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The AMWSU in North Queensland can be traced back to the inaugural meeting of the Townsville Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers on 6 January 1894. In 1920, the Society changed its name to the Amalgamated Engineering Union. Steady growth in the local area saw the formation of a second branch at Oonoonba and in all major northern provincial centres. With the amalgamation with the Sheet Metal Workers' Union and the Boilermakers' and Blacksmiths' Society in 1972, it became Australia's largest trade union. This position was enhanced in 1976 when it was joined by the Shipwrights' and Ship Constructors' Union. This collection includes considerable material on award and working conditions negotiations in the North Queensland sugar industry in the period 1965-1982, and in the mining, power and transport industries from 1976-1982; research material (1973-1980); information on courses and seminars for unionists (1968-1983); Townsville branch correspondence (1971-1982); a large assortment of books and pamphlets, some of which detail activities of the AMWSU in the interwar years; minutes of meetings (local, state and national), including a broken set from Townsville branch for the years 1894 to 1968. This material can be read in conjunction with Amalgamated Engineering Union Minutes (held at 6R-7R) and the Fred Thompson records (held at 8L-16L).

Archive Location: 38L-R, 215L-234R

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Sugar Industry

Award Negotiations




Detailed Listing


Award Negotiations/Working Conditions

AMWSU/SUGAR/1 Sugar Industry Agreements, 1965-1972.

AMWSU/SUGAR/2 Disability Allowance Agreements, 1968-1970.

AMWSU/SUGAR/3 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1975.

AMWSU/SUGAR/4 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1976.

AMWSU/SUGAR/5 Summary of Employers' Position in Relation to Log of Claims, 1976.

AMWSU/SUGAR/6 Briefing Notes for Discussions with C.S.R. Management, 1976-1977.

AMWSU/SUGAR/7 Negotiations during Construction of the Lucinda Bulk Sugar Terminal, 1976-1978.

AMWSU/SUGAR/8 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1977-1978.

AMWSU/SUGAR/9/1 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1979.

AMWSU/SUGAR/10 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1980.

AMWSU/SUGAR/11/1 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1981.

AMWSU/SUGAR/11/2 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1981.

AMWSU/SUGAR/11/3 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1981.

AMWSU/SUGAR/11/4 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1981.

AMWSU/SUGAR/12/1 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1982.

AMWSU/SUGAR/12/2 Wages and Conditions Claims, 1982.

AMWSU/SUGAR/12/2 Discussions regarding Babinda Mill Operations and Conditions, 1982.

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Industrial Disputes

AMWSU/SUGAR/14 Babinda Mill - Use of Non-Union Labour in Ancillary Tasks, 1972.

AMWSU/SUGAR/15 Innisfail - Proposed Sale of Sugar Tramway Rolling Stock to Privately Owned Mills, 1977.

AMWSU/SUGAR/16 Babinda Mill - Selection Procedures for Apprentices, 1979-1980.

AMWSU/SUGAR/17 Babinda Mill - Staffing Levels on Roller Welding Machinery, 1980.

A.M.W.S.U. Sugar Sub-Committee Minutes

AMWSU/SUGAR/18 1970-1972.

AMWSU/SUGAR/19 1974.

AMWSU/SUGAR/20 1976.

AMWSU/SUGAR/21 1977.

AMWSU/SUGAR/22 1978.

AMWSU/SUGAR/23 1979.

AMWSU/SUGAR/24 1980.

A.M.W.S.U. Area Committee Minutes - 1982

AMWSU/SUGAR/25 Relating to Mills at: Bundaberg, Maryborough, Brisbane.

AMWSU/SUGAR/26 Relating to Mills at: Proserpine, Mackay.

AMWSU/SUGAR/27 Relating to the Invicta and Kalamia Mills.

AMWSU/SUGAR/28 Relating to the Inkerman and Pioneer Mills.

