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The Hann family came to North Queensland from Mannus Station in Victoria. This collection of diaries covers the last year at Mannus as well as the pioneering days at Bluff Downs and, from 1870, at Maryvale. The records of the 1872 William Hann expedition that went as far as Princess Charlotte Bay are included in the collection.

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Detailed Listing

H/1-H/17 Diaries

H/1 August 17, 1860 - July 27, 1861 kept by William Hann at Mannus Station in Victoria. Accounts at the back of the diary. 4p. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/2 January 1, 1862 - December 30, 1862 (Gap between May 28 - November 24). Letts's Diary of Bills Due Book, and Almanack for 1862. Joseph Hann, William Hann, John Hann. Inspection and selection on Bluff Downs and Maryvale. Kept by Joseph Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/3 The dates in this diary have been altered, January 1 - July 22 contains entries for 1863, July 24 - December 31, contains entries for 1862. Notes in front of diary. 6p. Letts's Diary or Bills Due Book and an Almanack for 1862. The diary covers the purchase of cattle from Clapperton, Nanango District. 1,800 mixed cattle start North. 1863 Master Joseph Hann and family arrive at Red Bluff. Richard Daintree arrives at Red Bluff. Kept by Joseph Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2) .

H/4 July 22, 1863 - December 5, 1863. Improved Patent Metallic Book. Accounts at beginning of book. 2p. Handwritten contracts between Joseph Hann and employees and sundry accounts at back of book. 18p. Contains: Agreement boundary between Red Bluff and Hillgrove. Sheep from Yeates Inkerman to Red Bluff. Kept by Joseph Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/5 August 26, 1863 - September 5, 1863. September 17, 1863 - September 22, 1863. Back of diary: January 25, 1864 - February 5, 1864, contains sundry accounts and records of sheep shorn between September and October. Bluff Downs to Port Denison, obtained sheep near Inkerman from G.B. Yeates, S. Yeates and A.S. Williamson. Lodged application for Lolworth. Return Bluff Downs. To Port Denison via Lolworth and Southside Lava Wall. Build year, shear sheep near Inkerman. To Melbourne. Kept by William Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

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H/6 January 1, 1864 - December 23, 1864. January 1, 1865. Letts's Diary or Bills Due Book and an Almanack for 1864. Accounts at beginning of diary. 5p. Buys sheep Darling Downs. Joseph Hann drowned 3/1/1864. Mrs. Joseph Hann died at Bluff Downs 24/6/1864. Miss Caroline Hann married to Edward Cunningham 5/4/1865. Kept by William Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/7 February 12, 1866 - December 1, 1866. Letts's Diary or Bills Due Book and Almanack for 1866. Sundry accounts at beginning of Diary. 10p. Sundry accounts at back of Diary. 17p. Kept by William Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/8 January 1, 1870 - December 31, 1870. Letts's Rough Diary for 1869. Beginning of trip taking sheep south from Maryvale. Kept by William Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/9 January 1, 1871 - December 25, 1871. Sundry accounts at beginning of notebook. 47p. Sundry accounts at back of notebook. 41p. Kept by William Hann. Mss. Transcribed version (2).

H/10 June 26, 1872 - November 12, 1872. Letts's Diary or Bills Due Book and an Almanac for 1872. Covers the William Hann Expedition by daily entries. Kept by William Hann. Mss.

H/11 June 27, 1872 - November 9, 1872. Diary started at back of notebook. Bearings, 2p. William Hann Expedition covered from Camp 1 - Camp 86. Kept by William Hann. Mss.

H/12 January 1, 1872 - November 17, 1872. Letts's Diary, 1872. Sundry accounts at beginning of diary. 7p. Sundry accounts at end of diary. 14p. Exploration Baser of Peninsula (First Book). Kept by William Hann. Mss.

H/13 July 15, 1872 - November 13, 1872. Includes Daybook, 1870. 2p. Sundry accounts and stores for 1872 expedition. 8p. Expedition 1872 (Second Notebook). Kept by William Hann. Mss.

H/14 August 1, 1872 - October 20, 1872. Includes Extracts from Leichhardt's Journal of Expedition from Moreton Bay to Port Essington during the years 1844 - 1845. William Hann's 1872 Expedition (Third Notebook). Kept by William H ann. Mss.

H/15 June 26, 1872 - November 12, 1872. Copy of the diary of the Northern Expedition under the leadership of Mr. William Hann. Government Printer, 1873. Typescript. 26p.

