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This collection illustrates the wartime career of RAAF rear air-gunner W/O Everett Desmond Tait (Ayr, Qld) between 1943 and 1945. The collection consists of official documents, newspaper cuttings and photographs. It also includes teaching manuals (EDT/16) used by his sister, and a copy of the Parramatta High School Magazine (EDT/13) which contains an article on pre-war Germany.

Archive Location: 125R

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Newspaper cuttings




Detailed Listing


EDT/1 The morse code. Training manual. Sydney: V.E.N.T.S. [s.d.] Roneo. 14p.

EDT/2 426181 Sgt. E. D. Tait’s flying log book. Handwritten entries 5/3/1943 – 6/10/1944. 82p. (Many blank)

EDT/3 Royal Air Force flying clothing card issued to 426181 W/O E. D. Tait 15/6/1943. Printed with handwritten entries. 6p.

EDT/4 Air Forces of India. Deficiencies of kit. Subform 1383. Roneo. 1p.

EDT/5 Air Forces in India. Deficiencies of kit. AF (India) form 1383. Printed. 1p.

EDT/6/1-6/3 Tickets [1x3d; 2x1d] for voyages on the MV Sobieski. Printed on board MV Sobieski. [s.d.] 3p.

EDT/7 Menu. W.A.A.F. 2nd birthday dinner. No. 3 Hospital 18/3/1943. Roneo. 1p.

EDT/8 1943 road map of India. Itehozincographed at the Survey of India Offices. 1p.

Newspaper cuttings

EDT/9/1-9/47 45 articles published in The Times of India 1943-45. Mainly undated. EDT/15/46 Filthy Calcutta. Statesman 28/3/1944. EDT/15/47 The railway disaster at Inkerman. Townsville Daily Bulletin. s.d. In toto 47p. Envelope.


EDT/10/1-10/104 104 loose photographs covering W/O E. D. Tait’s service in Australia, England, America and India during World War 2. 104 prints. Envelope.

EDT/11 Drawing book containing 90 mounted photographs of India and Indians. 90 prints.


EDT/12 Monograph. Target: Germany. The U.S. Army Air Forces’ official story of the VIII Bomber Command’s first year over Europe. London: H.M. Stationary Office, 1944. Printed. 119p.

EDT/13 [Parramatta High School] magazine The Two Blues. V.7, N.Z. s.d. 56p.

EDT/14 Paddock ticket for the Spring Meeting of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club, 29/1/1944. Printed 1p.

EDT/15 Article by Hector Stewart: See Kashmir and Breath. Source unidentified. Printed. 2p.

EDT/16/1 Section of an unidentified encyclopaedia: Abbreviations – Agriculture. [A Newnes publication. 7 Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopaedia’. Printed 67p.

EDT/16/2 Further section of EDT/16/1: Cooking Crow. Printed 61p.


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