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Miscellaneous Items

AMWSU/SUGAR/29 Technology Changes in the Sugar Industry, 1949-1964.

AMWSU/SUGAR/30 Minutes of Metal Trades Delegates Conferences, 1965-1972.

AMWSU/SUGAR/31 Minutes of C.S.R. Mills Delegates Conferences, 1967-1972.

AMWSU/SUGAR/32 Sugar Industry Statistical Data, 1973-1974.

AMWSU/SUGAR/33 Financial Evaluation Survey of the Babinda Mill, 1984.

AMWSU/SUGAR/34 Engineering Specifications of a B.M.A. Cane Diffuser, Installed at the Inkerman Mill.

AMWSU/SUGAR/35-37 Cost Offset Reports - Queensland Mills, 1982.

AMWSU/SUGAR/38 Sugar Industry Agreements, 1965-1979.

AMWSU/SUGAR/39-42 38-Hour Week Campaign.

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(Arranged by Industry/Company, in Chronological Order)

Townsville Transport and Services Pty. Ltd.





Mary Kathleen Uranium





AMWSU/AWARD/9 Background Notes and Agreements for the Period 1977-1980.

North Australia Cement Ltd.

AMWSU/AWARD/10 1976-1977.

AMWSU/AWARD/11 1978.

AMWSU/AWARD/12 1979.

A.L.C.O.A. Aluminium

AMWSU/AWARD/13 Transcript of the Multi-Skilling Wage Decision in the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission - April 1976.

AMWSU/AWARD/14 "Call back" provisions in various Queensland Metal Industry Awards.

Comalco Limited

AMWSU/AWARD/15 1976.

AMWSU/AWARD/16 1978.

AMWSU/AWARD/17 1980.

AMWSU/AWARD/18 1980.

AMWSU/AWARD/19 1982.

AMWSU/AWARD/20 1982.

Queensland Nickel Pty. Ltd. (Q.N.P.L.)

AMWSU/AWARD/21 1976.

AMWSU/AWARD/22 1976.

AMWSU/AWARD/23 1977.

AMWSU/AWARD/24 1978.

AMWSU/AWARD/25 1980.

AMWSU/AWARD/26 1981-83.

AMWSU/AWARD/27 1976-1981. Negotiations and Agreements regarding Supply and Use of Tools.

Copper Refineries Pty. Ltd.

AMWSU/AWARD/28 1976.

AMWSU/AWARD/29 1978. Memorandum of Agreement between the Company and all Unions Representing its Employees.

AMWSU/AWARD/30 1978.

AMWSU/AWARD/31 1979. Memorandum of Agreement regarding Terminations due to Technological Change.

AMWSU/AWARD/32 1982.

AMWSU/AWARD/33 1982. Discussions on Reduced Working Hours.

AMWSU/AWARD/34 1982-1984.

AMWSU/AWARD/35 1982. Memorandum of Agreement.

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Mount Isa Mines (M.I.M.)

AMWSU/AWARD/36 1974-1975.

AMWSU/AWARD/37 1976.

AMWSU/AWARD/38 1980-1982.

AMWSU/AWARD/39 1980-1982.

AMWSU/AWARD/40 Discussions on Reduced Working Hours, 1982-1983.

AMWSU/AWARD/41 1982-1984.

AMWSU/AWARD/42 Memorandums of Agreement, 1966-1974.

AMWSU/AWARD/43 Memorandums of Agreement, 1975-1977.

AMWSU/AWARD/44 Memorandums of Agreement, 1978-1979.

AMWSU/AWARD/45 Memorandums of Agreement, 1980.

AMWSU/AWARD/46 Memorandums of Agreement, 1981-1982.

Coal Industry

 AMWSU/AWARD/47 35 Hour/Week Agreement, 1970.

AMWSU/AWARD/48 Bowen Coal Facility Negotiations, 1972.

AMWSU/AWARD/49 Log of Claims/Negotiations, 1979.

