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Artist and dedicated conservationist John Horatio Busst became the first President of the Innisfail branch of the Wildlife Preservation Association of Queensland, President of the Tully-Innisfail branch of the Queensland Littoral Society and a Councillor of the Australia Conservation Foundation to promote environment issues especially in North Queensland and generally in Australia. On becoming president of the first northern branch of Queensland's Wildlife Preservation Society, Busst stated it was "most important that [Queensland's] disappearing wildlife ... be protected" and that the Society should become a "bridge between the scientist and the public" (Evening Star, 9 August 1966).

Believing the preservation of wildlife and the conservation of rainforests were united issues, Busst also became chairman of the Committee for Tropical Rainforest Preservation so he could pursue the goals of both organisations conjointly. In addition, the endeavours of the Littoral Society and Conservation Foundation complement those of the Wildlife and Rainforest preservation groups with the major aims of all organisations being to educate the public on the value of conservation, to protect native flora, fauna and the aquatic environment, to lobby government to improve environmental legislation and promote academic study into conservation matters.

Assisted by his wife Alison, John Busst's contribution to the conservation mission in North Queensland and Australia was considerable. On the rocks at the northern end of Bingal Bay a tribute from poet Judith Wright reads "John Busst' Artist and Lover of Beauty, who fought that man and nature might survive". A sizeable remnant of this fight is contained within this collection which was donated by Alison Busst.

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JBC/CORR/1 1965 General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/2 1966 Jan - July General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/3 1966 Aug - Dec General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/4 1967 Jan - July General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/5 1967 Aug - Dec General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/6 1968 General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/7 1969 General Conservation Issues Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/8 1968 Great Barrier Reef Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/9 1969 Great Barrier Reef Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/10 1970-71 Great Barrier Reef Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/11 1968-70 Littoral Society Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/12 1968-71 Wildlife Preservation Society Innisfail Branch Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/13 1966-70 Correspondence between John Busst and Judith Wright McKinney.

JBC/CORR/14 1968-71 Personal Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/15 1970 Legal Correspondence.

JBC/CORR/16 1968-70 Correspondence with Prime Minister's Department.

JBC/CORR/17 1975 Correspondence RE: purchase of park land.

JBC/CORR/18 1968 Correspondence RE: Harold Holt Memorial.

JBC/CORR/19 Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes.

Annual Reports:

JBC/AR/1 1968 Annual Report of the Wild Life Preservation Society of Queensland - Innisfail Branch.

JBC/AR/2 Annual Reports 1966-67, 1969-70, 1970-71 and 1971-72 of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

JBC/AR/3 Annual Reports 1964-65 and 1965-66 of the Queensland Department of Forestry; 1968 Native Fauna Conservation Society Annual Report.

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JBC/PUB/1 Newsletter Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland 1966-72 (incomplete).

JBC/PUB/2 Newsletter Australia Conservation Foundation 1968-72 (incomplete).

JBC/PUB/3 Newsletter Queensland Littoral Society 1966-70 (incomplete).

JBC/PUB/4 Newsletters - various.

JBC/PUB/5 Bulletin Australian Mining Industry Council Feb 1973, Sept 1971 and April 1971.

JBC/PUB/6 Newsletter - Noosa Parks Development Association 1963-68 (incomplete).

JBC/PUB/7 Leaflets - various.

JBC/PUB/8 Media Releases - Wildlife Preservation Society and various.

JBC/PUB/9 A.C.F. publications list, A.C.F. handbooks April 1970, October 1970, and A.C.F. handbook for Darling Downs Tour March 1970.

JBC/PUB/10 Extracts -

"Studies of Venoms and some Conidae" Endean & Rudkin 1963.

"Matching Ecological and Economic Realities" H.C. Coombs 1972.

"A Ecological Guide to New Planting Areas ... Hoop Pine" Webb & Tracey 1967.

"The Pattern of Mineral Return in Leaf Litter" Webb & Tracey et. al. 1969.

