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An Asian/Pacific Response to UNCED - JCU 1993

This conference was organised by Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) in cooperation with James Cook University and the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB). Included in the collection are the papers presented at the Conference, associated leaflets and newsletters and 14 videos (VHS) covering the conference and part of the Eco-Fiesta.

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Detailed Listing

EDC/1 - EDC/14 Videos covering the conference and part of the Eco-Fiesta.

EDC/15 Programme - Environment and Development Conference 30 April - 4 May 1993 at J.C.U.

EDC/16 List of Conference speakers and delegates.

EDC/17 Volunteer roster.

EDC/18 Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies - information, publication list, newsletters on environmental issues 1992-1993.

EDC/19 Appropriate Technology for Community and Environment (APACE) - A Practical Means of Implementing Agenda 21" by R. Waddell, P. Bryce and D. Bryce, Sydney 1993; leaflets and Newsletter N o . 54.

EDC/20 Address by Gordon Bilney, Minister for Development Cooperation and Pacific Island Affairs.

EDC/21 'Making Agenda 21 Work at the Local Level' by M. Reynolds and P. Waterman.

EDC/22 'Indigenous People of Tuvalu and their Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Skills' by Hon. T. Sione.

EDC/23 'A Local Comment' by Shireen Malamoo, Regional Commissioner, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

EDC/24 'Indigenous Knowledge: A Pathway to the Future' by Aroha Mead, National Maori Congress.

EDC/25 'UNCED: The Thai Response' by H.E. Suwit Khunkitti, Minister of Justice of Thailand.

EDC/26 'Environment and Development' by Chai-Anan Samudavanija (Thailand).

EDC/27 'Environment Population Consumption and Sustainable Development' by Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan (Bangladesh).

EDC/28 'The Manila Declaration' from Proceedings of the Seventh Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants..., 1992 Manila, ThePhilippines.

EDC/29 Abstract - 'Pluralistic Planning - Creating Room for Community Action in the Management of the Global Environment' by D. Cassells, L. Scherl and P. Valentine 1993.

EDC/30 'Fish Banks Ltd.' workshop (game).

EDC/31 'Engineering and the Asia Pacific Response' by David Thorn, Chairman WFEO Committee on Engineering and Environment.

EDC/32 Speech presented by Dr. Ludwig Keke on behalf of the Republic of Naura.

EDC/33 'Indigenous People and Traditional Ecological Knowledge at Local Level' by Hon. E. Alebua, Solomon Islands.

EDC/34 'Addressing the Costs and Benefits of Biodiversity Conservation' by Bob Thorman, Manidis Roberts Consultants: Qld. Manager.

EDC/35 Description of BIRRIGUBA Youth Training Program (Cape Upstart Station) Project Number 1/93.

EDC/36 'Aboriginal Spirituality and Traditional Healing' by Burnum Burnum.

EDC/37 Aboriginal Reconciliation Newsletters No. 1 and No. 2, Kamali Land notice, Burnum Burnum Declaration of 26 January 1988, Burnum Burnum's Statement of the Environment 1990.

EDC/38 'A Comprehensive Approach to Environment and Development - The Singapore Green Plan' by Dr. John Chen.

EDC/39 'Submission to the Secretary-General of the United States' from Parliamentarians for Global Action, March 1993.

EDC/40 Draft of consensus on conference conclusions by P.G.A.

EDC/41 Correspondence and notes regarding conference.

EDC/42 Various leaflets.

EDC/43 Newsletter: 'World Federation of Engineering Organisations Committee on Engineering and Environment', No. 2, 13th Year, May 1993.

EDC/44 Statement on the Environment: A Natural Asset, Prime Minister Paul Keating, 21 December 1992.

EDC/45 Global Child Health News and Review, vol. 1, no. 1, 1993 (newspaper).

EDC/46 Photocopied newspaper articles on environmental issues December 1982.


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