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This collection was purchased from the estate of Eustace Robert (Bob) Hayles who died in 1978. The Hayles family was largely responsible for the development of Magnetic Island as a tourist destination.
Bob Hayles’s father, Robert Hayles, was born in London in 1843 and came to Australia in the sailing ship Nunda in 1861. For the next thirty-seven years he was in turn shepherd, miner, grazier and hotelier, spending most of his time in the Charters Towers district.
In 1898 he visited Magnetic Island and was so impressed by its possibilities that he sold his other interests and built a hotel on the island. In 1900 he established a permanent tourist operation on Magnetic Island and built a jetty at Picnic Bay where he began a permanent passenger ferry service between Townsville and Magnetic Island. Realising the potential of the picnic trade, he purchased his first boat Bee in 1901. Twelve months later this ship was wrecked off Nobby Heads (Picnic Bay) and he and his sons built the Phoenix to replace it.


This fragmentary collection includes personal and business records.

Archive Location: 58R

Series Listing

Business papers - Reports, Balance sheets, Miscellaneous documents, Correspondence

Personal papers

Detailed Listing

1. Business Papers

Legal Documents

ERH/1 Agreement between Francis John Hayles, Eustace Robert Hayles and the Department of Customs re the usage of the motor launch Magneta, dated 10/12/1918. Typescript. 2p.
ERH/2 Agreement between Francis John Hayles, Eustace Robert Hayles and the Department of Customs re the usage of the motor launch Magneta,’dated 1413/1921. Typescript. 3p.
ERH/3 Agreement between Hayles Magnetic Island Ltd. and the Commonwealth of Australia re the usage of the motor launch Magneta, dated 20/5/1924. Typescript. 5p.
ERH/4/1 Memorandum of Association of Hayles Cruises Pty. Ltd. Hawthorn, Cuppaidge & Co., Solicitors, Brisbane. Typescript. 30p.
ERH/4/2 Duplicate of ERH/4/1
ERH/5 Deed of Partnership between Eustace Robert Hayles and James Archibald Tait, dated 26/8/1943. Typescript. 4p.


Hayles Magnetic Island Pty. Ltd.

ERH/6/1 Report of the Townsville Harbour Board 1/1/1933 - 31/12/1935 with illustrations of the harbour and city. [Report missing. Two ill, only]. Printed. Townsville, Willmett, 1969. 2p.
ERH/6/2 Duplicate of ERH/6/1. [One ill, only]. 1p.
ERH/7 Report on internal control, year ended 30/6/1967. Typescript. 20p.
ERH/8 Report on Magnetic Island development project. Typescript. 4p.
Attached: (i) Multi-million dollar development scheme for Magnetic Island. 22/7/1967. (ii) Big plans for Magnetic. 24/7/1967. (iii) Must apply again for ferry site. 5/8/1967. (iv) Magnetic Island development plans. n. d. (v) $30m. plan for Magnetic Is. n.d.
ERH/9 Report on financial and taxation planning by C.E. Smith Co., Chartered Accountants, Townsville, 29/5/1969. Typescript. 19p.
ERH/10 Report on meeting of directors 14/10/1969. Typescript. 1p.
ERH/11 Directors report to the shareholders, period 1/1/1970 - 30/6/1970. Typescript. 13p.
ERH/12 Report on valuation of properties at Magnetic Island by M.D. Hooper, Approved Valuer, Townsville, dated 20/8/1970. Typescript. 11p. Included: Memo to directors from H.B. Hayles - Survey of future expenditure. Typescript. 1p.
ERH/13 Report on valuation of residential land - Picnic Bay by M.D. Hooper, Approved Valuer, Townsville, dated 23/9/1970. Typescript. 2p.
ERH/14 Report on valuation of Magnetic Island - General Store by M.D. Hooper, Approved Valuer, Townsville, dated 23/9/1970. Typescript. 4p.
ERH/15 Report on valuation of shares by C.E. Smith & Co., Chartered Accountants, Townsville, dated 25/11/1970. Typescript. 34p.
ERH/16 Managing Directors report to the sixth annual general meeting, 8/12/1970. Typescript. 4p.
ERH/17 General report, August, 1971. Typescript. 5p.
ERH/18 Report on various telephone conversations and discussions held with reference to the transfer of Arcadia/Hayles shares. Typescript. 1p. Attached: (i) Letter from E.R. Hayles re acquisitions of above shares, 30/7/1971. Typescript. 1p. (ii) Letter to the directors from the Secretary, Hayles Magnetic Island Pty. Ltd. re ERH/18(i), 14/8/1971. Typescript. 1p.
ERH/19 General report to shareholders from Townsville regional manager H.B. Hayles 30/6/1975. Typescript. 27p.
ERH/20 Report to shareholders from H.B. Hayles, 6/4/1976. Typescript. 3p.