"National Parks in Australia" A.C.F.

"Conservation a Geological Rationale" P. Ellis 1970.

"Social Behaviour of the White-Eye Zosterops Lateralis ..." J. Kikkawa 1960.

"The Botanical Composition ... Tropical Wet Grassland" Tracey.

"... Predation of Coral by the Spiny Starfish ..." T. Goreau 1962.

"Birds of Innisfail and Hinterland" H. Gill 1970.

"Queensland Wildlife Conservation Laws" C. Roff 1960.

"... Floristic Studies in Queensland Tropical Rainforest" Webb & Tracey 1965.

"Biological Aspects of Forest Management" L. Webb 1968.

"Environmental Relationships ... Rainforest Vegetation" L. Webb 1968.

JBC/PUB/11 Extracts from Magazines 1969-71 on conservation issues.

JBC/PUB/12 Extracts from newspapers and articles in typescript 1968-69.

JBC/PUB/13 Extracts from journals 1965-70.

JBC/PUB/14 The North Queensland Naturalist Volume 33, Number 140, May 1966.

JBC/PUB/15 Planning for Water Resources Management L.S. Hamilton 1969.

JBC/PUB/16 Research Note, Number 3 "NSW Rainforest Trees" 1960.

JBC/PUB/17 Wildlife in Southeastern Australia - ABC.

JBC/PUB/18 Insight on Instinct - ABC.

JBC/PUB/19 Tide Tables and Notes for Anglers for the Coast of Queensland 1969, Department of Harbours and Marine, Brisbane 1969.

JBC/PUB/20 "Conservation - Selected Bibliography" ACF Occasional Publication, Number 6, August 1971.

JBC/PUB/21 Pedder Papers: Anatomy of a Decision, ACF, 1972.

JBC/PUB/22 Sir. G. Barwick, "The Preservation of Diversity" A.C.F. Occasional Publication Number 5, May 1971.

JBC/PUB/23 Judith Wright "Conservation as an Emerging Concept" A.C.F. Occasional Publication, Number 3, April 1970.

JBC/PUB/24 "Conservation for the 70's ..." Special session A.C.F. Occasional Publication, Number 3, April 1970.

JBC/PUB/25 L. Webb Impressions of Nature Protection in Europe, WPS.

JBC/PUB/26 Conserving Nature: A Wildlife Service Booklet.

JBC/PUB/27 "Pollution in Profile" Aquatic Conservation Series, Number 1, Q.L.S.

JBC/PUB/28 M.C. Downes Tower Hill, 1967.

JBC/PUB/29 The Living Earth, Volume 6, Number 4, July - October 1961.

JBC/PUB/30 Environment, April 1971, Volume 13, Number 3.

JBC/PUB/31 Trend, 11th issue, February 1970.

JBC/PUB/32 The National Parks of Queensland, Australia, June 1964.

JBC/PUB/33 L. Webb, "The Identification and Conservation ... Wet Tropical Lowlands ...", Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, Volume 78, Number 6, 1966.

JBC/PUB/34 W. Williams et. al. "Studies ... Rainforest Communities" J. Ecol., Volume 57, 515-535, July 1969.

JBC/PUB/35 Newspaper extracts - 1960s The Australian, Tully Times, Evening Advocate and various clippings.

JBC/PUB/36 Newspaper extracts - 1960s The Age, Cairns Post, Courier Mail, Townsville Bulletin, North Queensland Register etc. clippings.

Meeting Records:

JBC/MR/1 Agendas and Minutes of various A.C.F. and Wildlife Preservation Society meetings, list A.C.F. members 1967 and minutes of Royal Commission Coordinating Committee.

JBC/MR/2 A.C.F. policy, aims and constitution, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland rules and Queensland Littoral Society aims.

JBC/MR/3 Minutes of Evidence of Senate Select Committee on off-shore petroleum resources, March 1969.

