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Association for the Welfare and Education of Deaf Children in North Queensland Archive

This Association was formed by private citizens in 1968 in response to a need to provide facilities and education for deaf children living in North Queensland. The Association was registered as a charity in 1969. Principle sources of non-government funding were the Mt Garnett Rodeo and Shaw’s Arcade Car Park in Sturt Street.
Integration of deaf children into normal classes was a prime objective and received support from the Holy Spirit School, Cranbrook. Other schools also participated. The first classes were in 1969 in church halls. In 1974, a new classroom funded partly by the association was built at Holy Spirit School and was extended in 1980.
By 1986 the number of infants requiring special education due to deafness had considerably decreased, probably because of the availability of pre-pregnancy rubella vaccinations.

Archive Location: 286-286a

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Courses of Study

Legal records

Minute books

Membership and Financial Records



Student Records/Attendance Book

Student Records/Lessons, Plans and Progress Reports

Student Records/Observations

Student Records/Personal Files

Student Records/Reports

Student Records/Videotapes


Detailed Listing

AWEDC/Cert Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Nurrangar Unit 1984
Courses of Study  
AWEDC/CS/1 John Tracy Clinic Correspondence Course
NSW School for Deaf Children, North Rocks, Correspondence Course [1950]. Maroon loose-leaf 3 ring binder.
AWEDC/CS/2 Basic Home Study Course of the National Hearing Aids Society [1967]. Manilla folder
AWEDC/CS/3 Examination and Testing for Hearing Impairment
Curriculum and Test sheets [1974]. Brown loose-leaf 2 ring binder
AWEDC/CS/4 Individual lessons 1975-1976. Manilla folder
Legal Records Manilla folders - some re-used with old headings not masked
AWEDC/LR/1 Legal documents. Leases
AWEDC/LR/2 Legal file
AWEDC/LR/3 Registration and Exemptions
AWEDC/LR/4 Insurance
AWEDC/LR/5 Department of Education
AWEDC/LR/6 Social Security Department / Community Services Subsidies / Funding
AWEDC/LR/7 Mt Garnett Rodeo, Sub-committee
AWEDC/LR/8 Correspondence from Parents' Association prior to inauguration of Association for Welfare and Education of Deaf Children
AWEDC/LR/9 Deputations to improve / update Acoustics Laboratory
AWEDC/LR/10 Building plans - leases, etc. / Roman Catholic Trust Fund
AWEDC/LR/11 Proposed Land - Lease project
AWEDC/LR/12 Classroom for Deaf Children. Drawings and specifications
Minute Books Large (7cm thick) foolscap ledgers.
AWEDC/MB/1 Minutes of meetings held 20 September 1968 to 15 October 1979
AWEDC/MB/2 Minutes of meetings held 19 November 1979 to July 1987
AWEDC/MB/2/1 Copy of the Constitution of the Association, kept at front of minute book
Membership and Financial Records
AWEDC/MFR Includes foundation members, 20 February 1968, property records and final auction inventory 21 January 1987. Foolscap, hardbound. 1 volume.
AWEDC/PLQ/1 Metal plaque 15cm x 25cm. Engraved. Official opening of Unit for Deaf Children, 10 February 1974
AWEDC/PLQ/2 Timber plaque 35cm x 45cm. Painted. Official opening of extensions to building, 6 July 1980
AWEDC/PUB Conference Proceedings. Papers presented at the Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf 14th Conference, Adelaide 1980
Student Records / Attendance Books
AWEDC/SR/AB/1 Courses of Study and Diary for Primary Deaf Children in Townsville. September 1970 - November 1971, includes attendance roll at back. Foolscap hard-bound.
AWEDC/SR/AB/2 Hearing Unit, Holy Spirit School, Cranbrook. Attendance Book [Carter's book]. January 1988-June 1981.
AWEDC/SR/AB/3 "Nurrungar" Roll 1981 - 1982 [note book]
AWEDC/SR/AB/4 "Nurrungar Roll [1983-1985] RAFF roll book [foolscap].
Student Records / Lesson Plans and Progress Reports [exercise books]
AWEDC/SR/LP/1 Workbook 1, 30 September - 3 October 1974
AWEDC/SR/LP/2 Workbook 2, 4 October - 26 October