Power Industry

AMWSU/AWARD/50 1976-1977 Collinsville Power House Allowance Negotiations.

AMWSU/AWARD/51 1976-1977 Inquiry into Wage Rates in the Queensland Power Industry.

AMWSU/AWARD/52 1976-1977 Inquiry into Wage Rates in the Queensland Power Industry

AMWSU/AWARD/53 1976-1977 Inquiry into Wage Rates in the Queensland Power Industry

AMWSU/AWARD/54 Negotiations on Further Reductions in Hours in the Power Industry, 1980-1981.


AMWSU/AWARD/55 1978.

AMWSU/AWARD/56 1979.

AMWSU/AWARD/57 1982.

Metal Trades Industry

AMWSU/AWARD/58 1973-1978.

AMWSU/AWARD/59 1979-1980.

Gunpowder Copper Ltd.

AMWSU/AWARD/60 1972-1975.

AMWSU/AWARD/61 1977.

AMWSU/AWARD/62 1980.

AMWSU/AWARD/63 1982.

Miscellaneous Awards


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Trades and Labour Council

AMWSU/TLC/MIN/1 Townsville Branch, 1977.

AMWSU/TLC/MIN/2 Townsville Branch, 1978.

AMWSU/TLC/MIN/3 Townsville Branch, 1979.

AMWSU/TLC/MIN/4 State Branch, 1976.

AMWSU/TLC/MIN/5 State Branch, 1977.

AMWSU/TLC/MIN/6 State Branch, 1978-1980.

AMWSU National Conferences

AMWSU/NAT/MIN/1 1971-1976.


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Regional/Local Branches

AMWSU/MIN/1 Townsville District Committee, 26.6.1919-17.10.1921.

AMWSU/MIN/2 Townsville District Committee, 31.10.1921-25.8.1930.

AMWSU/MIN/3 Townsville District Committee, 11.9.1944-28.2.1950.

AMWSU/MIN/4 Townsville District Committee, 13.3.1950-23.10.1953.

AMWSU/MIN/5 Townsville District Committee, 2.11.1953-1.5.1957.

AMWSU/MIN/6 Townsville District Committee, 13.5.1957-18.9.1957.

AMWSU/MIN/7 Townsville Branch Executive Committee, 6.10.1938-13.5.1946.

AMWSU/MIN/8 Townsville Branch, 6.1.1894-14.1.1899.

AMWSU/MIN/9 Townsville Branch, 28.1.1899-24.4.1909.

AMWSU/MIN/10 Townsville Branch, 25.3.1915-26.6.1918.

AMWSU/MIN/11 Townsville Branch, 10.7.1918-28.9.1921.

AMWSU/MIN/12 Townsville Branch, 28.10.1921-3.12.1924.

AMWSU/MIN/13 Townsville Branch, 17.12.1924-21.2.1928.

AMWSU/MIN/14 Townsville Branch, 3.4.1928-18.7.1934.

AMWSU/MIN/15 Townsville Branch, 1.8.1934-8.3.1939.

AMWSU/MIN/16 Townsville Branch, 5.2.1944-10.6.1948.

AMWSU/MIN/17 Townsville Branch, 21.6.1948-11.1.1952.

AMWSU/MIN/18 Townsville Branch, 4.2.1953-6.11.1957.

AMWSU/MIN/19 Townsville Branch, 20.11.1957-13.6.1962.

AMWSU/MIN/20 Townsville Branch, 27.6.1962-26.9.1968.

AMWSU/MIN/21 Oonoonba Branch, 11.4.1944-4.9.1951.

AMWSU/MIN/22 Oonoonba Branch, 2.10.1951-18.6.1959.

AMWSU/MIN/23 Oonoonba Branch, 29.10.1964-26.9.1968.

AMWSU/MIN/24 Ayr Branch, 2.3.1918-12.12.1925.

