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Kenneth S. Jaffrey Archive

Kenneth Senior Jaffrey, a well-known naturopath who was diagnosed with cancer of the liver in his twenties, professed to having cured himself by fasting for forty-nine days following a period of “sunbathing, airbathing, relaxation, positive thinking and a diet of natural foods.” Jaffrey lived in Townsville, including Magnetic Island, for many years from the 1960s to the 1980s. He died in his 90th year in 1998. During his career he self-published a number of books and pamphlets on naturopathy.
“Fasting Can Cure Cancer, AIDS, Author Tells Court,” Age, 18 March 1986, p4.

This archive consists of audiotapes of a series of his lectures.

Archive Location: 41L


Detailed Listing

KSJ/AC/1 History of nature cure. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/2 Home nursing. Pt. 2

KSJ/AC/3 Organic gardening. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/4 Tell me about nature cure. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/5 The skin and it's health.

KSJ/AC/6 Against fluoridation. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/7 The natural food of man.

KSJ/AC/8 Don't eat that, it may be poison.

KSJ/AC/9 Ecology.

KSJ/AC/10 Sleep.

KSJ/AC/11 The problem of asthma.

KSJ/AC/12 Health, healing & superstition.

KSJ/AC/13 Life of Vincent Priessnitz.

KSJ/AC/14 Why nature cure is misunderstood. Pt.1

KSJ/AC/15 The philosophy of nature cure. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/16 Blood transfusion.

KSJ/AC/17 Living and healing biologically. Pt. 2

KSJ/AC/18 What is wrong with nature cure? Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/19 Curing the incurable.

KSJ/AC/20 Mental illness. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/21 Practical nature cure. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/22 Nature cure for pets. Pt. 2

KSJ/AC/23 What must Ido? Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/24 Hereditary. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/25 Mind or body? Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/26 Treatment of disc lesions.

KSJ/AC/27 The true art of healing. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/28 The power that heals. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/29 Food combination fallacy. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/30 Life goes on. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/31 What can I put into it?

KSJ/AC/32 Two theories of disease. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/33 Your questions answered. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/34 Metabolism for the naturopath.

KSJ/AC/35 Weeds in your garden.

KSJ/AC/36 The germ theory.

KSJ/AC/37 A different way of looking at health.

KSJ/AC/38 Beware of colonic irrigations.

KSJ/AC/39 The magic of the mind.

KSJ/AC/40 Childbirth and trauma.

KSJ/AC/41 Rhythmic cycles and health.

KSJ/AC/42 Cardio-vascular disease. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/43 The magician and the naturopath.

KSJ/AC/45 The fasting expert. Pt. 2

KSJ/AC/46 Radiarions.

KSJ/AC/47 Enzymes.

KSJ/AC/48 Rheumatism and arthritis.

KSJ/AC/49 The lymphatic system. Pt. 1

KSJ/AC/50 Hazards of radiations. Pt.2

KSJ/AC/51 Electricity for students.

KSJ/AC/52 Hydrotherapy. Pt. 1


KSJ/MF/1 The blood and its third anatomical element by A. Bechamp.