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The Shannon Family lived in West End, Townsville. Patrick and Catherine Shannon’s children were: Kate, Miss L? Martin, Patrick Francis “Frank” Shannon and Winifred.

Archive Location: 83R


Detailed Listing

SFR/ 1 1965 Agreement Contract between Ethel Cumes and Patrick Shannon re: Sale of Cumes Estate

SFR/ 2 1964 Contract for property at 28 Urquhart St.

SFR/ 3 1929 Letter between the Hibernian Australian Catholic Benefit Society and Br. Shannon

SFR/ 4 1921 Will of Patrick Shannon

SFR/ 5 1964 Fire Policy for Patrick Shannon

SFR/ 6 1937 Will of Catherine Shannon

SFR/ 7 1951 Fire Policy for C. Shannon

SFR/ 8 1967 Agreement contract for sale of property at 256 Hugh St.

SFR/ 9 1914 invoice of sale of piano to Elizabeth Shannon

SFR/ 10 1913 Certificate of witness of Marriage of Patrick Shannon and Catherine Moran

SFR/ 11 1976 Contract of Sale of 12 Vivian St. to Patrick Shannon

SFR/ 12 1964 Notice of Land sale at 28 Urquhart St.

SFR/ 13 1942 Will of Patrick Shannon


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