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Atherton-Cook Family Archive

The Atherton and Cook families were successful pioneering families of North Queensland from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. The families united with the marriage of Albert A. Cook and Althea Atherton in 1908. Althea Atherton’s father was Richard Atherton, the brother of John Atherton after which the Atherton Tablelands was named.
The archive consists of a variety of personal documents belonging to Althea Atherton including letters, photographs, and her diary.


Archive Location: 2L


Detailed Listing

CA1 Folder containing xerox copies of:

  • newspapers cuttings of Atherton family marriages, births and deaths,1873-1906
  • excerpts from Daily Mercury, Friday 6 April 1962
  • excerpts from The Queensland Pioneer Book
  • 1879 land lease
  • 15 reference cards

CA2 Autograph book circa 1911 belonging to Vida Althea Cook

CA3 Birthday book circa 1886 belonging to Althea Atherton.

CA4 Althea A. Cook's bible dated 29 April 1924.

CA5 Vida Althea Cook's 1917 diary.

CA6 Folder containing:

  • 3 Xerox sheets of Aboriginal words
  • 4 handwritten sheets of Aboriginal words

CA7 Queensland Trustees Ltd balance sheet and financial statements for1950, 1951 and 1953.

CA8 Seven packets of photographs.

CA9 Two postcard-sized photographs.

CA10 Three postcards.

CA11 28 Christmas cards.

CA12 Paper cuttings, childrens drawings, and paper patterns.

CA13 9 Telegrams

CA14 Forty-nine letters to Mr & Mrs Cook.

CA15 Sixteen letters to Mr. H.J. Parsons.

CA16 One envelope containing spiritualist writings.

CA17 Abstract of the Title of Messrs R. & A. Kurts

CA18 Conveyance - 26 August, 1886

CA19 1883 Diary

CA20 Copy of Marriage Certificate of Albert Alfred Cook and Vida Althea Atherton -11 April, 1908

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