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James Stephen “Jim” Gilmour was a son of James Stephen Gilmour (Snr) and Eunice Gilmour (nee Forrest). Jim married Elizabeth Fryer in 1919 and together they became pioneering pastoralists who took up a selection on the resumed part of Meteor Downs, near Springsure in Central Queensland. They called it Mount Kelman, after the pastoralist-explorer William Kelman who had originally taken it up until foreclosure. (There is a letter included in the archive that transcribes part of William Kelman’s diary.) The young couple stocked their lease with cattle but the 1926 drought nearly broke them as they lost nearly all their breeding cattle. When the Great Depression hit shortly after, the introduction of an assistance scheme by the Queensland Agricultural Bank saved them. Their daughter Alexis, or “Lex,” worked as a jillaroo on the property before training as nursing sister. These papers belonged to the Gilmour, Lear and Fryer families.

(For further information on John "Jack" Fryer see: "John Denis Fryer," University of Queensland,

Archive Location: 39L

Detailed Listing

JG/1       Envelope containing map [in pieces]. Annotation on envelope, “Map of Mt Kelman (written by J.S. Gilmour) issued in 1913 or little later on?”

JG/2       Photocopy of typed letter from Joyce Barnwell to Aunt Liz, Blackheath, NSW, 21 August 1981.            

JG/3       Photocopy of typed letter from Margaret Fromel (nee Gregson), “Rimon,” Mt Wilson, NSW, to Mrs Barnwell, 10 August 1981. 2 pages

JG/4/1-2  Bundle of documents:

  1. Manilla envelope [with “Bank of New South Wales” imprint] with handwritten note, “J.S. Gilmour, Birth Certificate, References,” etc.
  2. Reference from G.I. Cotterell, Teacher, for Jas. S. Gilmour, Sup. Pub. Sch, Paddington, 7.2.01.

JG/5      Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force, Certificate of Discharge, James Stephen Gilmour, 20 June 1916.

JG/6      Birth Certificate, James Stephen Gilmore, 8 June 1884, son of James Stephen Gilmore, b.Scotland, and Eunice Forrest, b.Sydney.
[N.B. spelling is “Gilmore” not “Gilmour”]

JG/7      Certificate of Service, NSW Govt Railways and Tramways, Electrical Engineer’s (sic) Branch, for James Stephen Gilmore, 23 January 1901 to 17 July 1905.
[N.B. spelling, and signature, is “Gilmore” not “Gilmour”]

JG/8       Commonwealth of Australia War Service Regulations Preliminary Medal Examination for James Stephen Gilmour, 3 October 1916.

JG/9        Photographic postcard sent to “Dear Mum …. With Love from Jim,” Enoggera, 4 March 1916. Photograph of man on horse is of Jim, “just before [he] left Springsure.”

JG/10      Memorandum from Office of the Public Curator, Brisbane, to Mr James S. Gilmour, Springsure, re cheque enclosed, 3 Mar 1953; includes a Distribution list of the Estate of Edith Jane Hogan, 27 February 1953. 4 pages and envelope

JG/11      Page torn from New Idea, 18 June 1977, with article, “A Break with Tradition,” on former Miss NSW, Lynne Gilmour, p.31. Includes handwritten annotations.

JG/12      Christmas greeting postcard, “Greeting. Many, Many Merry Days. All Joy for Christmas,” from Eunice Gilmour to “My Dear Son.”

JG/13      Christmas greeting card, “Remembrance and Every Good Wish,” from “All at Bundy,” to Jim.

JG/14      Christmas greeting card, “The Season’s Greetings…” from “Lot and Ted,” to Mr J.S. Gilmour, Fernvale, Brisbane.

JG/15      Christmas greeting card, “The Pipe of Peace and Pouch of Plenty…” from “Tim [?] and Edie,” to Jim.

JG/16       B&W photograph of an elderly man and woman, a youth, young girl and boy. Annotations on back.

JG/17       B&W photograph of woman and two young children in swimming hole. Annotations on back.

JG/18       Birthday greeting postcard, “In all Sincerity…” from Mother, Eunice Gilmour, and sister, Millie, to “Dear Edith,” Mrs Thomas Hogan, 18 November 1914.

JG/19       Birthday greeting card, “Best Birthday Wishes” from Edie [no recipient named].

JG/20       “Sydney United Friendly Societies’ Dispensary and Medical Institute” Benefits book in name of Mr J.S. Gilmour, Bowra Branch of the A.N.A., with stamp, Australian Natives’ Association Bowra Branch, May 1901.

JG/21        The Referee: Being a General Guide for Ironworkers, Storekeepers, Country Residents, &c. 13th Ed., (Sydney: Websdale, Shoosmith Ltd, 1923). “Maude Lear” written on first page.

JG/22        Commonwealth Bank of Australia deposit envelope.

JG/23        Bank of NSW Springsure Branch Folio book in name of J.S. Gilmour, Grazier, 20 April 1936 – 29 November 1944.

JG/24        Bank of NSW Springsure Branch Folio book in name of J.S. Gilmour, Grazier, 7 December 1944 – 24 June 1947.

JG/25        Bank of NSW Springsure Branch Folio book in name of J.S. Gilmour, Retired Grazier, 24 June 1947 – 23 June 1952.