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This collection of material from the Communist Party of Australia was donated by Barbara Colley. They belonged to her husband, the late Noel Colley of Kuranda, who was a Communist for most of his life.

Archives Location: 423R


Detailed Listing

CP/1/ Nazi Death List, Brisbane 1972. Following the bombing of the Party rooms

CP/2/ Typed document: 'Wars and Armed Conflicts since World War of 1914-1918' / 'Talking Peace'

CP/3/ Two copies of photo of bombed German town, 1945

CP/4/ Copy of Ketoet Tantri, Lest They Forget [pamphlet on Indonesian independence, undated]

CP/5/ Publications/1/ Praxis: Communist Party of Australia National Newsletter, nos. 60-61 (December 1990/February 1991)

CP/6/ Publications/2/ CPA: Draft Political Resolutions for Discussion, 27th Congress

CP/7/ Publications/3/ Australian Socialism: a proposal for renewal

CP/8/ Publications/4/ Excerpt from Tribune, 31 October, 1990

CP/9/ Publications/5/ 'The Pentagon Papers', New York Times articles and extracts

CP/10/ Publications/6/ Tribune excerpts, 1966: 'Farewelling our Old Guardian'; 'Developing the National Tribune'

CP/11/ Publications/7/ Copy of New Left Party newspaper, 'Stop the Gulf War'

CP/12/ Publications/8/ Copies of Tribune, 1990-1991, nos. 2635-2639, 2641-2644

CP/13/ Publications/9/ CPA Publication: Democratic Public Control against the deregulators and privatisers: Resolution of the 29th CPA National Congress, 5-8 June 1987

CP/14/ Publications/10/ CPA Publication: Socialist Renewal: Where to now? (Main resolution of 29th National Congress, June 1987)

CP/15/ Publications/11/ Two copies of The Act No. 1

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