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James Bernard Keeffe (1919-1984) had a long and distinguished career in both the trade union movement and politics. Born in Atherton, he joined the Australian Labor Party (ALP) at the age of seventeen and worked in a number of trades before seeing service with the Australian Imperial Forces in World War II. In 1950-51 he was elected Secretary of the Queensland Coopers' Union and from 1951 was Secretary of the more influential Plumbers' Union. In 1956 he was elected state organiser for the ALP, he was then appointed State Secretary in 1960 and in 1962 became Federal President of the party, a post he held until 1970. In 1965 he successfully contested the Federal Senate elections, starting a career which saw him become one of Australia's longest-serving politicians and achieving the distinction of Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate from 1971-72. In 1983 he stood down voluntarily from the ALP ticket but retained an active interest at both the state and national level.

His community work was widespread and he was: an Australian Observer for the World Peace Council; an executive member of the Institute of International Affairs; a councillor in the Institute of Aboriginal Studies and a member of Amnesty International. During his long political career, he served on a number of Senate sub-committees and this collection contains material relating to:

1. The environmental conditions for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

2. Off-shore petroleum exploration.

3. Freedom of Information legislation.

4. Constitutional development of the Northern Territory

5. Law Reform.

For an index and shelf listing of this collection see the List of Archives in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Archive Location: 199L-212R

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Series Listing

Senate select committee on off-shore petrolium resources

Senate standing committee into the environmental conditions of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

Freedom of Information Bill (1978)

Archives Bill (1978)

Senate inquiry into constitutional development in the Northern Territory

Law reform inquiry

Scrutiny of Parliamentary Bills

Delegation of Parliamentary Authority


Detailed Listing

Senate Select Committee on Off-shore Petroleum Resources

SJK/PET/APPT/1 Resolution of appointment of the committee - March 3, 1970.

SJK/PET/APPT/2 Appointment and proceedings of the committee - guidelines.

SJK/PET/LAWS/1 General introduction to Australian off-shore petroleum legislation.

SJK/PET/LAWS/2 Government legislation (1967-68) relating to off-shore exploration.

SJK/PET/LAWS/3 Negotiations involved in establishing the legislation.

SJK/PET/RES/1-12 Background notes and working papers of the committee.

SJK/PET/QUES/1-3 Questions raised during the committee's investigations.

SJK/PET/REP/1 Summary of conclusions and recommendations of the committee.

SJK/PET/REP/2-14 Draft report of the senate committee.

SJK/PET/INDEX/1-4 Indexed listings of documents distributed to the committee and persons who gave evidence to the inquiry.

Newspaper Articles

SJK/PET/NEWS/1-10 Newspaper clippings on oil/gas exploration, from 1968-1973.

Bass Strait Tour

SJK/PET/BASS/1-3 Folders covering a fact-finding tour of Bass Strait off-shore sites in 1968.

Petroleum Company Magazines, etc.

SJK/PET/MAG/1-46 Periodicals, Annual Reports, etc. of petroleum and associated companies.

Maps of Oil Exploration Sites

SJK/PET/MAPS/1-4 Maps showing exploration and title areas in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Research Folders

SJK/PET/RES/1-363 Data on off-shore petroleum exploration, covering the period 1967-1978, kept in folders in chronological order. (A detailed index of contents is given in each folder).


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Senate Standing Committee into the Environmental Conditions of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

SJK/ATSI/RES/1-36 Background notes and research material.


SJK/ATSI/RES/1 Provision of Health Services in the Northern Territory, Department of Health, Canberra, 1975.

SJK/ATSI/RES/2 The Housing of Aborigines in N.S.W. and its relation to their health, Health Commission of N.S.W., 1976.

SJK/ATSI/RES/3 Aboriginal Health and related matters in the south-west of Western Australia, House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, Canberra, 1975.

SJK/ATSI/RES/4 Recommendations by the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee regarding aboriginal health issues.

SJK/ATSI/RES/5 The Biological Crises. S. Graves, March 1970.

SJK/ATSI/RES/6 Northern Territory Medical Service Bulletin, January 1974.


SJK/ATSI/RES/7 Reports on the progress of the Aboriginal funded housing scheme in South Australia, June 1976.

