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The de Castres family have been part of the business and social life of Charters Towers since the 19th century when Albert de Castres established the first soft drink factory in the city. They are connected through marriage with a number of well-known pioneer families of the north including the Hawtons Stablers, Alphens, and Johnsons. This small collection contains clippings, certificates and souvenirs.

More information and photographs relating to the family may be found in the Hawton / de Castre photograph collection.

Archive Location: 1R

Detailed Listing

HDC/1  Business calendar, not dated. Issued by Hugh Ross, Builder and Ironmonger, Charters Towers.

HDC/2  Certificate issued by the District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales etc (Queensland), appointing Russell Herbert Francis Hawton to District Grand Steward.

HDC/3  Townsville Harbour Board certificate of service of Russell Hawton as Charters Towers representative on the Board, 1939-1943.

HDC/4  Harbour Board Elections. Pre-elections article on policy by candidate Russel Hawton. The Northern Miner. 28 March 1943.

HDC/5  'The de Castres family link in Towers history'. Article in The Northern Miner, February 1976.

HDC/6  'Foundation members of Towers C.W.A.' Photograph in The Northern Miner, 27 July 1973.

HDC/7  Wedding invitation for the marriage of Adala Blanche de Castres and Wallace Arthur Johnson.

HDC/8  Newspaper report of the Johnson-Castres wedding.

HDC/9  Obituary for Arthur Alphen.

HDC/10 Bereavement and burial card for Ellen Vivienne Peters.

HDC/11 Telegram to Arthur Alphin (sic) dated 17 January 1878.

HDC/12 Clermont Centenary Souvenir [book].

HDC/13 Xerox of rifle shoot scores and obituary of W. Stabler.

HDC/14 Certificate of admission to the Third Degree, 7 February 1907 in the Amity Lodge, no. 2613, Charters Towers, Queensland.

HDC/15 Certificate of Advancement to the Degree of Mark Master, 15 July 1907 in the Charters Towers Lodge, no. 521.