Townsville Harbour Board Report
ERH/21 Townsville Harbour Board report on alleged silt pollution 15/10/1970. On cover: Alleged pollution by dredged soil. Typescript. 24p.


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Balance Sheets

Hayles Cruises Pty. Ltd. Brisbane
ERH/22 30/6/1962
ERH/23 30/6/1968
ERH/24 30/6/1975
ERH/25 30/6/1976

Hayles Cruises Pty. Ltd. Townsville
ERH/26 30/6/1966
ERH/27 30/6/1975
ERH/28 30/6/1976

Hayles Cruises Pty. Ltd. Cairns
ERH/29 30/6/1975
ERH/30 30/6/1975

Hayles Magnetic Investments Pty. Ltd.
ERH/31 30/6/1975
ERH/32 30/6/1976

Hayles Magnetic Island Pty. Ltd.
ERH/33/1 30/6/1975
ERH/33/2 Duplicate of ERH/33/1.
ERH/34 30/6/1976

Arcadia Pty. Ltd.
ERH/35 30/6/1976
ERH/36 30/6/1976

Miscellaneous Documents

ERH/37An application to the Bank of New South Wales on behalf of Hayles Magnetic Island Pty. Ltd., prepared by C.E. Smith & Co., Chartered Accountants, Townsville, 30/6/1969. 14p. Includes: (i) Summary and comparative accounts. Mss. 4p. (ii) Trading and profit and loss accounts to 30/6/1967. Typescript. 2p. (iii) Cash flow 1971-1975. Typescript. 5p. (iv) Particulars and dimensions of vessels, 22/12/1969. Mss & typescript. 2p. (v) A new look for Arcadia Hotel. Article: Townsville Daily Bulletin 10/4/1974. Printed. 1p.
ERH/38 Sketch of Cleveland Bay siltage from dredge. n.d. Mss. 1p.
ERH/39 Plan 279814, Country of Elphinstone, Parish of Magnetic. Roneo. 1p. Attached: Plan 27983 County of Elphinstone, parish of Magnetic. On back: The cost of Peterson’s Creek McIntyre (handwritten). Roneo. n.d. 1p.
ERH/40 Tabulation of 10% dividends. Typescript. 1p.
ERH/41 Notice of extraordinary general meeting. Typescript. 4p.
ERH/42 Notice of the annual general meeting of the company 29/11/1976. Typescript. 7p.
ERH/43 Notice of the annual general meeting of the company 12/12/1976. Typescript. 12p. Financial statement compiled by the Queensland Trustees Ltd. to 18/7/1977 for E.R. Hayles re their Power of Attorney. Typescript. 5p.

ERH/43a (i) Letter from Bob Hayles to Colin Jones 15/4/1978. Handwritten. 1p. (ii) Hayles Bay and River Cruises Tourist brochure (Brisbane) 1971 (iii) Hayles Resorts beer coaster 1985 (iv) M.V. Mandalay compliments from Hayles Townsville Cruises card 1978

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The general correspondence has been arranged by date. Where correspondence on a particlar topic or with a particular person has spanned a number of years, it has been kept together and filed in the year the correspondence was initiated. Many letters have handwritten annotations. ERH/48 contains a letter from Harold Taylor, a past member of the State Library Board, to George Aikens M.L.A., 14/9/1972, re acquisition of the Hayles papers by the John Oxley Library.

