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The collection consists chiefly of notes on the Munro family compiled by Alec Munro (b.1908). By 1881 Alec's grandfather, Colin Munro III, had settled at Drynie in the lower Burdekin. The notes describe the family's cattle-raising venture at Drynie and a later sugar-growing enterprise at Preston near Proserpine. They also detail Colin's employment at various sugar mills and Alec's work as postal assistant and telegraphist in a number of North Queensland centres. Alec's involvement in an early venture into tourism on Brampton Island is also described. In 1938 Alec moved to Rabaul to take up the position of senior radio mechanic, responsible for radio communications in the Mandated Territory of New Guinea, and the latter part of the notes concern his life in New Guinea.

Archive Location: 404M  

MUN/1/ Notes compiled by Alec Munro under the following headings: Dad's story; Schooling; Proserpine days; Rowe's wedding; Cricket; The Bussuttins; Primitive medicine; Amusing ourselves; My father; From school to job; Life as a postal assistant and telegraphist; Halifax 1926-1928; Brampton Island and our tourism venture; The Laura; Catching turtles; Getting around the Territory Papua New Guinea; The war years; Picture show venture.

MUN/2/ Copy of b&w photograph of Drynie, Home Hill c. 1864 (Home of Colin Munro III)

MUN/3/ Obituary of Colin Munro (1913 - 1996) from Foundation News, October 2001

MUN/4/ "Garton" (a.k.a C.W.M.), Colin Munro of Fisherfield & Drynie

MUN/5/ Don Munro, Colin Munro of Drynie (2005), revised by Ailsa Stubbs-Brown (2006)

MUN/6/ Ailsa Stubbs-Brown, Archibald Chisholm, Clan Munro Australia Newsletter, no. 12 (undated)


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