SJK/ATSI/RES/8 Report on a self-funded housing scheme, for the Bourke Aboriginal Advancement Association, July 1972.

SJK/ATSI/RES/9 Aboriginal Housing Needs - a table of numbers of houses needed in various Australian towns.

SJK/ATSI/RES/10 Old Timers' Homes - Alice Springs, a report on the Australian Inland Mission's care for the elderly.


SJK/ATSI/RES/11 Aborigines and Technical and Further Education, by the Aboriginal Consultative Group, March 1976.

SJK/ATSI/RES/12 Some Cognitive Skills in Aboriginal Children in Victorian Primary Schools, D. Bruce et al, July 1971.

SJK/ATSI/RES/13 College of Aboriginal Education publicity booklet.

SJK/ATSI/RES/14 The Training of Pitjantjatjara Aborigines for greater teaching responsibilities, Dr. H. Penny, 1976.

SJK/ATSI/RES/15 The School and the Aboriginal Child, J. Dwyer, February 1974.


SJK/ATSI/RES/16-36 Papers relating to racial discrimination, employment and general welfare.

Government Press Releases and Newspaper Clippings on Aboriginal Issues (1972-1976)

SJK/ATSI/NEWS/1 Unbound copies of articles from various Australian newspapers and periodicals.

SJK/ATSI/NEWS/2 Press releases by Senator J. Keeffe.

SJK/ATSI/NEWS/3 Press releases by the Prime Minister and other ministers.


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Major Submissions to the Committee

SJK/ATSI/SUB/1 Australian Department of Health.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/2 M. Crommelin, Law School, University of Melbourne.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/3 Aboriginal Loans Commission.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/4 Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/5 Aboriginal Hostels Ltd.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/6 Queensland Police Department.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/7 Western Australian Government.

SJK/ATSI/SUB/8 P. Myers, B. Tech., A.R.A.I.A.

Minor Submissions

SJK/ATSI/SUB/9-19 Listed in alphabetical order.

Senate Hansard Reports on Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

SJK/ATSI/HAN/1 Index of issues raised in the various Hansard reports.

SJK/ATSI/HAN/2 Report dated May 16, 1975.

SJK/ATSI/HAN/3 Report dated May 23, 1975.

SJK/ATSI/HAN/4 Report dated July 18, 1975.

SJK/ATSI/HAN/5 Report dated July 19, 1975.

Report of the Committee - Final Draft

SJK/ATSI/REP/1 Terms of appointment of the committee, rules and procedures, guidelines as to final report format.

SJK/ATSI/REP/2 Drafts structure for the final report.

SJK/ATSI/REP/3 Final draft report.

Miscellaneous Items

SJK/ATSI/MISC/1 Review of the delivery of services by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, June 1976.

SJK/ATSI/MISC/2 Report of a visit to Papua New Guinea by Senator J. Keeffe in August - September 1964.

SJK/ATSI/MISC/3 Report on the operations of the Aputula Construction Company, with particular reference to: financial problems and dealings with the Aboriginal people in the area - Finke, Northern Territory.


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Freedom of Information Bill (1978) - Research Notes/Background Material and Legal Precedents


SJK/FOI/RES/1 Freedom of Information Bill 1978: Background Notes, AGPS, 1978.

SJK/FOI/RES/2 Proposals for Freedom of Information Legislation in Australia, Legislative Research Service, March 15, 1978.

SJK/FOI/RES/3 Protective Security Handbook - guidelines for non-disclosure of government information, Attorney-General's Department.

SJK/FOI/RES/4 Guidelines on the keeping of personal records on staff in the Australian Public Service - draft copy.

SJK/FOI/RES/5 Issues Paper on Freedom of Information, S.A. Premier's Department, December 1978.

SJK/FOI/RES/6 Freedom of Information - Background Paper, text of speech by Senator A. Missen on June 21, 1978.

SJK/FOI/RES/7 Freedom of Information - some relevant issues, paper presented by L. Curtis to a seminar at the W.A. Institute of Technology.

SJK/FOI/RES/8 Who owns Government Information?, paper presented by L. Curtis to the 1978 conference of the Royal Institute of Public Administration.

SJK/FOI/RES/9 The Administrative Implications of Freedom of Information Legislation, by G. Hawker, June 1977.

