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The Mabel Innes Prize for Lyric Verse Archive

The Mabel Innes Prize for Lyric Verse was founded in 1962 by the late Mr A. H. Innes. It was funded initially by annual donations and subsequently by a donation of land which was sold to establish a fund of $1,000. The prize is awarded to the candidate who submits the lyric poem, which may be of any length, judged to be the best submitted in the particular year. The prize is not necessarily awarded each year. The awarding body is James Cook University, Department of Humanities.

This collection consists of recipients and entries from 1974 onward.


Archive Location: 122L


Detailed Listing

MI/1 Letter from K. N. Chester, Registrar, James Cook University of North Queensland, to Mrs. J. M. Davis regarding publication of her poem, “Parturition.” Dated 22 May 1980, 1p.

MI/2 Letter from J. D. Smith, Deputy Registrar, James Cook University of North Queensland, to Mr C. Hunt, University Librarian, regarding deposit of poems. Dated 22 May 1980, 1p.


MI/3 Prize: “Morning Dew” by Ronald P. Robinson, 1p.


MI/4 Prize: “columbus” by Brian Hobbs, 1p.


MI/5 Prize: “World War Three in the Bush” by Michael Houldsworth, 1p.


MI/6 Prize: “Parturition” by Joan Davis, 1p.


MI/7 Prize: “I Knocked at the Door” by Helen Hofman, 1p.


MI/8 Prize: “Just Bidin’ Time” by G. Frost, 1p.


MI/9 Prize: “On Being Evicted from a House in West End (which we were only renting)” by Anne Donohue, 1p.


MI/10 Prize: “Thoughts of Earth” by Claire Rooney, 1p.


MI/11 Prize: “Year of the Snake” by Ruth Frances, 1p.


(Note: 1988 and 1989, no prize awarded).


MI/14 Prize: “incomplete heisenberg blues” by R. G. W. Neilsen.


MI/15 Prize: “TV War” by Samantha Muir.


MI/16 Prize: “The Disappeared” by Deborah Lloyd.


MI/17 Prize: “Woman - an abstract in mixed media” by Nerida Day.


MI/18A Prize: “Tropical Bliss” by Abi Thonemann.
MI/18B Prize: “goodbye” by Paul Curran.
MI/18C Prize: “The Photograph” by Marion Hulme.


MI/19 Entry: “Living Treasure” by Robin Dingle.
MI/20 Entry: “You Gave Me Back My Eyes” by Sandy Martin.
MI/21 Entry: “Psyche” by Tessa Theocharous.
MI/22 Prize: “Some Things You Gotta Tell” by Suzannah Clare.


MI/25 Prize: “the blue boy” by Derek Mitchell.
Entry: “hit the road” by Elizabeth Helena Edwards.
Entry: “Evolution of Guilt” by Matthew Ganly.
Entry: “Revealing” by Clea Alcorn.
Entry: “Politicians” by Joanne James.
Entry: “Portrait of my Room/Mind” by Victoria Carless.
Entry: “Bouquet of Love” by Shona Bower.
Entry: “Cries of a Hallowed Soul” by Mark George Mayer.
Entry: “High Heels” by Sarah Louise Clarke.
Entry: “To my Wife” by Michael Riley.
Entry: “Twenty-five Years Married” by Len Horner.
Entry: “Ariadne’s Promise” by Tessa Theocharous.
Entry: “Sea Creatures” by Brett A. Jensen.
Entry: “Cat” by Lenore Margaret Smith.


MI/26 Prize: “Domestic Horticulturalists” by Sharyn Ogilvie
MI/27 Entry: “Fraction of the Cost” by Matthew Ganly
MI/28 Entry: “Pure Infatuation” by Robb Garnett
MI/29 Entry: “Sydney” by Steven Tropoulos
MI/30 Entry: [Untitled] (The rumors run down...) by Christina Harvey
MI/31 Entry: [Untitled] (spots of black and spots of white...) by Jodi Salmond
MI/32 Entry: “The Jumrum” by Richard Morrison
MI/33 Entry: “Two Senses” by Brett A. Jensen
MI/34 Entry: “Motherhood” by Lynn Smith Page.


