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Ravenswood, 85 kilometres east of Charters Towers, developed as the first major mining town in North Queensland when gold was discovered there in 1868. Pastoralists had moved into the area in the 1860s and the town was named was after one of the region's early stations. A small number of prospectors were working the field by 1869 when a further discovery of gold was made at the site of the present town. Crushing machinery was brought to the town to process the ore in 1870. The year 1870 also marked the year that the Ravenswood Miner newspaper was first published. In 1871 there were 2,000 to 3,000 miners on the field and Ravenswood was Queensland's first large inland settlement. In 1872, the first small School of Arts was formed, providing a lending library, newspapers and a meeting place for its members and in 1875 a separate library building was built beside it. In 1884, the current hall was built beside the library, presumably replacing the first small hall. In 1992 the library was demolished. Ravenswood was registered with the Australian Department of the Environment on 21 March 1978.

This collection consists of materials from prominent early Ravenswood organisations such as the Ravenswood Amateur Dramatic Society, Ravenswood School of Arts, and Ravenswood Rifle Club. Records from the Marine Board of Queensland are also present.


Archive Location: 458M-459R

Detailed Listing

Series 1: Mining Records

RHC/1/ Ravenswood Miners and Accident Association bank book (Queensland National Bank Limited, Ravenswood), 1906-1918

RHC/2/ The Charters Towers School of Mines, 1907-1920, syllabus books

RHC/3/ Ravenswood Miners and Accident Association, record of committee meetings, 1910-1918

RHC/4/ Ravenswood Miners and Accident Association Cash Book, 1912-1918, including statements of receipts [fragile]

RHC/5/ Ravenswood Miners and Accident Association Ledger Book, 1910 (?)-1918 [fragile]

RHC/6/ Ravenswood Miners and Accident Association Ledger Book, 1908-1914; Benefit Fund Revenue

RHC/7/ Docket book: Form for the Use of Manager of Public Crushing Battery, start date 1939 [fragile, water damage]

RHC/8/ Correspondence regarding dissolution of the Ravenswood Miners and Accident Association, 1918

RHC/9/ Docket: Miners' Accident Association with dividend details on the back, signed Otto Anderson, Secretary [undated]

RHC/10/ Bury and St. Edmonds Gold Mining Group Call Book, 1903

RHC/10a/ 'Mother Lode' Syndicate; notebook with minutes of meetings, 1920-1921

RHC/10b/ Two telegrams concerning 'Mother Lode' business, stock exchange

RHC/10c/ Invoices/accounts for mining and blasting supplies, Hollimans Ltd., 1920s

RHC/10d/ Invoice/account for Sam Woo & Coy., 1921

RHC/10e/ 'Mother Lode Syndicate' invoice/account for Stitt & Keller, 1921

RHC/10f/ 1 page handwritten account regarding transfer of 'Mother Lode' claim, undated

RHC/10g/ 1 page letter written to George by Miles A. Gabriel (?), Pioneer Mill, Pioneer, September 29, 1921 [damaged]

RHC/10h/ 'Mother Lode Syndicate' interim receipt from the State Government Insurance Office, October 11, 1921

RHC/10i/ Receipt for fee application exemption on 'Mother Lode' claim, October 4, 1921


Series 2: School of Arts

RHC/11/ Ravenswood School of Arts Minute Book, 1913-1937

RHC/12/ Ravenswood School of Arts, 1923-1931; list book of unspecified type

RHC/13/ R'wood School of Arts: Index of Library Books

RHC/14/ R'wood School of Arts ledger/register (?) of books borrowed (?), 1936-1945

RHC/15/ Ravenswood School Inward Correspondence, 1935-1936

RHC/16/ Ledger Book [fragile]

RHC/17/ School of Arts Receipts, 1930s [very fragile]

RHC/18/ School of Arts letters, notes, receipts, 1930s [very fragile]

RHC/19/ School of Arts Cash Book Receipts, 1930-1937 [bundle, very fragile]

RHC/20/ School of Arts Cash Book Receipts, 1930 (?)-1937 [bundle, very fragile]

RHC/21/ Ravenswood School of Arts receipts, 1922-1934; loose pages from a ledger/accounts book [fragile]

RHC/22/ Form E. Queensland. Libraries and Reading Rooms statistics form for 1936-1937 [fragile]

RHC/23/ Ledger/accounts book with 'Journal' inscribed on spine, 1908-1936

RHC/24/ Three Commonwealth Savings Banks (Townsville Branch) deposit books belonging to the Ravenswood School of Arts: 1935-1947; 1947-1948; 1948-1951

RHC/25/ Two Ravenswood School of Arts receipt books: Subscriber's Ticket book, 1947-1953; 1940-1944

RHC/25a/ Ledger Book, organised alphabetically


Series 3: Ravenswood Amateur Dramatic Society

RHC/26/ Special Grand Production of H.J. Byron's Comedy, 'Our Boys', at the School of Arts Hall, March 5th 1902

RHC/27/ The Ravenswood Amateur Dramatic Society Benefit to School of Arts. T.W. Robertson's Celebrated Comedy, in 3 Acts, 'Caste', April 4, 1907

RHC/28/ The Scarlet Troubadours. Mr. Edward Branscombe's English Costume Concert Company, Public Hall, Ravenswood, August 14th, 1908

RHC/29/ Script for play: 'Pick-pocket', Act I. Hand-written Mss.

RHC/30/ Script for play: 'Pick-pocket', Acts II and III. Hand-written Mss.

RHC/31/ Script for play: 'All for Gold'. Hand-written Mss, dated 3 June, 1911

RHC/32/ Script for play: 'All for Gold'. Hand-written Mss.

RHC/33/ Script for play: 'All for Gold' Typed Mss.