SJK/FOI/RES/10 Freedom of Information in Australia: Issue Closed, by J. McMillan, 1976.

SJK/FOI/RES/11 Evidence Amendment Bill - an article on cases where the Crown resisted attempts to force disclosure of government information, April 1979.

United States of America

SJK/FOI/RES/12-29 Reports by the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate; Overviews of the administration of the act; Case law in the state and federal courts; 1974 amendments to Freedom of Information legislation; Guidelines for the release of classified information; Assessment of the 1974 Privacy Act.

United Kingdom

SJK/FOI/RES/30-33 1978 Freedom of Information Legislation; Government policy unit assessments of proposed bill clauses.


SJK/FOI/RES/34-40 Analysis of political implications of legislation; Overview of Ministerial responsibilities; Analysis of the courts' handling of freedom of information cases.


SJK/FOI/RES/41 Report of the French Law Commission on the 1977 Freedom of Information bill.

Survey Responses

SJK/FOI/SUR/1-11 Responses from a large number of Federal government departments, to a survey concerned with resource implications of the proposed bill.

Minutes of Parliamentary Committee Meetings

SJK/FOI/MIN/1-8 Records of select committee meetings, chaired by Senator A. Missen, held between September 26, 1978 and March 14, 1979.


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Drafts of Various Clauses/Sections of the Bill

SJK/FOI/BILL/1 Discussion paper on the issues.

SJK/FOI/BILL/2 Introduction.

SJK/FOI/BILL/3 History and comparative experience.

SJK/FOI/BILL/4 The need for the legislation.

SJK/FOI/BILL/5 Implications of the legislation for Westminster-style government.

SJK/FOI/BILL/6 Implications of Sankey v. Whitlam.

SJK/FOI/BILL/7 Resource implications of the bill.

SJK/FOI/BILL/8 Publication of Directories, etc.

SJK/FOI/BILL/9 Processing Access Requests.

SJK/FOI/BILL/10 Making the access decision.

SJK/FOI/BILL/11 Time Limits.

SJK/FOI/BILL/12 Costs and fees.

SJK/FOI/BILL/13 Exemptions of agencies.

SJK/FOI/BILL/14 Refusal of access.

SJK/FOI/BILL/15 Prior documents.

SJK/FOI/BILL/16 Exemptions: general issues.

SJK/FOI/BILL/17 Security, defence and international relations.

SJK/FOI/BILL/18 Commonwealth/State relations.

SJK/FOI/BILL/19 Cabinet documents.

SJK/FOI/BILL/20 Exemptions: reasons.

SJK/FOI/BILL/21 Law enforcement.

SJK/FOI/BILL/22 Prescribed secrecy provisions.

SJK/FOI/BILL/23 Efficient and economical conduct of the affairs of an agency.

SJK/FOI/BILL/24 Privilege and contempt.

SJK/FOI/BILL/25 Privacy.

SJK/FOI/BILL/26 Commercial material obtained in confidence.

SJK/FOI/BILL/27 National economy.

SJK/FOI/BILL/28 Review and appeal.

SJK/FOI/BILL/29 Internal review.

SJK/FOI/BILL/30 Role of the Information Commission.

SJK/FOI/BILL/31 Role of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Official Hansard Reports

SJK/FOI/HAN/1 Report dated October 17, 1978.

SJK/FOI/HAN/2 Report dated October 24, 1978.

SJK/FOI/HAN/3 Report dated December 11, 1978.

SJK/FOI/HAN/4 Report dated December 12, 1978.

SJK/FOI/HAN/5 Report dated December 13, 1978.

SJK/FOI/HAN/6 Report dated December 14, 1978.

SJK/FOI/HAN/7 Report dated January 15, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/8 Report dated January 16, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/9 Report dated February 15, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/10 Report dated February 26, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/11 Report dated February 27, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/12 Report dated March 5, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/13 Report dated March 6, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/14 Report dated March 9, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/15 Report dated March 13, 1979.

SJK/FOI/HAN/16 Report dated March 14, 1979.


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Major Submissions to the Senate Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs

SJK/FOI/SUB/1 Administrative and Clerical Officers Association.

SJK/FOI/SUB/2 Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Association.

