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The Scartwater Trust began in 1917. A.H.W. Cunningham and a committee purchased Scartwater cattle station to help rehabilitate returned servicemen after World War I. Proceeds from Scartwater provided financial assistance to ex-service personnel and gave educational scholarships to their children. In 1961, a retirement home for ex-service personnel was established in Bowen. In 1979 Scartwater Station was sold and the proceeds invested. These records trace the history of the trust and could be read in conjunction with the Cunningham Memorial Records.

Archive Location: 172R, 173L-R

Detailed Listing

STR/1 The Story of Scartwater: A Trust established by The Late A. H. W. Cunningham Strathmore, Bowen, Qld 1956 x 2 (books).

STR/2 "A Dream Called Scartwater" by Gertrude Kelly for the Bowen Historical Society c.1969 (booklet).

STR/3 The Scartwater Trust: Its operations in North Queensland, RSL, n.d. (booklet).

STR/4 1917-1926 personal correspondence of A H W Cunningham.

STR/5 1918-1936 receipts and expenditure booklet.

STR/6 1920-1960 stock book.

STR/7 1936-1945 receipts and expenditure.

STR/8 1942-1947 bank statement book.

STR/9 1945-1957 general ledger.

STR/10 1954-1977 Scartwater balance sheets.

STR/11 1957-1959 stock book.

STR/12 1958 bank loans.

STR/13 1959-1970 new improvements and plant book.

STR/14 1959-1985 Scartwater Trust Annual Reports.

STR/15 1960-1977 A H W Cunningham Memorial Home Balance Sheets.

STR/16 1962 meeting records A H W Cunningham Home, Bowen.

STR/17 1963/65/85 personal correspondence - E Cunningham.

STR/18 1966-1967 Scartwater Trust Scholarships, Cunningham Old Boys.

STR/19 1979 Bank of NSW portfolio of Management Services.

STR/20 1986 newspaper clippings re. launch of Anne Smith's book on Scartwater Trust.

STR/21 1987-1991 Public Trustee's statements on Scartwater Trust.

STR/22 1987-1991 Westpac Bank statements etc., re. Scartwater Station Account.

STR/23 1955-62 Scartwater Trustees' minute book.

STR/24 1938-83 Scartwater and Cunningham Scholarship grant holders index cards.

STR/25 1969-70 correspondence regarding scholarships.


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