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Detailed Listing

MFC/1 1974 Driver's licence - R. P. McKergow (photocopy)

MFC/2 1942 Identity card - F. M. McKergow (photocopy)

MFC/3 Petrol ration vouchers 1, 2 and 10 gallons

MFC/4 1939 Australian Meat Industry Employees' Union Tickets - R. P. McKergow (photocopy)

MFC/5 1945 Permit of Entry to Cairns area for C. H. McKergow (photocopy)

MFC/6 1943 Mess Permit and Tobacco Ration Card - C. H. McKergow (photocopy)

MFC/7 1946 Certificate of Discharge from Volunteer Defence Corps - R. P. McKergow (photocopy)

MFC/8 1942 Direction to serve in Civil Construction Corps (photocopy)

MFC/9 1942 Certificate of Discharge from Civil Construction Corps (photocopy)

MFC/10 Clipping re Mt Spec Timber Camp, Puzzle Creek

MFC/11 Photographs c.1994 of marker erected at Mt Spec Timber Camp

MFC/12 Map of Queensland c.1942

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