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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - Dallhold Case

Riethmuller Collection

In March 1989, Dallhold Nickel, later called Queensland Nickel Management (QNM), applied to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) for a permit to offload nickel ore within the Marine Park. In June 1990, this permit was refused. Reconsideration for the proposal was requested and the case commenced in October 1990 and concluded in August 1992 when QMN withdrew from the appeal. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) hearings included GBRMPA, QMN, the Saunders Beach Action Group, the North Queensland Conservation Council, the Queensland Commercial Fishermen's Organisation and the State of Queensland. Evidence was heard from 78 witnesses and 421 exhibits were tendered over 283 days.

This collection was donated by Grant Riethmuller, a Townsville barrister, who represented Island Voice (NQCC) at the hearings.

Archive Location: 400L- 401M

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Document files: Halifax Bay Ore Offloading Proposal
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Document Files: Halifax Bay Ore Offloading Proposal

GBRMPA/DC/DF-1 PART A* Documents T2-T30 Pages 5-251.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-2 PART B* Documents T32-T162 Pages 254-679 and 682-701.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-3 PART C* Documents T162 cont. Pages 701-1200.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-4 PART D* Documents T163-T214 Pages 1201-1650.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-5 PART E* Documents T215-T252 Pages 1664-2149.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-6 PART F* Documents T252-T329 Pages 2150-2698.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-7 PART G* Documents T330-T389 Pages 2699-3250.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-8 PART H* Documents T388-T428 Pages 3251-3897.

GBRMPA/DC/DF-9 PART I Documents T428-T474 Pages 3898-4264.

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GBRMPA/DC/RPT-1 ' Halifax Nickel Ore Import Facility: Ore Dispersion, Dredging and Ecological Impacts ' - May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-2 ' Potential Impacts of Dallhold Nickel ' s Proposed Halifax Bay Ore. Importation Facility on Corals ' - June 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-3 Dallhold Nickel Management Pty. Ltd., 'Nickel Ore Port Study: Comparison of Options', Final Report - May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-4 Dallhold Nickel Management Pty. Ltd., A 'Report on Dust and Noise: Proposed Halifax Bay Development' - May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-5 Statements and Reports Number Q90/474 Administrative Appeals. RE: Dallhold Nickel Management (applicant), GBRMPA (respondent) and Townsville Port Authority (pages 1 to 355).

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-6 As above (pages 355 to 659).

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-7 Statements and Reports Number Q90/474 (continued) Administrative Appeals. RE: Dallhold Nickel Management (applicant), GBRMPA (respondent) and Townsville Port Authority.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-8 Statements and Reports Number Q90/474 (as above) FILE COPY.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-9 'Impact of Trestle Structure and Associated Unloading Facilities on Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Halifax Bay' by T.B.S. Gorman, M.P. Heasman and J.W.S. Mackensie.

AND Assessment of the Impact of Turbidity and Sedimentation Factors on Commercial and Amateur Fishing Operations and Resources associated with a proposed Nickel ore unloading Facility, Halifax Bay, North Queensland' by M.P. Heasman.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-10 'Submission concerning the Proposal to Import Ore through Halifax Bay' prepared by the Saunders Beach Action Group, April 1990.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-11 'An Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Dallhold Nickel Management Imported Ore Project on the Seagrass Habitats in Halifax Bay and Adjacent Environs' prepared by Margaret Greenway.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-12 Statement of Terrence John Done, A 'Survey of corals and reefs of the southern Halifax Bay region for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority' by J.E.N. Veron and T.J. Done - April 1991.

AND 'Potential Impacts of Dallhold Nickel's Proposed Halifax Bay Ore Importation Facility on Corals: A review of reports, statements and reviews pertaining to coral and coral reef communities' prepared by Fisheries Research Consultants - 21 June 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-13 'Halifax Bay Nickel Import Facility Report in Response

  • Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • Channel Dredging
  • Beach Stability
  • Ore Spill Behaviour, June 1991.

AND 'Post-Glacial Sediment Distribution in Cleveland bay, Townsville: A report for the Townsville Harbour Board, July 1987' by R.M. Carter and D.P. Johnson.