AMWSU/MIN/25 Ayr Branch, 19.1.1926-27.6.1931.

AMWSU/MIN/26 Mackay Branch, 14.3.1927-20.10.1942.

AMWSU/MIN/27 Mackay Branch, 15.12.1942-3.11.1956.

AMWSU/MIN/28 Mackay Branch, 13.11.1956-3.9.1968.

AMWSU/MIN/29 Mt. Isa Branch, 23.7.1962-30.9.1968.

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AMWSU/MIN/30 A.M.W.S.U. State Conferences, 1968-1982.

AMWSU/MIN/31 Metal Trades Federation of Unions, 1974-1980.

AMWSU/MIN/32 A.C.T.U. Executive Meeting, August 1979.

Work-Value Studies

AMWSU/WORK/1/1 Comalco/Weipa Work-Value Study, 1977.

AMWSU/WORK/1/2 Comalco/Weipa Work-Value Study, 1977.

AMWSU/WORK/1/3 Comalco/Weipa Work-Value Study, 1977.

AMWSU/WORK/1/4 Comalco/Weipa Work-Value Study, 1977.

AMWSU/WORK/2 Mary Kathleen Uranium Mining - Work-Value Study, 1979.

AMWSU/WORK/3 Sugar Industry Work-Value Study, 1980.

Seminars and In-Service Education

AMWSU/EDUC/1-49 Seminars Conducted for A.M.W.S.U. Members from 1968-1983, and 25 Sony Helical Scan Video Tapes on Industrial and Political Issues.

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Disputes - Negotiations and Transcripts of Court Proceedings

AMWSU/DIS/1 Merinda Meatworks - Regarding Dismissal of Employees, 1962.

AMWSU/DIS/2 Waymac Pty. Ltd. - Regarding Non-Payment of a Site Allowance, 1976.

AMWSU/DIS/3 Clyde-Riley Dodds - Regarding a Claim for Severance Pay, 1978.

AMWSU/DIS/4 Mt. Garnet Tin Mine - Regarding a Log of Claims on Improvements in Working Conditions, 1978.

AMWSU/DIS/5 North Queensland Engineers and Agents - Regarding Dismissal of a Shop Steward, 1982.

AMWSU/DIS/6 Various Companies, 1979.

Research Material and Background Notes

AMWSU/RES/1 Australian Assistance Plan - Improving Social Welfare in the Local Community, 1973.

AMWSU/RES/2 Education Issues, 1978/1979.

AMWSU/RES/3 Ethanol - Possibilities as an Alternative Energy Source, 1979-1980.

AMWSU/RES/4 Industrial Democracy and Employee Participation - Overseas Experience, 1969-1972.

AMWSU/RES/5 Industrial Relations in the North Queensland Nickel Industry, 1979.

AMWSU/RES/6 Industrial Relations Policies - Liberal/National Parties, 1975-1977.

AMWSU/RES/7 Industrial Relations Policies - Liberal/National Parties, 1977-1979.

AMWSU/RES/8 Medibank - Administration, Costs and Changes, 1976-1979.

AMWSU/RES/9 Nuclear Power - Operational Procedures for Equipment.

AMWSU/RES/10 35-Hour Week Campaign, 1980.

AMWSU/RES/11 Timor - The Position of Unions on Indonesian Occupation, 1975.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

AMWSU/HEALTH/1 Pamphlets outlining Health Hazards Facing Workers in the Chemical, Plastic and Rubber Industries, July 1974.

AMWSU/HEALTH/2 Data on Health Problems Associated with the Greenvale Nickel Plant, 1975.

AMWSU/HEALTH/3 Overseas Reports on the Potential Dangers Associated with Nickel Refining.

AMWSU/HEALTH/4 Pamphlets dealing with the Problems of Alcoholism in Industry.

National Research Centre Newsletters

AMWSU/NEWS/1 1968.

AMWSU/NEWS/2 1969.

AMWSU/NEWS/3 1970.

