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This collection consists of three sets of scrapbooks with newspaper cuttings. Throughout these volumes some photographs and small articles on local persons, places, buildings, industries, community events, etc. in or around Townsville have had descriptions added.

The first set contains cuttings from the 'Looking Back' section of the Townsville Bulletin set out in sequential order of publication. The second set of scrapbooks is two volumes with cuttings from the Townsville Bulletin dated throughout and often accompanied by annotations. (This second set may have been compiled by A F Murgatroyd, according to the index at the end of the first volume.) The third set consists of one scrapbook containing original newspaper cuttings from pre-1914. This scrapbook includes descriptions of Townsville, Rockhampton, Charters Towers, and places interstate.

Archive Location: 164L, 171R

Detailed Listing

TS/1/Volume 1 January 7 1991 - November 16 1992

TS/1/Volume 2 November 23 1992 - October 3 1994

TS/1/Volume 3 October 10 1994 - September 2 1996

TS/1/Volume 4 September 9 1996 - March 9 1998

TS/1/Volume 5 March 16 1998 - July 3 2000

TS/2/Volume 1 February 2 1970 - September 1976(?). Following the index are rain gauge measurements for 1977-1979

TS/2/Volume 2 January 1 1975 - July 27 1979. No front cover and first eight pages missing; starts at page 9

TS/3 Single Volume, pre-1914

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