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In 1943-1944 Lieutenant Walter E. Teague served with the United States 44th General Hospital, based at Black River, Townsville. The 1,000 bed hospital was built in 1943 using prefabricated buildings. Many of the photographs are aerial views of the hospital and surrounds.

Teague was born 14 September 1920 and died in Kensington (Maryland, US) on 4 February 2013, aged 92. He was survived by his wife of sixty-five years, Eda (nee Pollock), whom he met while both were serving in the US 44th General Hospital on Leyte Island, and their five children.

Archive Location: 126R

Detailed Listing

WTC/1/ Map with side heading 'This View for the Army Medical Museum'

WTC/2/ Article: 'Love in War: Fifty years ago, American soldier Walter Teague lived....' [rest of title obscured] . Most likely published as part of the 'Australia Remembers: 1945-1995' celebrations

WTC/3/ Photocopy of photograph with appended note on water system used by the 44th General Hospital during the Second World War

WTC/4/ Photocopy of photo depicting staff of the 44th General Hospital in Leyte, originally part of an article that was published in The Wisconsin Medical Alumni Magazine (November, 1976; for publication details go to; with accompanying letters dated 3 June 1997 and 21 April [1997?]

WTC/5/ Photographs and negatives/1/ Fishing off Magnetic Island

WTC/6/ Photographs and negatives/2/ Air Photos Bay-Townsville

WTC/7/ Photographs and negatives/3/ Townsville - Black River Hospital Boat

WTC/8/ Photographs and negatives/4/ Down Town Townsville

WTC/9/ Photographs and negatives/5/ Air Photos Hospital-Townsville

WTC/10/ Photographs and negatives/6/ Unidentified set of photographs


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