AND Marine Modelling Unit, 'Review of Dallhold Nickel Management Development Plan Imported Ore Project Halifax Bay', June 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-14 Administrative Appeals Tribunal Transcript of Proceedings, Number Q90/474, Townsville, 10 March 1992.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-15 A'The Three Bays Multidisciplinary Environmental Project, Cleveland Bay, Halifax Bay, Bowling Green Bay', 1st Report, J.C.U., June 1 975.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-16 Hare, W.L. ed. Ecologically Sustainable Development: A Submission, from A.C.F., Greenpeace, Wilderness Society and WWF, August 1990.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-17 A 'Environmental Assessment Report on Queensland Nickel Joint Venture Ore Import Proposal Halifax Bay, North Queensland' by Department of Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories, May 1990.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-18 'Halifax Bay Nickel Ore Import Facility: Impacts of Breakwater on Shoreline Processes' report prepared for Dallhold Nickel Management by WBM Pty. Ltd., May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-19 Review of Proposal, 'A Reactive Environmental Monitoring Programme for Halifax Bay Nickel Ore Importation Project' by Dr. T.M. Florence.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-20 Review of Air Quality Studies for the proposed Halifax Bay Nickel Ore Loader including Section 4 Lassing Dibben Report and Section 5 Maunsell Report.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-21 'Further Toxicity and Extraction Studies on some Nickel Ores' by Dr. T.M. Florence for Dallhold Nickel Management.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-22 'Review and Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Nickel Ore Spillages - Halifax Bay Proposal by Dallhold Nickel Management' prepared for GBRMPA by G.J. Miller, May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-23 Town Planning report, 'Proposed Unloading of Ore at Saunders Beach: Administrative Appeals Tribunal in Townsville, July 1991" prepared for Saunders Beach Action group by Bob O'Sullivan (Consulting Town Planner), July 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-24 Town Planning Report prepared by John Venn Consulting, May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-25 Valuation Property Report, May 1991 prepared for Corrs Chambers Westgarth by Heron Todd White Valuers Pty. Ltd. On behalf of Dallhold Nickel Management.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-26 Appeal Report to Corrs Chambers Westgarth on various Aspects of the Design and Operation of the Proposed Marine Facilities in Halifax Bay, May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-27 'Noise Impact Due to Ore Trains on Townsville Port to Yabula Railway' prepared by WBM Pty. Ltd. For Dallhold Nickel Management, May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-28 GHD Report on Obtrusive Light from Proposed Ore Import Terminal prepared by Peter Van Oosten.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-29 'Report on Dust and Noise Proposed Halifax Bay Development', May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-30 Statement by Francis Loyola Hennessy, May 1991.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-31 Report - visit to New Caledonia - Queensland Nickel Pty. Ltd. Application to Import Ore.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-32 Report on visit to Indonesia 28 June - 9 July 1986, regarding: Queensland Nickel Application to Import One.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-33 Environment Impact Statement: Red Dog Mine Project: Northwest Alaska (parts thereof) and related correspondence.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-34 Statements by Furnas, Ridley and Chad and report by Richard Kenchington.

GBRMPA/DC/RPT-35 'DNM Imported Ore Project: Technical Report on Marine and Ore Handling Facilities Halifax Bay for Australian Government Solicitors', June 1991.

* Please refer to Index for Documents on following pages.

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Articles and Extracts:

GBRMPA/DC/AE-1 Extracts from the Northern pelagic fish seminar, Darwin 1981 - 'Recent developments in fisheries biology at James Cook University of North Queensland - Larval ecology research' by R.F. Hartwick and N.E. Milward - 'Preliminary report: Investigations of Spanish Mackerel Scomberomorus commerson in Queensland waters' by G.R. McPherson.

GBRMPA/DC/AE-2 Articles from various sources:

  • 'The Influence of Temperature and Salinity upon the Acute Toxicity of Heavy Metals to the Banana Prawn (Penaeus merguiensis de Man)' by G. Denton and C. Burdon-Jones.
  • 'Diffusion and Dispersion Characteristics in Swansea Bay: Some Preliminary Results' by I. Borthwick.
  • 'Identification and Description of Larval Spanish Mackerels, Genus Scomberomorus (Teleastei: Scombridae), in Shelf Waters of the Great Barrier Reef', by G. Jenkins et. al.
  • 'The Application of Numerical Hydrodynamic Modelling to Environmental Design within the Great Barrier Reef Region' by L. Bode et. al.

