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Nulla Nulla Station originally consisted of six leasehold runs, three being Nulla, Nulla 2 and Nulla 3, and the others being Tallegulla, Tallegulla 2 and Tallegulla 3. The name derived from an Aboriginal word for a wooden club used as a weapon, was at first just Nulla. The land was first claimed in 1861 - the same year the area had been opened for settlement - by a Rockhampton expedition party which included among others Joseph Hann and two of his sons, and Moses Angel James. Out of the land claimed by the expedition party, runs were apportioned to party members, with James receiving three. In 1862 James applied for just one, Nulla Nulla.  The station was initially developed in 1862 by James and his partner, John Fenwick, who joined him in 1863 when they applied for further runs. Though Fenwick returned to Brisbane in 1864, he continued the partnership.

With the government’s sanction, in 1866 James and Fenwick transferred their licenses on Nulla Nulla runs 1 and 3 to George Cain, J F Maguire and J R Ricards, with Cain selling out to Maguire and Ricards in by February 1869. In 1872, Fenwick facilitated the sale of the station, with improvements made but not stocked. In July 1897 the Townsville Bulletin reported that George Armstrong sold Nulla Nulla Station by auction for £1700 to Mr S J Hulbert of Townsville. Hulbert had purchased it on behalf of a Western client, Albert White, who owned the neighbouring Bluff Downs Station. Included in the sale of Nulla Nulla - which was renowned for its garden and annual grape yield - were approximately 1380 immunised cattle, 90 horses, good paddocks, a licensed hotel and garden, and other improvements. Nulla Nulla Station since then has had a succession of owners and managers.

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Trove Digitised Newspapers, various. National Archives of Australia.

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