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Henry Edgar Weare (b. 20 August 1909 – d.2007), son of Henry Edgar Weare and Agnes Elizabeth Lansky, was born and lived his entire life in Charters Towers. Weare, who never married, lived a long life actively involved in community activities. He attended Charters Towers State High School and in 1926 having sat the Junior Public Examination of the University of Queensland, he attained a Junior Scholarship to the Teachers’ Training College. When World War Two erupted, Weare enlisted in the Citizen Military Forces. Weare was also a member of the Excelsior Band, fulfilling the role of solo baritone player and occasionally filling in as euphonium player, an amateur poet and historian.

Archive Location: 22L


Detailed Listing

Personal papers:

HW/PP/1 Letter to the Librarian, James Cook University, donating memorabilia listed below. 9 January 1990. 1p.

HW/PP/2 Copy of Bread Ticket dated February 1920. 1p.

HW/PP/3 Copy of letter to The Editor, Australasian Post, reminiscing on life in North Queensland in the 1920's. 8 February 1990. 1p.

HW/PP/4 Copy of letter from the Australian National Flag Association, complimenting Weare on his 'admirable patriotic compositions'. 2 January 1990. 1p.

HW/PP/5 Letter to The Editor [name of publication and date unknown] headed Retain our flag or lose our values. Sheet music for Hymn to the Flag with lyrics by Henry Weare copied on verso. 1p.

HW/PP/6 Lyrics to Historic Village, by Henry Weare. 1p.

HW/PP/7 Letter from Tony Mooney, Mayor of Townsville, thanking Weare for his donated items. 20 August 1992. 1p.

HW/PP/8 Souvenir extracts from local poet Henry Weare, published by Henry Weare. [1992]. 28p.

HW/PP/9 Sheet music for Peace and In Common Cause with lyrics by Henry Weare. 2p.

HW/PP/10 Christmas Memories, a poem by Henry Weare, with A Christmas Carol and The Art of Living on verso. 1p.

HW/PP/11 Old Digger Joe, a poem by Henry Weare. 2p.

HW/PP/12 Sheet music for Queensland My Queensland with lyrics by Henry Weare. 1p.

HW/PP/13 Sheet music for True Gold of Ravenswood with lyrics by Henry Weare. 1p.

HW/PP/14 Audiocassette of Historic Village and other items by Henry Weare. 1990.

HW/PP/15 Audiocassette of In Common Cause and other items by Henry Weare. 1992.

HW/PP/16 Copy of letter to the President, Charters Towers Branch of the National Trust, urging the retention of historian Don Johnson's research material in Charters Towers. 25 February 1993. 1p.

HW/PP/17 Copy of letter to The Editor, Northern Miner, urging the preservation of Charters Towers mining lore. 11 March 1993. 1p.

HW/PP/18 Stew, a poem by an unknown lighthorseman, c. 1917. 2p. (Copy of presumed mss with typescript of poem on verso).

HW/PP/19 Audiocassette of songs and poetry by Henry Weare [1988].

HW/PP/20 Souvenir of Charters Towers, being sheet music and lyrics To A Yuletide Blessing. 1p. Folded. [1988].


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