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Alderman Mike Reynolds Archive

These records contain Ald Michael F. Reynolds' Mayoral records and reflect his involvement in the development of Townsville, particularly in the area of tourism. Well-documented within this collection are the beginnings of the Breakwater Casino, the Great Barrier Reef Wonderland and the function of North Queensland's first regional tourist promotion body.

Archive Location: 119L-121L


Series Listing

Peer Group

Cairns-Townsville Working Group

Tourism and Development

Thuringowa City Status

Sydney/Melbourne Promotion

Convention Bureau




Great Barrier Reef Wonderland

Cities and Towns


Detailed Listing

Peer Group:

ARC/PG/1 1984-85 file consisting of correspondence, meeting records etc. of the Peer Group and Working Party for development and promotion of Townsville.

ARC/PG/2 1985 Study Group report into promotional ideas for Townsville - includes media items.

Cairns - Townsville Working Group:

ARC/WG/1 1985-86 file consisting of correspondence, meeting records, media reports etc. of the Cairns - Townsville Working Group for cooperation and coordination of promotional activities.

ARC/WG/2 1986-87 file - as above.

ARC/WG/3 1987 file - as above.

Tourism and Development:

ARC/TD/1 1983-84 file relating to the sub-committee of the Local Authority Joint Committee on Tourism and Development.

ARC/TD/2 1983-85 file relating to Townsville City Council (Local Authority Joint Committee) Tourism and Development records.

ARC/TD/3 1985-1986 file relating to Townsville City Council Tourism and Development records.

ARC/TD/4 1986-88 file relating to T.C.C. Tourism and Development.

ARC/TD/5 1987 Report, "Development in the Tourism Industry STUDY TOUR 25th July to 8th August 1987", by the Mayor of Townsville Alderman Mike Reynolds.

ARC/TD/6 Additions to Collection: 1987 Newsletters of Magnetic North Tourism Authority and 1989 Coral Pennant published by the M.N.T.A.

ARC/TD/7 Additions to Collection: 1981, 1982 and 1983 Annual Reports of the Townsville District Development Bureau and newsletters 1983-86.

Thuringowa City Status:

ARC/TCS/1 1985 file pertaining to Thuringowa city status.

ARC/TCS/2 Additions to Collection: Miscellaneous leaflets on Thuringowa including official programme for Birth of a City celebrations December 1985 - January 1986.

Sydney/Melbourne Promotion:

ARC/SMP/1 1984 file pertaining to promoting Townsville in Sydney and Melbourne.

Convention Bureau:

ARC/CB/1 1984 file pertaining to promoting Townsville as a convention centre.


ARC/W/1 1983-1985 file pertaining to Townsville City Council's Welfare Council.


ARC/A/1 1979 file pertaining to N.Q. Airports Development Council records.

ARC/A/2 1983-87 Mayor's Airport file.

ARC/A/3 1987-88 Mayor's Airport file.

ARC/A/4 1984 International Air Charter Committee file.

ARC/A/5 1983-84 Air Pacific file.


ARC/C/1 1981-85 Mayor's file on the Breakwater Island Casino Project, includes council site plans, reports, correspondence etc.

ARC/C/2 1981-86 Mayor's file on the Breakwater Island Casino Project, includes Casino Agreement papers.

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Great Barrier Reef Wonderland:

ARC/GBRW/1 1984-85 Great Barrier Reef Wonderland Steering Committee file, includes meeting records, proposals, correspondence etc.

ARC/GBRW/2 1985-86 Great Barrier Reef Wonderland Association file, incudes meeting records, correspondence, reports etc.

ARC/GBRW/3 1986-87 Great Barrier Reef Wonderland Association file, includes meeting records, correspondence etc.

ARC/GBRW/4 1987 Great Barrier Reef Wonderland Association file, includes 1985 Interpretive Facilities Design Brief and 1986 correspondence.

ARC/GBRW/5 Great Barrier Reef Wonderland - Aquaria and Related Exhibits: Report on Overseas Visit by Mr. Graeme Kelleher October - November 1984" (104 pages).

RC/GBRW/6 Revised Developmental Proposal by Kern Corporation for G.B.R.W. project, April 1985.

ARC/GBRW/7 Revised Developmental Proposal by Thiess Watkins for G.B.R.W. project, February 1985.

ARC/GBRW/8 Great Barrier Reef Wonderland Aquarium: Preliminary Technical Specifications (31 pages) - Advisory Committee Report.

ARC/GBRW/9 1986 folder containing promotional material on the Great Barrier Reef Wonderland Association - Wonderland Reef Fund.

ARC/GBRW/10 Folder containing promotional material introducing G.B.R.W.

ARC/GBRW/11 Miscellaneous material, includes proposed traffic layout plans and July 1987 Newsletter plus Reeflections Number 14 and Number 16.

Cities and Towns:

ARC/CT/1 1982-85 Mayor's executive file on Cities and Towns Local Government Association.

ARC/CT/2 1985-87 as above*.

ARC/CT/3 1985-86 as above*.

ARC/CT/4 1987-88 as above*.

* For related material see CITIES and TOWNS Local Government Association of Queensland Records and Provincial Cities Group records.


Archive Location

ARC/WG/1-3 119L



ARC/SMP/1 119R



ARC/TD/1-5 120L

ARC/C/1-2 120R


ARC/GBRW/2-11 121L



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