  • 'Food at Larvae of Spanish Mackerels ...' by G. Jenkins et. al.
  • 'What's Wrong with EIA?' by R. Buckley.
  • 'Mediterranean Pollution from a Ferro-nickel Smelter: Differential uptake of metals by some gastropods' by A. Nicolaidou and J. Nott.
  • 'The Pathology of Cadmium and Nickel Toxicity in Banana Shrimp ...' by Darmono, Dent and Campbell.
  • 'Nickel Mining and Refinery Wastes in Coral Reef Environs' by J. Carey.

  • 'The effects of heavy metals (other than mercury) on marine and estuarine organisms' by G. Bryan.
  • 'The Distribution of the Major and some Minor Elements in Marine Animals: Part II Molluscs' by D. Segar.
  • 'Fisherman flee sinking trawler' 1991 newspaper article.
  • 'Tribunal bid to probe Dallhold's finances', Townsville Bulletin.
  • 'Bond Bankruptcy case off until September' newspaper article.

GBRMPA/DC/AE-3 Extracts from various sources:

  • 'Sediment Transport, Part II: Suspended Load Transport' by L. van Rijn.
  • 'Identification and Description, Distribution and Feeding. Ecology of Larvae of Spanish Mackerel ... in waters off Townsville' by G. Jenkins.
  • 'Heavy Metal Pollution Induced by a Ferro-Nickel Smelting Plant in Greece' by A. Nicolaidou.
  • Heavy Metals in Natural Waters by J. Moore and S. Ramamoorthy, pp. 170-177.
  • A'Collision Dangers on the Great Barrier Reef' by S. Mort.
  • 'Computer Modelling of Flow and Transport Processes...' by W. Syme.
  • 'Food of Larvae of Spanish Mackerels ...' by G. Jenkins.

GBRMPA/DC/AE-4 Extracts from Government publications and others:

  • 'Chol Corporation (No. 4) Pty. Ltd. Vs. Logan City Council and ANOR', 1985.
  • 'Trade Practices Commission Vs. Queensland Aggregates Pty. Ltd. and Another (No. 2)'.
  • Land Development Law in Queensland by Alan Fogg (extract).
  • Queensland Government Gazette, vol. CCLXXXII, 3 May 1986, no. 9 (G. 47).

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Correspondence and Exhibits:

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-1 Chronology of Events in Dallhold Case.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-2 Matters pertaining to Saunders Beach Action Group, includes property values report, photograph of esplanade, 3 October 1973 meeting minutes, Tribunal applications and photographs.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-3 Documents supplied by John Bunt, includes Appeal to Tribunal and Cairns Port Authority - Offshore Spoil Dump Stage 2 - Study Report.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-4 Exhibit W27 - rezoning of land in Halifax Parish file.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-5 Affidavit of Kevin Francis Brennan NQCC, Constitution of N.Q. Conservation Council Inc., Application to Appeals Tribunal by NQCC, correspondence and other NQCC-related material.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-6 Report on Impact of Trestle Structure ..., and Beach Protection Authority advice.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-7 Matters related to Mr. Rowan Silva, Solicitor.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-8 Financial figures on Halifax Bay Port Operations (1989) Exhibit 21.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-9 DNM Application to Appeals Tribunal October 1990, Affidavit of Anthony Michael Drake and Direction to all parties from Tribunal to serve appeals.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-10 Matters and correspondence relating to Crown and Australian Government Solicitors includes exhibits F11, W118 and G.24.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-11 Miscellaneous exhibits and information, includes W.120, W.29. G.32, G.36 and G.38.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-12 2 x Photographs of Townsville Port.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-13 Correspondence to DNM, Certificate of Registration on change of name from DNM to QNM, Licence No. 908 on clean water regulations for Q. Nickel Pty. Ltd., handwritten notes and Response document to Administrative Appeals Tribunal on Toxicity Aspects of Nickel Ore by T.M. Florence - includes exhibit F.13.

GBRMPA/DC/CORR/EX-14 Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: Central Section: Zoning Plan, GBRMPA, 1987.


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