SJK/FOI/SUB/3 Australian Advisory Council on Bibliographical Services.

SJK/FOI/SUB/4 Australian Broadcasting Commission.

SJK/FOI/SUB/5 Australian Consumers' Association.

SJK/FOI/SUB/6 Australian Council of Social Service.

SJK/FOI/SUB/7 Australian Council of Trade Unions.

SJK/FOI/SUB/8 Australian Journalists Association.

SJK/FOI/SUB/9 Australian Press Council.

SJK/FOI/SUB/10 Australian Public Service Board.

SJK/FOI/SUB/11 Church of Scientology.

SJK/FOI/SUB/12 Commissioner for Employees' Compensation.

SJK/FOI/SUB/13 Committee for Freedom of Information.

SJK/FOI/SUB/14 Commonwealth Employees' Compensation Tribunal.

SJK/FOI/SUB/15 Confederation of Australian Industry.

SJK/FOI/SUB/16 CSR Limited.

SJK/FOI/SUB/17 Department of the Capital Territory.

SJK/FOI/SUB/18 Department of Defence.

SJK/FOI/SUB/19 Department of Foreign Affairs.

SJK/FOI/SUB/20 Department of Home Affairs.

SJK/FOI/SUB/21 Department of Housing and Construction.

SJK/FOI/SUB/22 Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.

SJK/FOI/SUB/23 Department of Industry and Commerce.

SJK/FOI/SUB/24 Department of Post and Telecommunications.

SJK/FOI/SUB/25 Department of Productivity.

SJK/FOI/SUB/26 Department of Social Security.

SJK/FOI/SUB/27 Department of Transport.

SJK/FOI/SUB/28 Dow Chemicals (Australia).

SJK/FOI/SUB/29 Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations.

SJK/FOI/SUB/30 Freedom of Information Legislation Campaign Committee.

SJK/FOI/SUB/31 Freedom of Information Lobby.

SJK/FOI/SUB/32 Industrial Relations Bureau.

SJK/FOI/SUB/33 International Press Institute.

SJK/FOI/SUB/34 Law Institute of Victoria.

SJK/FOI/SUB/35 Law Reform Commission.

SJK/FOI/SUB/36 Library Association of Australia.

SJK/FOI/SUB/37 N.S.W. Privacy Committee.

SJK/FOI/SUB/38 Queensland Council for Civil Liberties.

SJK/FOI/SUB/39 South Australian Council for Civil Liberties.

SJK/FOI/SUB/40 Uniting Church - Commission on Social Responsibility.

SJK/FOI/SUB/41 Victorian Committee for Freedom of Information.

SJK/FOI/SUB/42 Victorian Council for Civil Liberties.

SJK/FOI/SUB/43 Victorian Government.

SJK/FOI/SUB/44 Women's Electoral Lobby (Victoria).

Miscellaneous Submissions - from individuals, firms, etc. arranged alphabetically.



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Archives Bill (1978)

SJK/ARCH/SUB/1-11 Submissions to the Senate Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs.

SJK/ARCH/RES/1-5 Background notes and research material.


Senate Inquiry into Constitutional Development in the Northern Territory

Appointment of the Inquiry

SJK/NT/APPT/1-7 Resolution of appointment, Terms of Reference, List of Committee members, Draft of main issues to be discussed.

Background Notes and Research Material

SJK/NT/RES/1 Briefing material for an inspection visit to the Northern Territory (October 28, 1973 - November 1, 1973).

SJK/NT/RES/2 Briefing material for an inspection visit to the Northern Territory (September 8-13, 1974).

SJK/NT/RES/3 Report on the form of self government which would meet the needs of the Territory.

SJK/NT/RES/4 Notes on the operation of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly.

SJK/NT/RES/5 Report on Northern Territory Prisons and Prison Legislation.

SJK/NT/RES/6 Report on the role of the mining industry in the development of the Northern Territory.

SJK/NT/RES/7 Background material on Northern Territory population, developments in constitutional government, etc.

SJK/NT/RES/8-21 Miscellaneous statistical data, Northern Territory government newsletters, etc.

Minutes of Meetings

SJK/NT/MIN/1-18 Minutes of Joint Committee Meetings from September 20, 1973 - February 19, 1975.