MI/35 Prize: “Flying Girl” by Jillian Novelli
MI/36 Entry: “Truganina” by David Lloyd Wright
MI/37 Entry: “Circles of Care” by Gai Therese Johnston
MI/38 Entry: “Hallelujah Cat” by Graham Cox
MI/39 Entry: “Lament for Life” by Catherine E. Jones
MI/40 Entry: “She and I” by Marc Jones
MI/41 Entry: “Death of a Maiden” by Fiona Pennisi
MI/42 Entry: “Time is Just a Memory” by Rebecca Lant
MI/43 Entry: “Questions With No Answers” by Belinda Lowe
MI/44 Entry: “Glacier” by David Stevens
MI/45 Entry: “Dreamer” by Leeanne Giacometti
MI/46 Entry: “Loss of title” by Matt Ganly
MI/47 Entry: “System Failure Mk. 2” by Anthony Cheadle
MI/48 Entry: “My Piece of Sun on the Other Side” by Jessie-Rose Flechas
MI/49 Entry: “Falling of the Edge of Night” by Sharon Bryan
MI/50 Entry: “dreams & meir theaning” by Michael Thompson.


2001 (Note: 2001, no prize awarded)

MI/51 Entry: “No Guarantees” by Kari Helen Richter.


MI/52 Prize: “A Poem For Grandfather” by Amy Chinnock
MI/53 Entry: “Set Me Free” by Charlene Caruana
MI/54 Entry: [Untitled] (When rejection haunts you at ever turn...) by Marc Dykstra
MI/55 Entry: “Contrary to Reason” by Carli Kovacich
MI/56 Entry: “Finding a Dead Rat” by Noela McNamara
MI/57 Entry: “Epiphany” by Mikkel Mowinckel
MI/58 Entry: “Ode To My Grandmother” by Angiela Taylor
MI/59 Entry: “The Prayer” by Carl Weiseth.


MI/60 Prize: “Shadows at Teatime” by Susan Mattocks
MI/61 Entry: [Untitled] (faceless in the living room…) by Jesse Bright
MI/62 Entry: “Your escape is Virtual” by Daniel King
MI/63 Entry: “Saint Crispen’s Day” by Matthew Murphy
MI/64 Entry: “The Monkey Feast” by Christopher Quirk
MI/65 Entry: “Girl from a Dream” by Alana Ward.


MI/66 Prize: “In disappointment she addresses the sea” by Lynette Russell
MI/67 Entry: “Tribute to Aussie Sporting Culture” by Peter Borgna
MI/68 Entry: “Bullet On The Carpet” by Kathryn Machin
MI/69 Entry: “The Path” by Jaime Neal
MI/70 Entry: “The Poet’s Voice” by Jesse Short
MI/71 Entry: “Shameful” by Shannon Switzer
MI/72 Entry: “The Game” by David Thornley.


MI/73 Prize: “Take a Load Off” by Julia Germaine
MI/74 Entry: “Struggle” by Wissam Alayan
MI/75 Entry: “Drain” by Liam Anderson
MI/76 Entry: “Heartbeat” by Samuel Hawkins
MI/77 Entry: “To the world I say” by Oliver Holmes
MI/78 Entry: “Music’s Solace” by Paul Le Petit
MI/79 Entry: “The Spirit of the Outback” by Melinda Tweedie
MI/80 Entry: “All Things” by Anna Wallace.


