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135 glass negatives showing Queensland and NSW scenes around 1905.

Archive Location: 140L-R


Detailed Listing

Box 1 KHS/1/1 - KHS/1/25

KHS/1/1 Park Street from College Street B&W
KHS/1/2 U.S.S. Kansas B&W
KHS/1/3 No title B&W
KHS/1/4 No title (street parade) B&W
KHS/1/5 Oxley Creek B&W
KHS/1/6 No title
KHS/1/7 No title
KHS/1/8 Stage where Admiral Sperry Landed B&W
KHS/1/9 No title (a creek) B&W
KHS/1/10 U.S.S. New Jersey B&W
KHS/1/11 No title (a creek) B&W
KHS/1/12 No title (an old bush hut) B&W
KHS/1/13 U.S.S. Rhode Island B&W
KHS/1/14 U.S.S. Connecticut Flagship B&W
KHS/1/15 Mr. G. J. Harvey, 3 George Street, Brisbane. B&W
KHS/1/16 Cosmopolitan Hotel B&W
KHS/1/17 No title B&W
KHS/1/18 No title (boats) B&W
KHS/1/19 No title B&W
KHS/1/20 U.S.S. Minnesota B&W
KHS/1/21 Macquarie Street, Sydney (from Bridge Street) B&W
KHS/1/22 Cosmopolitan Hotel B&W
KHS/1/23 Building - selling International Harvesters and Deering and McCormick farm machinery B&W
KHS/1/24 Oxley B&W
KHS/1/25 On Oxley Creek B&W

Box 2, side A, KHS/2/26 - KHS/2/76

KHS/2/26 Cabbage-Tree Creek B&W
KHS/2/27 No title (a steam-roller) B&W
KHS/2/28 No title (a horse carriage in a street parade) B&W
KHS/2/29 Byrne’s Statue B&W
KHS/2/30 No title (clouds) B&W
KHS/2/31 Hamilton Road B&W
KHS/2/32 No title (bushland) B&W
KHS/2/33 No title (an old home) B&W
KHS/2/34 Menzies Hotel - George Street B&W
KHS/2/35 Creek Street - Presbyterian Church B&W
KHS/2/36 Parliament House B&W
KHS/2/37 Belle Vue Hotel - George Street B&W
KHS/2/38 “Our Camp” (a tent) B&W
KHS/2/39 Customs House Illuminated B&W
KHS/2/40 “Brisbane” from Bowen Terrace B&W
KHS/2/41 Victoria Bridge BIW
KHS/2/42 Sandgate Pier B&W
KHS/2/43 No title (a creek) B&W
KHS/2/44 No title (a man) B&W
KHS/2/45 Albert Bridge, Indooroopilly B&W
KHS/2/46 Brisbane river near Indooroopilly B&W
KHS/2/47 Acclimatization Gardens B&W
KHS/2/48 Indooroopilly Bridge
KHS/2/49 No title (a man) B&W
KHS/2/50 Reflections at Morningside B&W
KHS/2/51 Victoria Bridge B&W
KHS/2/52 “Still Waters” - Morningside B&W
EHS/2/53 Morningside Reflections B&W
KHS/2/54 Morningside Reflections B&W
KHS/2/55 No title (a horse and carriage) B&W
KHS/2/56 No title (a horse and buggy outside a building on which reads "Adamson and Woosley Artists - plaque, plush frame manufacturers.") B&W
KHS/2/57 Customs House - Petrie’s Point B&W
KHS/2/58 No title (a horse) B&W
KHS/2/59 No title (a railway station) B&W
KHS/2/60 Redcliffe Promenade with Redcliffe Hotel in background B&W
KHS/2/61 No title (a flower arrangement) B&W
KHS/2/62 No title (a church) B&W
KHS/2/63 No title B&W
KHS/2/64 Botanical Gardens B&W
KHS/2/65 No title B&W
KHS/2/66 No title B&W
KHS/2/67 No title B&W
KHS/2/68 Botanical Gardens B&W
KHS/2/69 No title B&W
KHS/2/70 No title B&W
KHS/2/71 Boy’s Grammar School B&W
KHS/2/72 Breakfast Creek B&W
KHS/2/73 Botanical Gardens B&W
KHS/2/74 Wickham Terrace B&W
KHS/2/75 Bowen Bridge B&W
[Plus 2 very broken glass negatives and one with very little detail remaining (unnumbered)]


KHS/2/76 No title (a horse and buggy) B&W
KHS/2/77 Harris Terrace, George Street B&W
KHS/2/78 No title B&W
KHS/2/79 No title (a ship) B&W
KHS/2/80 No title (two ships) B&W
KHS/2/81 Hotel Cecil (Upper George Street) B&W
KHS/2/82 Public Library - William Street B&W
KHS/2/83 Govt. S. - Yacht Lucinda (negative is broken) B&W
KHS/2/84 No title (a lady’s portrait) B&W
KHS/2/85 No title (a building) B&W
KHS/2/86 Hamilton Road B&W
KHS/2/87 Redcliffe B&W
KHS/2/88 Acclimatization Gardens B&W
KHS/2/89 Queensland Club B&W
KHS/2/90 Transcontinential Hotel - George Street B&W
KHS/2/91 Botanical Gardens (negative is broken) B&W
KHS/2/92 No title B&W
KHS/2/93 Retaining wall - Hamilton B&W
KHS/2/94 No title B&W
KHS/2/95 The floating kiosk at Hamilton B&W
KHS/2/96 The interior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral B&W
KHS/2/97 No title (a building) B&W
KHS/2/98 Interior of St. Stephen's Cathedral B&W
KHS/2/99 No title (buildings) B&W
KHS/2/100 Indooroopilly Ferry B&W
KHS/2/101 Government House Gates B&W
KHS/2/102 The Hamilton River B&W
KHS/2/103 The Mansions - George Street B&W
KHS/2/104 Interior of Albert Street, Methodist Church B&W
KHS/2/105 No title (Customs House?) B&W
KHS/2/106 Victoria Bridge B&W
KHS/2/107 No title (a creek) B&W
KHS/2/108 Botanical Gardens B&W
KHS/2/109 Botanical Gardens B&W
KHS/2/110 Redcliffe Beach B&W
KSH/2/111 Government House B&W
KHS/2/112 Roma Street Railway Station B&W
KHS/2/113 No title (portrait of a young lady) B&W
KHS/2/114 No title (a colonial home with verandahs) B&W
KHS/2/115 Central Station B&W
KHS/2/116 Observatory - Wickham Terrace B&W
KHS/2/117 Brisbane from Bowen Terrace B&W
KHS/2/118 All Hallows Convent and School B&W
KHS/2/119 Redcliffe B&W
KSH/2/120 Old St. John’s B&W
KHS/2/121 Albert Street - Methodist Church B&W
KHS/2/122 Redcliffe Beach B&W
KHS/2/123 Treasury Buildings B&W
KHS/2/124 No title B&W
KHS/2/125 Cabbage-Tree Creek B&W
KHS/2/126 No title B&W
KHS/2/127 No title B&W
KHS/2/128 All Saints B&W
KHS/2/129 Government House B&W
KHS/2/130 No title B&W
KHS/2/131 No title B&W
KHS/2/132 No title (a car) B&W
KHS/2/133 Roma Street Railway Station (the glass negative is broken) B&W


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