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The Victoria Mill School of Arts was located in Victoria Estate, Ingham, and was a lending library supported by the Queensland Schools of Arts Association and regular donations from Victoria Mill. As far back as 1895, the Queensland colonial government had reserved land – to the extent of two roods (i.e. half an acre, or 2023 sqm) – for a school of arts in Ingham. The Ingham School of Arts was duly established but foundered in the late twenties due to lack of funds. A public meeting was held on 31 May 1933 to consider reopening the School of Arts as if it wasn’t revived the government would resume the land that had been made available for that purpose. The committee decided in favour of reviving the School of Arts. By October that year, however, the committee was lamenting the meagre support from the public. In 1952, to make way for construction of the new Municipal Library, the building was relocated intact across the street where it served temporarily as the library until being relocated to the show grounds as a caretaker’s residence.

Archive Location: 18R

Detailed Listing

VM/1               Miscellaneous bankbooks, statements and deposit slips

VM/2/1            Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Ltd (CSR) ledger page for VMSA, 30 June 1939

VM/2/2            CSR ledger page for VMSA, 30 November 1939; VMSA receipt from CSR, 30 December 1939. 2p

VM/2/3            CSR ledger page for VMSA, 31 July 1939; VMSA receipt from CSR, 31 August 1939. 2p

VM/2/4            Invoices and receipts from CSR to VMSA ranging from 18 December 1967 to 28 September 1971

VM/3 Insurance policies and renewal notes

VM/4 Electricity bills

VM/5 Cash receipt book, admission tickets and National Geographic renewal notices

VM/6 Miscellaneous correspondence 1939-1959, mainly dealing with books purchased and subsidies

VM/7 Miscellaneous correspondence 1960-1969

VM/8 Miscellaneous correspondence 1970-1971 including with the Library Board of Queensland and public library circulars

VM/9 Queensland School of Arts Association. Central Lending Library. Catalogue of Fiction, 1936

VM/10 Handwritten catalogue listing authors and titles. No bibliographic details included. Each title assigned a running number. 1917. Click here to see a sample page.

VM/11 Alphabetical borrowers register with loans and returns (handwritten). Titles represented by a numeral from the handwritten catalogue. 1925 onwards. Click here to see a sample page.


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