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The Cameron Family, headed by Donald Charles and Mary Emily (née Brassington), were originally sugar plantation managers in the latter half of the eighteenth century in British Guiana. They moved to Victoria then Western Queensland to run sheep stations.

John Cameron (1847-1914), pastoralist, company director and politician, was born on 13 March 1847 at New Amsterdam, British Guiana, son of Donald Charles Cameron, plantation manager, and his wife Margaret Anne, née Moore. His son, Sir Donald Charles Cameron GCMG KBE (1872–1948), was a British colonial governor. He was the second governor of the British mandate of Tanganyika, and later the governor of Nigeria.

The collection includes family history documents, the letterbook of John Cameron for the period 1877-1896, and some records of the Kensington Downs (1903, 1913-1916), Caledonia (1908-1913) and Glen Nevis (Aramac) (1920-1935) Stations. This collection of family papers is held as a microfilm copy in the microform collection.

Archives Location: Microfilm FU 98


Detailed Listing

Reel 1

1. “Glen Nevis Camerons” compiled by Margaret Helen Isabella Cameron, wife of Percival Lodge Cameron. (Roneotyped script)

2. History of the Camerons - based on letters written by Elizabeth Cameron and others.

3. Genealogy of the Glen-Nevis Camerons.

4. Kinship table and chart prepared by Anne Murray. 1/3/1972.

5. Letterbook. John Cameron. 29/11/1877 to 18/8/1892. Page 422. (Continued on Reel 2).

Reel 2

6. Letterbook. John Cameron. 18/8/1892, page 423 to 1/5/1896. (Continued from Reel 1)

7. Report of an electoral speech by Mr. John Cameron at Longreach, c. 1893.

8. Store account book, “Kensington Downs”, 1903.

9. Letterbook. “Caledonia”. 1908—1912.

10. Memorandum of agreement to create the firm of John Cameron, Sons and McLean. 1911.

11. Diary of "Caledonia” Station, Aramac. 1911. (Incomplete — many pages were not used)

12. Diary of “Caledonia” Station, Aramac. 1912. (Incomplete — many pages were not used)

13. Plan of Portions 1, 2 and 3 Parish of Tancred and Portions 5 and 6 Parish of Endymion County of Tower Hill, Hughenden Land Agent’s District, Shire of Dalrymple, 1911.

14. Diary of ‘Caledonia” Station, Aramac. 1913.

15. Letterbook. “Kensington Downs”. 15/10/1913 to 4/2/1914, Page 103. (Continued on Reel 3)

Reel 3

16. Letterbook. “Kensington Downs”, 17/2/1914, Page 104 to 1/11/1915, Page 502. (Continued from Reel 2)

17. Letterbook. P.L. Cameron, “Kensington Downs”, 22/6/1916 to 20/11/1916 and at “Glen Nevis” Dalveen 12/1/1920 to 20/7/1935. /

18. Corpus account of the John Cameron Estate dated 16/1/1917

19. Income account of the John Cameron Estates dated 10/1/1917.

20. Letters from the Union Trustee Company of Australia to Private P.L. Cameron, dated 27/6/1917 and 2/7/1917.

21. Letter from the Union Trustee Company of Australia to Mrs. P.L. Cameron and Seventh War Loan Certificate, dated 25/9/1918.

22. Last will and testament of John Cameron of “Avoca", dated 25/3/1913.

23. Record of appreciation to John Cameron Esq. M.L.A. (Testimonial).

24. Reprint from the Queenslander dated 3/8/1918. “A mother of men: an appreciation of Mrs. Donald Charles Cameron.”

25. Brief genealogical details of the Cameron family.

26. Newspaper articles about John Cameron.

27. Xerox copies of entries in Who’s Who for John Cameron, M.L.A. and Sir Donald Charles Cameron.

28. Newspaper and journal articles about Sir Donald Charles Cameron.

29. Orbituary notice for Mrs. Madge Jardine, dated 4/7/1978.

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