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Bell Family Archive

The Bell Family were a well-known pastoral family which owned and operated the Lornesleigh and Mt McConnell station on the Burdekin Basin in the late 19th and into the 20th centuries. The eldest of the sons, Richard Bell married John Henry Clark’s eldest daughter, Jane Florence Adele Clark. When John Henry Clark died Jane inherited Lornesleigh Station. Richard and Jane had three daughters and five sons, one of which was Jack Bell.
This Archive includes a letterbook belonging to John Henry Clark (1893-1896), a Glendon Station account book, and a Work Diary (1919) of T. Bell, Mt McConnell.

Archive Location: 341R

Detailed Listing

TB/1 Letterbook belonging to John Henry Clark 1893-1896 (fragile condition).

TB/2 Recipe to stop Blackleg 1914, 1 page (fragile condition).

TB/3 Account book 1905-1912 believed to belong to Glendon Station (fragile condition).

TB/4 Work Diary 1919 of T. Bell, Mount McConnell.