SJK/NT/MIN/19-27 Minutes of Sub-Committee Meetings, "A", "B" and "C", from September 9-11, 1974.

Reports of Committees

SJK/NT/REP/1 Final report of the first enquiry of the Joint Committee examining constitutional development in the Northern Territory - October 28, 1974.

SJK/NT/REP/2 Final report of the second enquiry - May 1975.

SJK/NT/REP/3 Report into the Transfer of Legislative and Executive functions within the Northern Territory - October 25, 1972.

SJK/NT/REP/4 Reports of Sub-Committees "A", "B" and "C", on visits to the Northern Territory in September, 1974.

Evidence to Inquiry

SJK/NT/EVID/1 Attorney-General's evidence.

SJK/NT/EVID/2 P. Everingham.

SJK/NT/EVID/2A W.J. Fisher.

SJK/NT/EVID/3 G.A. Letts.

SJK/NT/EVID/4 R.D. Lumb.

SJK/NT/EVID/5 I.F. Nicolson.

SJK/NT/EVID/6 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 30 October, 1973.

SJK/NT/EVID/7 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 30 November, 1973.

SJK/NT/EVID/8 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 5 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/9 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 6 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/10 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 7 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/11 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 11 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/12 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 12 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/13 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 13 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/14 Transcript of evidence (Tennant Creek) 14 February, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/15 Transcript of evidence (Alice Springs) 24 March, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/16 Transcript of evidence (Alice Springs) 25 March, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/17 Transcript of evidence (Katherine) 26 March, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/18 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 27 March, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/19 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 28 March, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/20 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 8 April, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/21 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 9 April, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/22 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 27 August, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/23 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 28 August, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/24 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 12 September, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/25 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 17 September, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/26 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 20 September, 1974.

SJK/NT/EVID/27 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 28 February, 1975.

SJK/NT/EVID/28 Transcript of evidence (Melbourne) 11 March, 1975.

SJK/NT/EVID/29 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 25 March, 1975.

SJK/NT/EVID/30 Transcript of evidence (Darwin) 26 March, 1975.

SJK/NT/EVID/31 Transcript of evidence (Canberra) 14 April, 1975.


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Submissions to the Joint Committee

Major Submissions

SJK/NT/SUB/1 Administrative and Clerical Officers Association.

SJK/NT/SUB/2 Central Australian Aborigines Congress.

SJK/NT/SUB/3 Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

SJK/NT/SUB/4 Department of the Environment and Conservation.

SJK/NT/SUB/5 Department of Health.

SJK/NT/SUB/6 Department of Labor.

SJK/NT/SUB/7 Department of the Northern Territory.

SJK/NT/SUB/8 Department of Tourism and Recreation.

SJK/NT/SUB/9 Department of Transport.

SJK/NT/SUB/10 H. Giese.

SJK/NT/SUB/11 Legislative Council of the Northern Territory.

SJK/NT/SUB/12 Northern Territory Chamber of Mines.

SJK/NT/SUB/13 Northern Territory Country Liberal Party.

SJK/NT/SUB/14 T. O'Brien (Secretary to the Department of the Northern Territory).

SJK/NT/SUB/15 Public Service Board.

Minor Submissions

SJK/NT/SUB/16-41 Miscellaneous submissions, arranged in alphabetical order.


Law Reform Inquiry

Processing Law Reform Proposals

SJK/LAW/SUB/1-17 Submissions to the inquiry from state-law associations, universities and individuals.

SJK/LAW/REP Reports of the Senate Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, on Law Reform - May 1979.


Scrutiny of Parliamentary Bills

SJK/BILLS/SUB/1-5 Submissions to the inquiry on the need for closer links between the parliament and the judiciary; greater examination of legislation, etc.

SJK/BILLS/REP/1-2 Draft and final report of the committee, March 1978.


Delegation of Parliamentary Authority

SJK/DEL/SUB/1-4 Submissions to the inquiry on problems arising when legislation needs redrafting; greater need for comprehensive drafting guidelines, etc.

SJK/DEL/REP/1 Draft report of the committee, November 1978.

SJK/DEL/REP/2-4 Reports of the Law Reform Commission; Legal Aid Commission; Criminology Research Council - 1978.

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