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The Townsville branch of the Red Cross was formed at the end of World War I to service the needs of the local community. This collection includes minute books, correspondence, radio scripts and other materials which provide a good insight into the work of the branch, especially during and after World War II and up to the early 1970s.

Archive Location: 393R-396L

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Financial Records

Meeting Records



Restricted Access Material

Detailed Listing

Correspondence: N.Q. Branches

RCC/CORR/1 Cooktown 1948-1964.

RCC/CORR/2 Mareeba 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/3 Collinsville 1953-1964.

RCC/CORR/4 Cloncurry 1951-1959.

RCC/CORR/5 Winton 1960.

RCC/CORR/6 Ravenshoe 1952-1959.

RCC/CORR/7 Richmond 1948.

RCC/CORR/8 Giru 1955-1960.

RCC/CORR/9 Thursday Island 1956-1959.

RCC/CORR/10 Babinda 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/11 Tully 1954-1965.

RCC/CORR/12 Proserpine 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/13 Mount Isa 1952-1964.

RCC/CORR/14 Werna / Richmond 1948-1949.

RCC/CORR/15 Ayr 1955-1960.

RCC/CORR/16 Atherton 1955-1964.

RCC/CORR/17 Charters Towers 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/18 Cairns 1954-1965.

RCC/CORR/19 Innisfail 1952-1965.

RCC/CORR/20 Bowen 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/21 Mossman 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/22 Hughenden 1952-1965.

RCC/CORR/23 Gordonvale 1948-1965.

RCC/CORR/24 Ingham 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/25 Malanda 1960-1964.

RCC/CORR/26 Julia Creek 1948-1964.

RCC/CORR/27 Home Hill 1955-1965.

RCC/CORR/28 Herberton 1955-1965.

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Correspondence: Projects

RCC/CORR/29 Eyre Street Building 1961-1967.

RCC/CORR/30 Floral Festival 1949-1950.

RCC/CORR/31 Floral Festival 1960.

RCC/CORR/32 Floral Festival 1964.

RCC/CORR/33 R.N. Witham 1966.

RCC/CORR/34 Esso 1965 regarding purchase of land.

RCC/CORR/35 Vehicle requisition 1968-1969.

RCC/CORR/36 International Refugee Campaign 1966.

RCC/CORR/37 Aides 1957-1969.

RCC/CORR/38 Queen's visit 1954.

RCC/CORR/39 In Action Display at D.J.'s 1968.


Correspondence: Head Quarters

RCC/CORR/40 1944-1949.

RCC/CORR/41 1950-1959.

RCC/CORR/42 1961.

RCC/CORR/43 1962.

RCC/CORR/44 1963.

RCC/CORR/45 1964.

RCC/CORR/46 1965.

RCC/CORR/47 1966.

RCC/CORR/48 1967.

RCC/CORR/49 1968.

RCC/CORR/50 1969.

RCC/CORR/51 1970-1971.


Financial Records: Annual Appeals Correspondence and Receipts

RCC/FIN/1 1965.

RCC/FIN/2 1966.

RCC/FIN/3 1967.

RCC/FIN/4 1968.

RCC/FIN/5 1969.

RCC/FIN/6 1970.

RCC/FIN/7 1971.

RCC/FIN/8 1972.


Financial Records: Cash Books

RCC/FIN/9 1939-1947.

RCC/FIN/10 1940-1949 plus minutes of Annual Meetings 1964-1967.

RCC/FIN/11 1954-1961.


Financial Records: Miscellaneous

RCC/FIN/12 Rest Room Furnishings 1958.

RCC/FIN/13 1968-69/1960-61 Annual Report and financial statement.


Meeting Records: AGMs Townsville Branch

RCC/MR/1 1946-1952.

RCC/MR/2 1953-1959.

RCC/MR/3 1960-1963.

RCC/MR/4 1964-1968.

RCC/MR/5 1969-1972.

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Meeting Records:

RCC/MR/6 Minutes 1918-1929.

RCC/MR/7 Minutes 1939-1946 - inaugural meeting for Townsville branch to the last meeting of the war-time committee.

RCC/MR/8 Minutes 1946-1965 - Townsville branch general committee.

RCC/MR/9 V.A.D. minutes 1950-1954.

RCC/MR/10 Minutes Edmonton Branch 1944-1948.

RCC/MR/11 Minutes Women's Auxiliary 1959-1968 Townsville Branch.



RCC/PUB/1 Radio broadcast scripts 1940s.

RCC/PUB/2 Radio broadcast scripts 1950s.

RCC/PUB/3 Radio broadcast scripts 1960s.

RCC/PUB/4 Australian Red Cross Service Corps: Service Manual, rev. ed. 1962.

RCC/PUB/5 Red Cross Messenger - newsletter, Vol. 1, April 1962 and Vol. 2, July 1962.

RCC/PUB/6 Prospectus Red Cross Blood Bank 1961.

RCC/PUB/7 Life Blood: The Official Account of the Transfusion Services, Ministry of Information, Scotland, London, 1945.

RCC/PUB/8 Leaflets (limited number).

RCC/PUB/9 Newspaper clippings 1940s - 1950s.

RCC/PUB/10 Photographs c. 1940s.

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RCC/MISC/1 1966 Junior Red Cross file - includes booklets, correspondence and guidelines.

RCC/MISC/2 1950-1971 quota certificates.

RCC/MISC/3 1945 notebook on P.O.W. internees.

RCC/MISC/4 1944-1958 lodge day particulars (notebook).

RCC/MISC/5 The Threat - nuclear weapons (report).

RCC/MISC/6 1948 address by E. Crombie to Townsville Kindergarten Association.

RCC/MISC/7 Annual Report, n.d.


*Restricted Access Material: Post-War Social Work 1948-1960s

RCC/RAM/1 1966 Kevin Maurice Griffin file.

RCC/RAM/2 1948-1954 Welfare cases.

RCC/RAM/3 1955-1959 Welfare cases.

RCC/RAM/4 1960-1963 Welfare cases.

 * Please check log book for details of restricted access.


Archive Location

RCC/CORR/1-14 393R

RCC/CORR/15-20 393R

RCC/CORR/21-28 394L

 RCC/CORR/29-32 394L

RCC/CORR/33-41 394M

RCC/CORR/42-48 394M

RCC/CORR/49-51 394R


RCC/FIN/3-8 394R

RCC/FIN/9-13 395L

RCC/MR/1-4 395L

RCC/MR/5-7 395M

RCC/MR/8-11 395M

RCC/PUB/1-10 395R

RCC/MISC/1-7 395R



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