AWEDC/SR/LP/3 Workbook 3, 28 October - 26 November
AWEDC/SR/LP/4 Workbook 3, 27 November. Exercise books.
Student Records / Observations
AWEDC/SR/OBS/1 Wendy Bowner. Exercise book.
AWEDC/SR/OBS/2 Robert Owens. Exercise book.
Student Records / Personal Files [Manila folders]
AWEDC/SR/PF/1 Toni Bolger
AWEDC/SR/PF/2 Nyree Bourne
AWEDC/SR/PF/3 Wendy Bowmer
AWEDC/SR/PF/4 Mahala Bryden
AWEDC/SR/PF/5 Trina Corke
AWEDC/SR/PF/6 Thurston Crimp
AWEDC/SR/PF/7 Sandra Davis
AWEDC/SR/PF/8 Stephen De Campo
AWEDC/SR/PF/9 Stacey Gordon
AWEDC/SR/PF/10 Ruth Hanken
AWEDC/SR/PF/11 Bradley James
AWEDC/SR/PF/12 John Louis
AWEDC/SR/PF/13 David McKay
AWEDC/SR/PF/14 Robert Owens
AWEDC/SR/PF/15 Troy Richards
AWEDC/SR/PF/16 Michelle Russel
AWEDC/SR/PF/17 Brenden Slaven
AWEDC/SR/PF/18 Ann-Margaret Winn
AWEDC/SR/PF/19 Past pupils
Student Records / Reports [Red hard-cover exercise books]
AWEDC/SR/RPT/1 Mahala bryden
AWEDC/SR/RPT/2 Donna Day
AWEDC/SR/RPT/3 Stephen De Campo
AWEDC/SR/RPT/4 John Louis
Student Records / Videotapes
AWEDC/VT/1 Science experiments
AWEDC/VT/2 Sequencing, June 1976. Vinegar-soda. Group lesson.
AWEDC/VT/3 Individual lesson, October 1978. Thurston Crimp
AWEDC/VT/4 Individual lesson, October 1978. Thurston Crimp
AWEDC/VT/5 Individual lesson, 8 September 1975. Robert Owens
AWEDC/VT/6 Group singing 9 September 1976-22 October 1975. What are you wearing today?
AWEDC/VT/7 Individual lessons 16 October 1975. Stephen, John, Robert. Robert 28 October 1978
AWEDC/VT/8 Science lesson 10 November 1975
AWEDC/VT/9 Singing 10 November 1975. Robert and Wendy
AWEDC/VT/10 Individual lessons. Listening skills. Toni - Wendy. Robert - John. John - Stephen.
AWEDC/VT/11 Listening skills. Individual lessons. Toni - Wendy. Robert - John. John - Stephen.
AWEDC/VT/12 Listening 23 March 1976
AWEDC/VT/13 Listening skills 12 April 1978. Thurston, Stephen, Robert
AWEDC/VT/14 Sequencing 28 October 1978. Stacey and Sandra
AWEDC/VT/15 Listening skills June 1976. Mahala
AWEDC/VT/16 Group lesson 27 October 1978. Stacey and Sandra. Grasshopper - Rhino
AWEDC/VT/17 Sequencing. Group lesson. Science - Paint, colours
AWEDC/VT/18 Listening skills. Thurston, Mahala, Stacey
AWEDC/VT/19 Listening skills, June 1976. John
AWEDC/VT/20 Listening skills, June 1976. Stephen, John, Wendy
AWEDC/VT/21 Listening skills, June 19'76. Wendy, Toni
AWEDC/VT/22 Comparisons 26 October 1978. Wendy
AWEDC/VT/23 Social Science. S Carlton. 'Preparing a chocolate cream roll'
AWEDC/VT/24 Sequencing, June 1976. Group 1. Chocolate cream roll
AWEDC/VT/25 Sequencing, June 1976. Group 2. Chocolate cream roll
AWEDC/VT/26 Music, June 1976
AWEDC/VT/27 Group lesson, June 1976. Comparisons - Alike - Different. Bee - Parrot, Snake - Lion
AWEDC/VT/28 Social Science, September 1976. S Carlton. 'Preparing a Banana Cream Pie'
AWEDC/VT/29 Social Sciences, October 1976
AWEDC/VT/30 Social Sciences (1978). Kindergarden Movement Lesson.
AWEDC/VT/31 Listening skills 1 December 1976. Recorder - Singing
AWEDC/VT/32 Composite Film for Schools Commission
AWEDC/VT/33 Listening skills, April 1978. Sandra, John
AWEDC/VT/34 Listening 24 February 1977. Mahala, Sandra, Ann-Margaret, Wendy, Toni, Stephen
AWEDC/VT/35 Robert, Mahala, Sandra, Wendy, Ann-Margaret, Stephen, Toni
AWEDC/VT/36 Not labelled
AWEDC/VT/37 Listening skills. Thurston
AWEDC/VT/38 Not labelled
AWEDC/VT/39 Not received
AWEDC/VT/40 On location. Channel 7
AWEDC/VT/Index Card index to video cassettes. Numbers 1-33
AWEDC/MISC/1 Correspondence, memos, photographs and material relating to Nurrungar Hearing Unit

Archives Location:

Box 1, 286 L   AWEDC/LR/1-9     

Box 2, 286 L   AWEDC/LR/10-12, AWEDC/CERT, AWEDC/MB/1, AWEDC/MFR, AWEDC/PLQ/1     

Box 3, 286 R   AWEDC/CS/1-4, AWEDC/PUB, AWEDC/SR/AB/1-4     

Box 4, 286 R   AWEDC/SR/LP/1-4, AWEDC/SR/OBS/1-2, AWEDC/SR/PF/1-19, AWEDC/SR/RPT/1-4     

Box 5, 286a L   AWEDC/SR/VT/Index, AWEDC/SR/VT/1-13, AWEDC/MISC/1     

Box 6, 286a L   AWEDC/SR/VT/14-26     

Box 7, 286a R   AWEDC/SR/VT/27-40     

Packets 286a R  AWEDC/MB/2, AWEDC/MB/2/1, AWEDC/MB/PLQ/2     

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