AMWSU/NEWS/4 1972.

AMWSU/NEWS/5 1973.

AMWSU/NEWS/6 1974.

AMWSU/NEWS/7 1975.

AMWSU/NEWS/8 1976.

AMWSU/NEWS/9 1977.

AMWSU/NEWS/10 1979.

AMWSU/NEWS/11 1980.

AMWSU/NEWS/12 1981.

Correspondence and Membership Enquiries

AMWSU/CORR/1-3 1971-1976.

AMWSU/CORR/4-43 1980.

AMWSU/CORR/44-72 1981.

AMWSU/CORR/73-110 1982.

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Government Press Releases: Employment

 AMWSU/EMP/1 1977.

AMWSU/EMP/2 1978.

AMWSU/EMP/3 1979.

AMWSU/EMP/4 1980.

Books, Periodicals and Pamphlets

AMWSU/BOOKS/1-12 Trade Union and Socialism - History.

AMWSU/BOOKS/13-17 Social Welfare Issues.

AMWSU/BOOKS/18-24 Aboriginal Issues.

AMWSU/BOOKS/25-39 Union Rule Books.

AMWSU/BOOKS/40-62 Conference Proceedings.

AMWSU/BOOKS/63-90 Wages and Conditions.

AMWSU/BOOKS/91-70 Politics.

AMWSU/BOOKS/108-115 Industrial Disputes.

AMWSU/BOOKS/116-134 Trade Union Operation and Management.

AMWSU/BOOKS/135-196 Miscellaneous.


AMWSU/MISC/1 AMWSU State Research Centre Filing System Restructuring, 1982.

AMWSU/MISC/2 Report on the Suppression of Noise from a Phosphate Dryer near Townsville Residential Areas, 1976.

AMWSU/MISC/3 Details of the 1977 Federal Government Budget.

AMWSU/MISC/4 Details of the 1978 Federal Government Budget.

AMWSU/MISC/5 Summary of the Metal Trade Unions Application of the Industry Development Policies of the Prices and Incomes Accord, 1984.

AMWSU/MISC/6 Inquiry by the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission into Penalty Rates in Queensland, 1979.

AMWSU/MISC/7 Time and Motion Study (Department of Labour).

AMWSU/MISC/8 National Civil Council - Background Material.

AMWSU/MISC/9 Draft Demarcation Agreements - Boilermakers and Blacksmiths Society and the Amalgamated Engineering Union, 1967.

AMWSU/MISC/10 Posters on the Amalgamation of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, The Sheet Metal Workers' Union and the Boilermakers and Blacksmiths Society, 1972.

AMWSU/MISC/11 Report on the Operation of Queensland Railways, 1961-1962.

AMWSU/MISC/12 Uranium Mining at Mary Kathleen - Background Material.

AMWSU/MISC/13-15 A.M.W.S.U. State Council General Fund Cash Books - November, 1976 to August, 1982.

AMWSU/MISC/16 Greenvale Nickel - Industrial Agreement at Greenvale, 1981-1983.

AMWSU/MISC/17 Greenvale Nickel - Industrial Agreement at Yabulu, 1981-1983.

AMWSU/MISC/18-20 Ranger Uranium Inquiry, 1976.

Amalgamated Engineering Union Files

AMWSU/AEU/1 Financial Records, 1962-1963.

AMWSU/AEU/2 Correspondence, 1962-1963.

AMWSU/AEU/3 Membership Lists, 1962-1965.

AMWSU/AEU/4 District and North Queensland Conference Minutes, 1962-1963.

AMWSU/AEU/5 Union Elections, 1962-1965.

AMWSU/AEU/6 Newsletters.

AMWSU/AEU/7 Newspapers and Periodicals.

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AMWSU/NEA/1 1974 Northern Electric Authority, Collinsville Power Station, Manning No. 5 dispute details.