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H/16 April 10, 1874 - May 30, 1874. Trip to the Palmer River with Fat Cattle, 1874. Kept by William Hann. 29pp. Back of diary: Account with the Bank of New South Wales, Melbourne, for Joseph Hann and sundry accounts. 19p. Sundry accounts in middle of diary. 2pp. Mss.

H/17 1875 Diary (cover missing) used for another year which is not specified, from January 1 to May 24, by at least three different writers. Accounts on first page. June 21 until November 10 entries have been used as a monthly, for example a record from January 1923 until January 1926. Mss.

H/18 Accounts Book (cover missing). December 31, 1867 - August 16, 1869. Pages 63-70 have been used as a diary from Thursday February 26? - Monday, March 9, year unspecified. Mss.

H/19-H/30 Miscellaneous Items, Correspondence, Maps, etc.

H/19 Part of a diary of a Prospecting Party consisting of S.G. Hackett (and others) started from Glen Dhu Station, Valley of Lagoons, in search of Kirchner Ranges, February 7, 1871. Mss. 4p.

H/20 Draft of the Report sent to the Hon. The Minister for Works on completion of William Hann's 1872 expedition. Dated December 20, 1872. Mss. 68p.

H/21 The Province of Queensland by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen, Charing Cross East, 457 Strand and 2 Royal Exchange, London. Published by James Wyld, 1865. Map. Scale 40 British miles to 1 inch. Typescript.

H/22 Expedition Route Maps, drawn by hand, from Camp 1 on page 7 to Camp 85. Annotated by the author with distances, times of arrival/departure, minerals located, rock types, soil, flora, directions, etc. Notebook. Mss.

H/23 Bank of New South Wales, Townsville, Current Account book with William Hann. September 2, 1872 - May 15, 1878. Mss.

H/24 Letter from Norman Taylor, Geologist, to William Hann, testifying to the standard of provisioning and organisation of the 1872 expedition. Dated February 5, 1873 from Brisbane. 1p. Mss.

H/25 Letter from Alexander Watson, thanking William Hann for forwarding journal and chart, and promising news of the planned prospecting trip at the earliest opportunity. Dated June 4, 1873, from Georgetown. 1p. Mss.

H/26 Letter from James Venture Mulligan to William Hann. The expedition had arrived back safely with samples of gold. Mr. Hann was thanked and told that his journal and map were correct. Dated September 8, 1873, from Georgetown. 2p. Mss.

H/27 Envelope addressed to William Hann Esq., Maryvale, Townsville from Brisbane. Dated October 6, 1873. Stamp removed. 1p. Mss.

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H/28 The Queenslander, Vol. XXIX, No. 551, Saturday, April 17, 1886. "The Naturalist" has an article on "A Tree-Climbing Kangaroo", regarding William Hann's discovery in 1872, on Page 612, Column 4. Typescript. pp. 601-640.

H/29 Townsville Daily Bulletin, Vol. 7, Number 2019, Saturday, April 6, 1889. Typescript.

H/30 Joseph Hann and Family Settlement in North Queensland 1861-1871, transcribed by Mr. H.M. Clarke, Fanning River Station, 154p. Typescript. The diaries are transcribed from original diaries written by Joseph Hann and his son William Hann over the 10 year period.

H/31 Certificate of death, Joseph Hann, January 3, 1864.

H/32 Certificate of death, Elizabeth Hann, June 24, 1864.

H/33 Certificate of death (photocopy), Charles James Hann, March 6, 1923.

H/34 Diaries of Frank Hugh Hann kept at Lolworth Station.

Volume 1, January 1866 - December 1872.

Volume 2, January 1873 - April 1875.

H/35 Hann Family Diaries transcribed and edited by Harry Clarke (a bound typescript copy).

H/36 A summary statement of the Hann diaries 1861-1889 prepared by Mr. Harry Clarke, September 1, 1989 (a typescript).

H/37 William Nation Diaries.

H/38 Letters found in Nation's diaries.

H/39 William Nation Diary: 'Notes of events on an overland trip from Kennedy District Queensland to Port Darwin (1st September, 1873)' -( typed transcript)

H/40 Article in early 1990s edition of Townsville Bulletin, by Jan Green, 'Pioneering magazine publisher brings interior design to the North', on publisher Rhonda Bannister, quoted as being 'the great-great-granddaughter of pioneering explorer and landowner William Hann'.

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