 2 p; untitled version, typed, 2 p.

HW/373-74                 “Boulder Opal,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/375                       “Amber,” typed.

HW/376-408   Miscellaneous notes and writings.

HW/376                       Newspaper clipping, “‘Opal’ – like real thing!” enclosed in invitation from The Martin Gallery to an Exhibition of Paintings by Peter Lawson, Friday 13 December [probably 1974].

HW/377-86                 Miscellaneous fiction jottings.

HW/387                       Brief autobiographical note, typed, carbon copy.

HW/388                       Photocopy of humorous cuttings assembled on one page.

HW/389-94                 “The Pattern of Imperial Subversion,” typed.

HW/395                       Humorous fictional piece, letter from “Your Loving Mother,” to “Dear Son.”

HW/396                       Variation of HW/395.

HW/397-9                   “That Dart was Loaded,” typed.

HW/400-402               “That Dart was Loaded,” typed, carbon copy.

HW/403-6                   Untitled, “Harvey Raymond once worked tirelessly…” typed.

 HW/407                      Two folded sheets of paper, one with pencil sketches of faceted stones; the other with poetry jottings.

HW/408                       “What will the postie bring today?” jottings, handwritten.

HW/409-413   Poetry by other authors

HW/409-11                 “Black Peter,” W N Scott, handwritten.

HW/412                       “A Candle,” John Suckling, handwritten.

HW/413                       “Tell Me the Old, Old Story,” by Richard Magoffin, typed.



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