AMWSU/NEA/2 1969-77 Northern Electric Authority general file.

AMWSU/NEA/3 Booklet: Collinsville Power Station.

AMWSU/NEA/4 1974 Annual Leave Roster School holidays dispute file.

AMWSU/RT/1 1976-77 Ravenshoe Tin file.

AMWSU/TT/1 1976-77 Tablelands Tin file.

AMWSU/ASE/1 1975-77 Andersons' Structural Engineering file.

AMWSU/AMWU/1 1973-74 M.T.I.A. wage rates and award campaign file.

AMWSU/RRD/1 1970-72 Leighton Contractors - Ross River Dam Stage 1 file.

AMWSU/RRD/2 1974 Ross River Dam Stage II file - includes embankment, works area and locality plans plus 1976 1WS Claredale site information.

AMWSU/BD/1 1969 Burdekin Dam case papers on re-appraisal of Burdekin irrigation, hydroelectric and flood mitigation project.

AMWSU/MR/1 1979 ACTU executive Melbourne meeting records, 5 March - 9 March.

AMWSU/MR/2 1975-76 Northern Queensland Regional Council for social development Townsville meeting records.

AMWSU/MR/3 1921-27 minutes of District Committee Meetings (exercise book in fragile condition).

AMWSU/MR/4 1974-75 minutes book of Queensland Nickel, Yabulu/Greenvale.

AMWSU/IRB/1 1967 Index to Research Bulletins.

AMWSU/IRB/2 1971 Index to Research Bulletins.

AMWSU/CIB/1 1980 correspondence index book.

AMWSU/CIB/2 1981 correspondence index book.

AMWSU/CIB/3 1982 correspondence index book.

AMWSU/MC/1 1979-80 membership correspondence file.

AMWSU/MC/2 1981 membership queries correspondence file.

AMWSU/MC/3 1981 membership correspondence file.

AMWSU/ROG/1 1980 wages file of J. Rogers.

AMWSU/ROG/2 1981 as above.

AMWSU/ROG/3 1982 as above.

AMWSU/OE/1 1980 Townsville office expenses file.

AMWSU/CIR/1 1981 circulars to shop stewards from Townsville regional office.

AMWSU/SS/1 1969-73 Shop Steward's (F.B. Thompson) file, includes campaign exercise, communication paper, address by J.A. Vaughan on union organisation, industrial democracy paper, report i ng back to members paper, company activities, shares and profits paper, 1973 Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd. review and address by F.B. Thompson on workers rights to full employment.

AMWSU/SS/2 n.d. information slips on North Queensland shop stewards - includes information on names, addresses, employer and industry group.

AMWSU/TAP/1 1981 Telecom and Australia Post file - includes the Tele-communications Act of 1975 / Conciliation and Arbitration Act of 1904.

AMWSU/WC/1 1954-74 Workers' Compensation file - includes Opinion on the T.F. Brady Cairns Shell Co. explosion case, articles and seminar papers on compensation.

AMWSU/U/1 1970s Uranium file (CRA/Comalco/Mary Kathleen).

AMWSU/R/1 1976-82 contributions receipt books (12) and slips.

AMWSU/ADD-MISC/1 - 1939 report from Organiser Willett, Mackay.

- 1947 letter.

- 1950 arrears notice.

- 1950 report on dispute.

- 1951 report from Organiser Willett, Mackay.

- 1952 as above.

- 1954 pence card.

- 1953 summons re: dispute to brazing brass tubes in sugar mill boiler.

- 1953/55 letters regarding membership.

AMWSU/ADD-MISC/2 - 1963 broadcast scripts by A. Campbell, G. Bordujinko and T. Bowe.

- leaflets.

- 1963 Australian Meat Industry Employees' Union report.

- 1980 Federal Court decision on GMH award re: sick pay.

- 1980 correspondence.

- 1981 A Brief Synopsis of the Razor Gang's report (extracts from the Canberra Times).

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