MI/81 Prize: “The Elements” by Christina Santarossa
MI/82 Entry: “Softly, Gently” by Liam Anderson
MI/83 Entry: “Golden Soil” by John Carson
MI/84 Entry: “The Hairy Pig” by Jayne Ellery
MI/85 Entry: “Loneliness in Rush Hour” by Cecilia Frick
MI/86 Entry: “Life” by Louise Hansen
MI/87 Entry: “Horses” by Gregory Harvey
MI/88 Entry: “Loving You” by Frances Hills
MI/89 Entry: “By your departure” by Jack James
MI/90 Entry: “Dawn Breaks for Revolution” by Daniel Janke
MI/91 Entry: “Butterfly” by Rachelle Johnson
MI/92 Entry: “I Am Still” by Kylie Maddick
MI/93 Entry: “My Love” by Craig Morris
MI/94 Entry: “The Three Muses” by Janne Rytkonen
MI/95 Entry: “Similar, not same” by Anna Strohfeldt
MI/96 Entry: “The awakening of a Rainforest” by Deborah Tanzer
MI/97 Entry: “Noah Jesse Peter Volich: First year of Life” by Matthew Volich
MI/98 Entry: “Alone” by Melanie Wood.


MI/99 Prize: “Dichromatic Love Affair” by Bethany Perkins
MI/100 Entry: “The Dragon” by Stephen Mastromonaco
MI/101 Entry: “No Abuse for Me I am Not a Doll” by Melinda Parker
MI/102 Entry: “Sex It” by Glen Tannock
MI/103 Entry: “The Man that Time Forgot” by Craig Warren.


MI/105 Prize: “Rolling Stones” by Noy Gliksman
MI/106 Entry: “Faithfull” by Jessica Kate Abraham
MI/107 Entry: “Shine” by Lorne Alexander Anderson
MI/108 Entry: “To My Friend Haylee” by Angela Joy Brunner
MI/109 Entry: “Feel As I Do” by Louise Elizabeth Burns
MI/110 Entry: “Be Glad” by Irene Elliott
MI/111 Entry: “No Light” by Samantha Louise Foreman
MI/112 Entry: “Alexa” by Lucy Georgina Keast
MI/113 Entry: “Being a tourist and loving a local” by Michelle Alana McConochie
MI/114 Entry: “Beside the Sea” by Kara Schrader
MI/115 Entry: “I Remember” by Anita Marie Smith.


MI/116 Prize: “Sleepless Nights” by Ray Dawson
MI/117 Entry: “From Darkness to Light” by Arik Anidjar
MI/118 Entry: “What Would First Year’s Know?” by Vincent Stuart Backhaus
MI/119 Entry: “Fortuna’s Game” by Rosannah Phoenix Blackwood
MI/120 Entry: “The Seasons of my Heart” by Candice Lee Bombardieri
MI/121 Entry: “Why Don’t You?” by Takudzwa Chibisa
MI/122 Entry: “Sleep …” by Eleanor Chloe Doyle
MI/123 Entry: “Lost” by Therese Mary Evert
MI/124 Entry: “On Christ and Human” by Tim Raoul Giudes
MI/125 Entry: “Marching in the Streets” by Perry Brianna Holt
MI/126 Entry: “Courtesy of the Beast” by Nathan Murray House
MI/127 Entry: “Work Choices” by Alan Maxwell Ingram
MI/128 Entry: “A Bullet in Russian Roulette” by Isawati Isabella Jawan
MI/129 Entry: “The Cyclone” by Leah Ruth Johnson
MI/130 Entry: “A Visit from the Queen” by Reagen-Kate Joice
MI/131 Entry: “Trustworthy?” by Nicholas Gerard James Keith
MI/132 Entry: “Weeds” by Cael Jason McIntosh
MI/133 Entry: “Coming Home” by Bianca Jayne Millroy
MI/134 Entry: “Alive” by Sean Michael O”Neill
MI/135 Entry: “Going Home” by Marilyn Potter
MI/136 Entry: “Live to be Different” by Fiona Jane Previtera
MI/137 Entry: “An Intrusion” by Annie Louise Tyrrell
MI/138 Entry: “Falling” by Frankilee Mary Vanderkruk
MI/139 Entry: “What if Jesus sold crack not faith” by Brett Michael Walsh
MI/140 Entry: “Abandoned edge of a smile” by Noel-John Morris Whipps.