RHC/34/ Script for play: 'Our Boys' Hand-written Mss, by Mary [Ambrose?]

RHC/35/ Script for play: 'My Bold Soldier Boy.' Hand-written Mss, by Michael O'Doe and Otto Anderson

RHC/36/ Script for play: 'Won at Last' Typed Mss, by Mary [Ambrose?] [fragile]

RHC/37/ Script for play: 'Under the Gaslight' Hand-written Mss.

RHC/38/ Two Ravenswood Amateur Dramatic Society bank books (Queensland National Bank Ltd.), 1910, 1920-1921

RHC/39/ Correspondence: letter addressed to Otto, from Robert Gard, Esq., Charters Towers, 19 February 1909, 2p.

RHC/40/ Correspondence: letter addressed to Robert Gard, Esq., from [?] Smith, Sydney, 2 January, 1909, 2p.

RHC/41/ Grand Production by the Herberton Dramatic Club of 'The Silver King', Shire Hall, Herberton, Boxing Night, December 26

RHC/42/ Rules of The Ravenswood Amateur Dramatic Society, 1908 [fragile]

RHC/43/ Handwritten list with heading 'Manuscript Plays', and notes on obverse side with heading '6 Feb. 1908'

RHC/44/ Handwritten notes for a play

RHC/45/ Script for play: 'Under Two Flags'. Hand-written Mss, by Bertie Cecil

RHC/46/ Script for play: 'The Ticket of Leave Man'. Hand-written notes in a notebook

RHC/47/ 1 page typed 'Programme' for a theatrical night out, undated

RHC/48/ Supplementary Catalogue. Will Andrade's Free-Acting Edition of Plays, printed in Melbourne; with publisher and importer's envelope; two magic card advertisements; and Will Andrade's No. 1 Catalogue, 1906

RHC/49/ Theatrical Scenery. J.E. McLeish, Supplier of Everything Theatrical, Russell Street, Toowoomba; and with business card

RHC/50/ Phil. Walsh's Comedy Company. 'All for Gold'

RHC/51/ The Towers Amateur Dramatic Society's Second Grand Performance, 'Confusion', Theatre Royal, 9th and 10th September, undated

RHC/52/ Notebook for play; inside cover is inscription 'Miss F. Irving As Lydia. In 'My Turn Next', c. 1903-1904

RHC/53/ Ravenswood Amateur Minstrel Society ticket/raffle book

RHC/54/ Hand-written note with play directions: '[?] before a file of his own men'

RHC/55/ Alphabetical notebook with inscription on cover 'Where Is It?'; inside cover is 'Ravenswood Amateur Dramatic Society' and typed attachment 'Plays in Manuscript', dated 18 May, 1909

RHC/56/ Queensland National Bank Ltd. chequebook, 1909-1911

RHC/57/ Notebook with notes to two plays: 'Our Boys' and 'Caste'

RHC/58/ Various publications: play books, the major series being French's Acting Editions books [mostly in fair condition, others fragile or missing covers]


Series 4: Marine Board of Queensland

RHC/59/ Marine Board of Queensland. Casualties. Marine Board Findings, vol. 1 [fragile]

RHC/60/ Marine Board of Queensland. Casualties. Marine Board Findings, vol. 2 [fragile]

RHC/61/ Marine Board of Queensland. Casualties. Marine Board Findings, vol. 3; includes date 1919 on the front cover [fragile]

RHC/62/ Queensland. Mackay Harbour Board. General Conditions of the Contract for the Construction of a Breakwater Harbour at Port Mackay 1934


Series 5: Ravenswood Rifle Club

RHC/63/ Service Roll, no. 106 [fragile]

RHC/64/ Cash Book, 1900-1916

RHC/65/ Loyal Hope of Ravenswood Lodge (Ravenswood Rifle Club), 1903-1908 [fragile, several pages are stuck together]

RHC/66/ Loyal Hope of Ravenswood Lodge. Ledger accounts, organised alphabetically


Series 6: Publications

RHC/67/  Life: 1 February, 1928; 1 September, 1931; 1 February, 1932; May 2, 1932 [fragile, all covers missing except 1932 issue]

RHC/68/ To-Day: 14 November, 1931; 12 December, 1931; 26 December, 1931; 23 January, 1932; 6 February, 1932; 19 March, 1932; 30 April, 1932; 14 May, 1932; 28 May, 1932; 9 July, 1932; 1 December, 1932; 1 February, 1933; 1 March, 1933; 1 September, 1933; 1 November, 1933; 1 January, 1934; 1 June, 1934; 1 July, 1934 [fragile, some with covers missing]

RHC/69/  Stead’s Review; Stead’s Review; A Monthly Magazine: February, April, August, September, October, December, 1929; January, February, April-August, October-December, 1930; January-August, 1931

RHC/70/ The Rationalist: The Official Organ of the Rationalist Association of Australia Ltd.: May-December, 1931

RHC/71/  The Literary Guide and Rationalist Review: April-December, 1931


Series 7: Miscellaneous

RHC/72/  Caledonian Association. Ravenswood, North Queensland, application for membership booklet

RHC/73/  Agency Register of Policies Maturing. New Zealand Insurance Company Ltd., Ravenswood Agency

RHC/74/  T. Willmett & Sons, Ltd. Advertisement/brochure for Letterpress & Lithographic Printing. ‘The Printing and Stationery Warehouse of North Queensland’

RHC/75/  Three photographs:
            i. Post card with two young girls in portrait pose, and on back: ‘From Gertie to Mrs Harris wishing her a Merry Xms. and a Happy New Year’
            ii. Colour post card entitled ‘The old Castle’; writing on back illegible
            iii. Photograph of young man in suit [according to what is left of writing on back, probably taken in 1899]


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