ERH/45 1969 Typescripts. 22p. in 12 items
ERH/46 1970 Typescripts. 33p. in 18 items
ERH/47 1971 Typescripts. 17p. in 8 items
ERH/48 1972 Typescripts. 30p. in 11 items
ERH/49 1973 Typescripts. 2p. in 2 items
ERH/50 1974 Typescripts. 3p. in 1 item.
ERH/51 1975 Typescripts. 13p. in 5 items (in folder)
ERH/52 1976 Typescripts. 8p. in 2 items. Mss. 3p. in 1 item.
ERH/53 1977 Typescripts. 7p. in 5 items.

2. Personal Papers

ERH/54 Certificate authorising the establishment of a Townsville Branch of the Australian Natives Association, dated 21/7/1904. Printed with handwritten signatures and dates. lp.
ERH/55 Album containing miscellaneous documents. Includes: (i) Handwritten reference re Mr R. Hayles dated 14/9/1871. (ii) Memo of receipts and expenditure for the Royal Mail launch “Phoenix”, 1906. (iii) 30 letters, including correspondence from Lord Huntingdon and his Aide-de-Camp Lt. A. Robertson R.N. (iv) Four contracts. (v) Documents relating to the company’s vessels, their building, servicing and timetables. (vi) Miscellaneous material. Mss. 51p; Typescript 32p; Printed 5p; In toto 88p.
ERH/56 Letter from Mrs Geok Latham, Nelly Bay to Mr E.R. Hayles 4/4/1973 re Magnetic Island Kindergarten. Typescript. 3p. Attached: Play group planned for Magnetic Island. Newspaper article. Townsville Daily Bulletin. 28/3/1973. Printed. 1p.
ERH/57 Letter from Sir Raphael Cilento to Mr. E.R. Hayles 1/12/1971 re donation of material to the Cooktown Museum. Typescript. 3p.
ERH/58 Letter from the Secretary, Arcadia Pty. Ltd. to Mr R.C. Hannaford 29/11/1973 re his appointment as Manager at Hotel Arcadia. Typescript. 2p. Attached: (i) Copy of a letter from McIntyre & Associates Pty. Ltd. to the Town Clerk, Townsville City Council 31/1/19714 re Peterson Creek subdivision. Typescript copy. 1p. (ii) New Peak in Island Entertainment. Newspaper article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 20/5/1974. Printed. 1p. (iii) New Island Resort Plan. Newspaper article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 11/10/1975. Printed 1p. (iv) Envelope. Written on the front: Look at the wreckers. Hayles Co. established 1899. Take a look at the group that ruined this company, H.M.I. in only a few years. Mss. 1p.

All of these documents have handwritten critical annotations added by Mr. E.R. Hayles.

ERH/59 Hayles’ Navy Serves On. Article. Australian Post 6/9/1973. Printed 1p.
ERH/60 Advertisement for the Arkalua dining room and Polynesian village. Townsville Daily Bulletin, 14/9/19714. Printed. 1p. Attached: (i) Magnetic ‘en fete’ for festival day. Article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 16/6/19714. Printed. 1p. (ii) Festival for Magnetic Island. Article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 29/6/1974. Printed. 1p.

These articles have added handwritten comments.

ERH/61 A new peak in Island entertainment. Article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 20/5/1974. Handwritten annotations. Duplicate of ERH/58 (ii). Printed. 1p.
ERH/62 A ‘new look’ for Arcadia Hotel. Article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 10/4/1974. Printed 1p. Attached: (i) Advertisement for Arcadia Country. Article Townsville Daily Bulletin 2/8/19714. Printed. 1p. (ii) It’s no disgrace - Ron Hannaford. Article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 30/3/1977. Printed lp.

Handwritten annotations on each article.

ERH/63 Island Service Extended. Article. Townsville Daily Bulletin 29/4/1978. Printed. 1p. Attached: (i) Advertisement for Magnetic Island and Arkalua Village. Townsville Daily Bulletin 3/1/1975. Printed. 1p.

Handwritten annotations on each article.

ERH/64 Three Northlanders on Tour: Bob Hayles, Charlie Cudday, Ken Smith by Ken Smith. Typescript account of a holiday. 6p.
ERH/65 Hiroshima - city that refused to die. Article. August 1974. Printed 3p.
ERH/66 Autograph book. Inscription: Ailsie - with best wishes from Da. Townsville 2nd, November 1912. Contains autographs of schoolfriends from Glennie Memorial School, Toowoomba.


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