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This collection of theatre programmes was the property of Miss Maisie Walker. Walker, who was born in Townsville on 12 September 1911 and lived there until her death on 4 June 1986. Walker, who attended the Townsville Grammar School, received a 2½ year State Scholarship and, upon successfully passing the University Junior Public Examination, was granted a two-year scholarship extension for a further two years’ tuition.

An ardent theatre-goer and active supporter of local theatre, Walker was treasurer of the Choral and Orchestral Society of Townsville for twenty-five years and a life member of the Townsville Juvenile Eisteddfod. She later became Townsville Local Secretary for the London College of Music, though this was interrupted when she enlisted in the Australian Army on 8 May 1942 and served until her discharge as a Sergeant on 7 March 1944.

This collection covers the period 1944-1985 and includes southern and overseas productions as well as local theatre.

Archive Location: 173(c)R - 174L


Detailed Listing

MW/1/1 – MW/1/113 ABC presentations
MW/2/1 - MW/2/23

Ann Roberts School of Dancing

MW/3/1 – MW/3/56 Arts Council
MW/4/1 – MW/4/9 Bands – Townsville
MW/5/1 – MW/5/10 Choral Societies
MW/6/1 – MW/6/3 Combined Theatre Groups
MW/7/1 – MW/7/6 Innisfail Choral and Orchestral Society
MW/8/1 – MW/8/2

Marian Singers

MW/9/1 – MW/9/3 Matchbox Company
MW/10/1 – MW/10/5 Mobil Quest
MW/11/1 – MW/11/18 Music Viva Australia
MW/12/1 – MW/12/5 New Moon Theatre
MW/13/1 – MW/13/20 North Queensland Ballet
MW/14/1- MW/14/4 North Queensland Conservatorium of Music
MW/15/1 – MW/15/10

North Queensland Opera and Music Theatre

MW/16/1 – MW/16/50 Overseas Productions
MW/17/1 – MW/17/22 School Performances
MW/18/1 – MW/18/73 Southern Shows
MW/19/1 – MW/19/36 Stage Door Theatre Productions
MW/20/1 – MW/20/62 St. James Players
MW/21/1 – MW/21/13 Townsville Academy of Dancing
MW/22/1 – MW/22/27

Townsville City Council Presentations

MW/23/1 – MW/23/2

Townsville Concert Society

MW/24/1 – MW/24/17

Townsville Genesians

MW/25/1 – MW/25/10 Townsville Independent Players
MW/26/1 – MW/26/3 Townsville Junior Choral Society
MW/27/1 – MW/27/17 Townsville Little Theatre
MW/28/1 – MW/28/5 Townsville Music Teachers Association
MW/29/1 – MW/29/5 Townsville Pacific Festival
MW/30/1 – MW/30/38 Townsville Theatrical Society
MW/31/1 – MW/31/9

Townsville Youth Orchestra

MW/32/1 – MW/32/96 Various – Townsville
MW/33/1 – MW/33/26 Various – Townsville

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