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During the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, John Edward "Ed" Stannett was a representative on the Townsville Apprentice Advisory Committee, a Secretary of the Townsville sub-branch of the Building Workers' Industrial Union (BWIU) of Australia, a Northern Organiser for the Queensland BWIU and President of the Herbert Federal Divisional Executive of the Australian Labor Party. This collection consists of newspaper clippings and reports on the 1965 Mt Isa dispute, BWIU minutes, reports and correspondence and other matters relating to Stannett's work with the Union and Labour Executive. The collection is enhanced by the addition of Stannett's own notes on some of the events of the period.

Archive Location: 141L - 141R

Detailed Listing

SP/1 Book of clippings and reports relating to the 1965 Mt Isa dispute between labour unions and Mt Isa Mine.

SP/2 Cash book of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners of Australia - Townsville sub-branch (1954-1975).

SP/3 1956-1960 meeting records of the Townsville branch of the BWIU

SP/4 1960-1964 meeting records of the Townsville branch of the BWIU

SP/5 Herbert Federal Divisional Executive meeting records, newspaper clippings, reports, correspondence, etc. 1969-1974.

SP/6 As above 1958-1977.

SP/7 Apprentice matters 1962-1977.

SP/8 History of Consumer Price Index, correspondence on CPI and Pensions, correspondence to Queensland BWIU, wage-fixing, author's notes 1975-1983.

SP/9 Mixed reports 1960-1974.

SP/10 Mixed reports 1960-1973.

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