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Dagworth Station, at Mount Surprise, North Queensland, was established during the period 1879 to 1884 and its history of ownership can be traced in Pugh's Almanac from 1887 until 1925. In 1917, Myles Lyons, in partnership with James Rollinson, bought Dagworth from William Cope. The large station ran shorthorn cattle and, in 1917, according to the Queensland Pastoral Directory in Pugh's Almanac, there were 171 horses and 8,891 cattle on the station. Dagworth at this time was made up from three stations: Eveleigh, Talaroo, and Vanleigh (spelling uncertain). In 1924 Talaroo was subdivided from Dagworth. Frank Lyons managed the Station from 1921 to 1943. Although Dagworth passed out of the Lyons family for a while, Jim Lyons of Talaroo bought it back.


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Archive Location: 184L-187L, 405L-M  


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Account Ledgers
DS/ACC/1 Accounts dated from 1903 to 1906.
DS/ACC/2 Accounts dated from 1906 to 1917.
DS/ACC/3 Accounts dated from 1914 to 1924 Number 1.
DS/ACC/4 Accounts dated from 1914 to 1924 Number 2.

DS/D/1 Letts’s Australasian Diary and Almanac for 1906 (title page). Diary written from January 1906 until December 1907.
DS/D/2 Letts’s Number 33 Australasian Rough Diary for 1908 (title page). Diary written from January 1908 until December 1908.
DS/D/3 Woods Australian Diary for 1909 (title page). Diary written from January 1909 until December 1909.
DS/D/4 Diary written from January 1910 until December 1910.
DS/D/5 Diary written from January 1911 until December 1911.
DS/D/6 Diary written from January 1912 until 1 December 1912.
DS/D/7 Station Diary. Dagworth Cattle Station Georgetown signed N.J. McDowall (title page). Diary written from January 1913 until 17 December 1913.
D5/D/8 Diary written from January 1914 until 4 November 1914.
DS/D/9 Diary written from January 1915 until December 1915.
DS/D/10 Diary written from January 1916 until December 1916.
DS/D/11 Diary written from January 1917 until December 1917 - with notes etc. in back pages.
DS/D/12 Diary written from January 1917 until December 1917 - days throughout diary have been modified ie. 1 January, Monday, is changed to Wednesday and thus concurrently throughout the diary. In July the year has been changed to 1918, however, an official 1918 diary shows 1 January is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday as changed to in the above diary.
DS/D/13 Diary from January 1918 until December 1918.
DS/D/14 Diary from January 1920 until December 1920.
DS/D/15 Diary from January 1921 until December 1922.
DS/D/16 Diary from January 1923 until December 1924.
DS/D/17 Diary from January 1925 until December 1926.
DS/D/18 Diary from January 1927 until December 1928. Last two pages entitled notes from 1926 and Ave Maria September 1923.
DS/D/19 Diary from January 1929 until December 1929.
DS/D/20/2 Dated from January 1934 until December 1934.
DS/D/21 Diary from January 1932 until December 1933.


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DS/D/22 Front page Notes from 1933. Diary from January 1934 until December 1934.
DS/D/23 Diary from January 1935 until December 1935.
DS/D/24 Front page Notes from 1935 diary from January 1936 until December 1937.
DS/D/25 Diary from January 1938 until December 1939. Back page Notes for 1940 and Annual Cash Summary.
DS/D/26 Diary from January 1940 until December 1941.
DS/D/27 Front page Cai Licinoe various notes. Diary from January 1942 until December 1943. Back page Memoranda various notes.
DS/D/28 Front page Georgetown Xmas meeting 1944 notes. Diary from January 1944 until December 1944. Back page Memoranda 1945.
DS/D/29 Diary from January 1945 until December 1945. Back page January 1946 various notes.
DS/D/30 Front page Memoranda various notes from January 1946 until December 1946. Back page Memoranda various notes.
DS/D/31 Front page - various notes Diary written from January 1947 until December 1947.
DS/D/32 Front page (4 pages) - various notes including rainfall diary written from January 1948 until December 1948, with another diary, written from January 1948 until December 1948, with another diary in different handwriting for the same period.
DS/D/33 Front pages, accounts from Dr. to Green’s motors (3 pages), a letter from Wambiana Station on 11 January 1950 (2 pages) and Memoranda (1 page). Diary written from January 1949 until December 1949.
DS/D/34 Front pages, various notes (2 pages), Precis of major events (1 page), telephone numbers (1 page) and memoranda from 1949 (1 page). Diary written from January 1950 until May 1951.
DS/D/35 Front page, memoranda (1 page). Diary written from January 1952 until December 1952. Back page, store account (1 page). Diary written from January 1954 until December 1954. Back pages memoranda (4 pages).
DS/D/36 Front page, Rain chart (2 pages). Diary written from January 1956 until 1957. Back page, memoranda.
DS/D/37 Front page, Rain chart January 1958 (1 page), note written on an account from hardware (1 page), newspaper clippings (3 pages). Record of major events in 1958 (1 page), telephone numbers (1 page), engagements (5 pages), memoranda (1 page). Diary written from January 1958 until December 1959. Back page, notes (1 page).
DS/D/38 Front pages, Rain chart (1 page). Record of major events during 1960 (1 page), engagements (2 pages). Diary written for January 1960 until December 1960.
DS/D/39 Diary written for January 1963 until October 1964. Back page, memoranda (5 pages).
DS/D/40 Front pages, record of major events, telephone numbers and various notes (6 pages). Diary written from March 1966 until December 1969.
DS/D/41 Front page, titled Dagworth Station, Mt. Surprise, dated 1971 to 1973.
DS/D/42 Front page, Rain chart titled owner Lyons Name of Property Dagworth, Mt. Surprise, Georgetown and dated 1973; 1974 year planner and calendar. Diary dated 1974.
DS/D/43 Front page, Rain chart titled Gerard Frances Lyons, Dagworth, Mt. Surprise, Georgetown dated 1975. Diary for 1975.
DS/D/44 Front page, Rain chart titled Gerard Lyons, Dagworth, Mt. Surprise for 1976. Diary for 1976 and 1977.
DS/D/45 Front page has Dagworth, Talaroo and Prospect written on it. Diary for 1978.
DS/D/46 Diaries for 1979 and 1980. At back of volume two rainfall observation charts for Dagworth Station (date obscured by binder).


Archive Location

DS/ACC/1-4, DS/D/1   Box 1
DS/D/2-7   Box 2
DS/D/8-12   Box 3
DS/D/13-18   Box 4
DS/D/19-24   Box 5
DS/D/25-30   Box 6
DS/D/31-36   Box 7
DS/D/37-42   Box 8
DS/D/43-47   Box 9


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