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Charters Towers Historical Photographs Archive

This large collection of photographs consists of duplicates of others already in photograph albums held by Special Collections. Specifically, these albums are: Charters Towers Historical Albums, Volumes 1-10 (Roderick numbers 1-366); and Bromhall Album (ID numbers 8571-8599) (Roderick numbers 367-395). The 395 photographs in this collection are accompanied by a descriptive list ("Charters Towers Historical Photographs with Historical Notes") prepared by Don Roderick, Life Member of the National Trust of Australia. All photographs were copied and reproduced by the Townsville College of Advanced Education.

This archive includes three articles on Thomas Mathewson (1842-1934) who, according to one of these sources, "became one of the most prominent photographers of his day" in northern Queensland. The articles were written by family members.

To make this collection more complete a very fragile copy of the North Queensland Times for 19 December 1908 (Christmas Number) has been added. A substantial part of this issue has an article by "F.B." with the title,"Charters Towers Mines and Mills: A Wonderful Record of Rise and Progress of Queensland's Richest Goldfield."

Archive Location: 339(a)R

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