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Brownhill, Kirk and Co. Archive

(Copied by James Cook University Library, May 1985 with permission of Mr. Herbert Richard Howell)

The Townsville real estate firm of Brownhill, Kirk and Company commenced operation around 1903 in an office in Flinders Street, Townsville. The company was registered in 1904 and later occupied Bartlett's Building in Denham Street. The firm subsequently became Kingsberry, Brownhill Kirk Realty located in Holliman’s Arcade, Flinders Street. These ledgers are the private land sales records of Mr Herbert Richard Howell who, over a sixty-year association with the firm, rose from the position of office boy to owner. Howell sold the company upon his retirement.
The ledgers cover sales of parcels of land in North Queensland conducted by the firm and include land sales in, for example, the Burdekin district, Charters Towers, Cloncurry, Innisfail, etc. as well as in Townsville.

Archive Location: 173(c)L

Detailed Listing

BK/1 LEDGER 1 August 1910 - September 1919 (not indexed)

BK/2 LEDGER 2 September 1919 - August1925 (with index of purchasers' names)

BK/3 LEDGER 3 August 1926 - December 1932 (with index of purchasers' names)

BK/4 LEDGER 4 January 1933 - December 1946 (with index of purchasers' names)

BK/5 Microfilm 28 May1986

Boot Makers Records Vol 1.

Real Estate Records Vol 1-2-3-4


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