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This collection contains papers, photographs, documents, and correspondence pertaining to the Townsville Teachers' College and James Cook University dating from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

Archive Location: 234(h)

Detailed Listing

RSP/Library Admin/1/ Printing Mock-ups: Old JCU Xmas Cards, late 1960s-mid-1970s

RSP/Library Admin/2/ Director's Graduation Addresses 1969- ; and Official Opening of Library Resources Centre, 1 July 1976

RSP/Library Admin/3/ Preliminary Draft Brief: Resource Materials Centre, 1970

RSP/Library Admin/4/ Serials Currently Held at Townsville Teacher's College Library, 1971

RSP/Library Admin/5/ Correspondence, brochures, memoranda regarding various library matters

RSP/Library Admin/6/ Staffing Submissions, early 1970s-1981

RSP/Library Admin/7/ Library Committee, 1973

RSP/Library Admin/8/ Brief for Library Stage Two, 1973

RSP/Photographs/9/ Annual Reports, 1973-1980

RSP/Library Admin/10/ Townsville Teachers College Triennium Proposals 1973-1975

RSP/Library Admin/11/ Library Stage I - Maintenance, etc., 1974-1981

RSP/Library Admin/12/ Townsville Teachers College, Submission to the Board of Advanced Education, 1975

RSP/Library Admin/13/ Circulation Control System Reports, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1978, 1979

RSP/Library Admin/14/ Serials Manual, 1976

RSP/Library Admin/15/ Publications Committee, 1976-1980

RSP/Library Admin/16/ Library Resources Centre, 1970s-1980

RSP/Library Admin/17/ External Studies Resources Guides 1978 and Supplement, 1981

RSP/Library Admin/18/ External Studies Collection Subject Catalogue, 1979

RSP/Library Admin/19/ External Studies Collection Author/Title Catalogue, 1979

RSP/Library Admin/20/ LRC Staff Manuals, 1978-1980

RSP/Library Admin/21/ Library Guides, 1970s and early 1980s

RSP/Library Admin/22/ TCAE Library Computer Systems Operator's Manual

RSP/Library Admin/23/ Policies and Procedures, Sections 301 and 302, 1980 and 1981


RSP/Publications/1/ Annulus, vol. 1, no. 1, March 1970

RSP/Publications/2/ Sheol - Official College Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 1, 1970

RSP/Publications/3/ Student Union News, 1970-1974

RSP/Publications/4/ Orientation Magnus, 1974

RSP/Publications/5/ 'mole', 1974

RSP/Publications/6/ Northern Campus: Newsletter of the Townsville College of Advanced Education, vol. 1, no. 2, 1977

RSP/Publications/7/ Newspaper cuttings relating to the teachers college, 1969-70


RSP/Research/1/ Duty of Care Edited Transcripts

RSP/Research/2/ Notes of events on an overland trip from Kennedy District Queensland to Port Darwin by William Nation

RSP/Research/3/ William Nation Diary continued- 2nd part

RSP/Research/4/ Extract from the Northern Territory Times and Gazette, Saturday, January, 16th 1875 - Georg de Lautour


RSP/Photographs/1/ Library development/ land clearance

RSP/Photographs/2/ Interior of James Cook University library, 1969

RSP/Photographs/3/ Official opening of library, 1976; and cassette tape 'Library Opening Recorded Thursday 1-7-76'

RSP/Photographs/4/ Contact sheets of images, and all documented on back, 1974-1978

RSP/Photographs/5/ Two displays, and on back of third one inscription: 'Library Resource Centre, Townsville CAE 1973/74. Located on first floor, A Block'.

RSP/Photographs/6/ Box titled: 'Assorted Slides of Townsville College of Advanced Education, ex. Schools Liaison/Media Services'; includes the following titled sets:

i. Early TCAE slides (3 boxes)

ii. Graduation ceremony 1975, 1976 (3 boxes)

iii. Schools Liaison 1978, pre-1979 (2 boxes)

RSP/Photographs/7/ TCAE library staff (undated)

RSP/Photographs/8/ Student using equipment in carrell

RSP/Photographs/9/ Inside the library, all 1979 according to 'LRC Hours 1979' located in first photograph

RSP/Photographs/10/ Inside the library, probably late 1970s/early 1980s

RSP/Photographs/11/ University or college 'ceremony' outdoors, undated

RSP/Photographs/12/ Teachers college 'presentation-type ceremony' and other campus areas, probably 1970s

RSP/Photographs/13/ Teachers college external and inside library, probably 1970s

RSP/Photographs/14/ Teachers college external and inside library (lending services area, card catalogue, study areas, staff)

RSP/Photographs/15/ TCAE library external and internal shots, probably 1970s

RSP/Photographs/16/ 1988 Bicentenary display, James Cook University library, and staff

RSP/Photographs/17/ Special Collections, James Cook University: John McKinlay, Brian Dalton and third person unidentified, late 1990s?


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