MI/141 Prize: “Words” by Aimy Lee Burgess
MI/142 Entry: “Era of Obsession” by Leah Marlene Aitchison
MI/143 Entry: “Rebirth” by Candice Lee Bombardieri
MI/144 Entry: “Shadow in the Mist” by John David Breen
MI/145 Entry: “Through the Looking Glass” by Takudzwa Chibisa
MI/146 Entry: “King of the Bush” by James Clark
MI/147 Entry: “My Little Angel” by Hayley Ellena May Dellaway
MI/148 Entry: “The Dragon Lady” by Peter Jacob Fisher
MI/149 Entry: “Lost at Sea” by Lydia Jasmine Hales
MI/150 Entry: “Distant Recollections” by Michael John Hansell
MI/151 Entry: “See Blissful Corruption” by Delara Javat
MI/152 Entry: “Prospects” by Christopher Kjeld Jensen
MI/153 Entry: “Help” by Kika Ellen McCarthy
MI/154 Entry: “Beauty at Nightfall” by Rhiannon Jane Mesner
MI/155 Entry: “Many species in one garden and all in one place” by Jacqueline Barbara Ranatunga
MI/156 Entry: “The Drifting Waters” by Usama Shahid
MI/157 Entry: “Message in a Bottle” by Matthew Robert Thomas
MI/158 Entry: “It’s Coming” by Frankilee Mary Vanderkruk.


MI/159 Prize: “Curlews” by Lucy Michelle Bonanno
MI/160 Entry: “Shrike Thrush” by Barry Fitzsimmons
MI/161 Entry: “Lament to Fred” by Tim Raoul Giudes
MI/162 Entry: “The Lesson Unlearnt” by Carole Anne Hardingham
MI/163 Entry: “The Scar Above His Heart” by Matthew Alexander Pyne.


MI/164 Prize: “Interchangeable Names” by Tamlyn Lee Magee
MI/165 Entry: “Walk Barefoot” by Emma Patricia Beattie
MI/166 Entry: “Flight of a Dream” by Alice Rochelle Beikoff
MI/167 Entry: “Pastel Child” by Paige Brigette Davies
MI/168 Entry: “In Mother Nature’s Care” by Therese Mary Evert
MI/169 Entry: “Letter to the One” by Reuben George
MI/170 Entry: “Sunken Treasures” by Sara Tayah Gorring
MI/171 Entry: “Permission from a Broken Man” by Patricia Ann Kemp
MI/172 Entry: “The Little Cub in Me” by Agatha Mukami Kinyua
MI/173 Entry: “Loving Boundary” by Michelle Tatenda Makubalo
MI/174 Entry: “Fear Wires” by Oluwatobi Kolawole Martins
MI/175 Entry: “Maryborough” by Brent Gordon Rogers
MI/176 Entry: “Loving you, loving life” by Kaitlyn Staines
MI/177 Entry: “Dreamer” by Annika Mary Thomas
MI/178 Entry: “Welcome to your new life” by Paula Bethany Willis.


MI/179 Prize: “The Escape” by Ellie Catherine Donnelly
MI/180 Entry: “Social Construct” by Brandon Webster
MI/181 Entry: “A tic-tac disaster” by Pita Vea
MI/182 Entry: “Sea Urchin” by Marie Tan Ruo Yun
MI/183 Entry: “Waiting for the Prince” by Trisha Joanne Striker-Chamberlain
MI/184 Entry: “The News” by Shelley Johns
MI/185 Entry: “Addicted” by Legana Fingerhut
MI/186 Entry: “Window of Hope” by Robyn Elize Ellershaw
MI/187 Entry: “Beyond Tomorrow” by Stephanie Louise Ferguson
MI/188 Entry: “Outcast” by Yana Bull
MI/189 Entry: “Undesirable Summer” by Renee Abel.


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