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Papers, Reports and Submissions:

JBC/PRS/1 Kangaroo Conservation file.

JBC/PRS/2 Confidential papers - Australian Pearling Industry.

JBC/PRS/3 Submissions:

to the Australian Senate Select Committee on Off-Shore Petroleum Resources, March 1969.

to Minister of Interior regarding Commonwealth of Australia Lighthouse Reserve on Double Island Point, March 1966.

to Minister for Public Lands regarding Scenic Reserve R340 Noosa National Park, January 1964.

to Minister for Development regarding proposed revision of Mining Acts, July 1967.

to Mining Warden regarding dredging lease at Gympie.

to Senate Select Committee on water pollution Townsville, July 1969.

JBC/PRS/4 A.P.E.A. Submission to Royal Commission on oil drilling on Barrier Reef with working papers and maps.

JBC/PRS/5 Proceedings of Wildlife Conservation in Eastern Australia Seminar at University of New England, January 1965.

JBC/PRS/6 Papers presented to "Caring for Queensland" symposium at University of Queensland, October 1967,

JBC/PRS/7 Addresses, notes and papers - on mining and petroleum exploration, Cooloola Sand Mass, Sand Mining, Mining Acts, Future of G.B.R., Reef Oil Drilling, Environmental Conservation, Food Relationships and the Soil and addr e sses by E.J. Hegerl, J. Busst, D.w. Connell, C. Burdon-Jones and Sir Garfield Barwick.

JBC/PRS/8 Miscellaneous papers including "Impressions of Nature Protection in Europe", Choke me with Frigate Birds, "Dangers of Oil Pollution" and Ellison Reef Mining.

JBC/PRS/9 Papers from the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland's Spring School at Binna Burra, 1968.

JBC/PRS/10 Conference Papers from the Australian Labor Party Queensland Branch 32nd State Conference in Townsville, June 1984 - Committee Reports -

Industrial Relations

Mines and Energy

Justice, Legal and Constitutional Reform Policy

Land and Environment

Womens Policy

Aboriginal and Islander Affairs

Welfare Community Development

Organising and Planning

Recreation and Sport

Arts and The Media

Consumer Affairs



Transport and Communications

Local Government, Urban and Regional Development

Economic Policy

Primary Industry

Rules Policy

JBC/PRS/11 Reports -

An Economic Evaluation Cooloola Sand Mining Project including events leading up to Mining Warden's hearing.

Review Mill effluent ponding (confidential).

Viewpoint on Mining and Conservation.

Research in Tropical Marine Science, Townsville.

Report on Grounding of "Oceanic Grandeur" in Torres Strait.

Effects of Tourism on Great Barrier Reef.

Nature Conservation in North Queensland wet tropical lowlands.

1960-61 Report on North Queensland land Classification Committee.

JBC/PRS/12 Confidential A.C.F. Executive Committee Papers E20, E38, E44, E45, E54, E55 and E56.

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JBC/MISC/1 House of Representatives and Senate questions, Number 27, Chemical Act of 1966.

JBC/MISC/2 Programmes - A.C.F.

JBC/MISC/3 Certificate - Moorunde Wildlife Reserve, A.C.F. membership card and drawing of Cone Shell Slug.

JBC/MISC/4 Bonser vs La Macchia court case proceedings, Sydney, August 1969.

JBC/MISC/5 Maps: for Identification and Conservation of Habitat-Types in The Wet Tropical Lowlands of North Queensland, Numbers 1-20. (Number 2 and 11 - missing), National Park N.P. 382, Tyson parish in Cardwell, Parish of Conwa y in Herbert, Australian National Parks and Timber Reserves.

JBC/MISC/6 List of Mining Companys and Off-Shore Maps.

JBC/MISC/7 A.C.F. Financial Statement 1967, receipt A.C.F. membership, Wildlife Preservation Innisfail Branch Balance Sheet 1970.


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