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Henry Theodore Kowitske’s parents moved to Townsville from Charters Towers when he was two weeks old. Over time, the extended Kowitske family lived in various parts of South Townsville. Henry began work as a baker at eighteen years of age and worked in many bakehouses around Townsville for over fifty-three years until his death in 1954, at which time he was noted as the town’s oldest baker. Henry and his wife had two sons, Henry Frederick and Walter, and two daughters, Mrs J L Garven and Mary Charters Kowitske who married Cyril Edward Flowers in 1939.

Henry Frederick Kowitske, born 31October 1910 in Townsville, married Mary Agnes Morrison. In 1940 he enlisted at Townsville to serve in the Second World War.

Most of the items in this collection are from the interwar period, 1919-1939.

Archive Location: 102R

Detailed Listing

KFC/1/ Identity cards issued to Henry Frederick Kowitscke [sic] and Mary Agnes Kowitscke [sic], of Ross Street, South Townsville, during the Second World War

KFC/2/ Hand-written poems written by family members: 'A Prayer to Mother'; and 'The Ballad of the Transport'; undated

KFC/3/ Government notice, entitled 'Man Power Rehabilitation Section', 1945

KFC/4/ Order of Service card for King George V, 1936

KFC/5/ Fold-out drawing: 'Peace-Victory 1914-1919

KFC/6/ Collection of postcards, mostly unidentified, some addressed and dated 1920s and early 1930s

KFC/7/ Two Pictorial Souvenirs of Canberra and Brisbane (latter addressed to "Mrs. A. Kowitski" of Tully Street, South Townsville

KFC/8/ Collection of greeting cards and copy of Rev. Vernon Staley, The Christian Way: A Simple Guide to Doctrine, Devotion & Duty (Oxford, 1909)

KFC/9/ Collection of Kowitske family photographs, snapshots of Townsville and interstate locations

KFC/10/ Original newspaper cuttings from Townsville Daily Bulletin, mostly referring to cyclones, old ships, shipwrecks (for example, the Yongala)


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