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Kim Allen Collection of Townsville Grammar School History Archive

Kimball Allen, head of the English Department and Senior Resident Master of Townsville Grammar School from 1961 to 1986, was commissioned to write the history of the school for its centenary in 1988. His book, The History of the Townsville Grammar School 1888-1988, was published in 1990 after five years of research.

This collection contains much of Allen's research material including correspondence and questionnaires from many former students.


Archive Location: 368L-373L


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Financial Records

Meeting Records






Progressive Manuscripts


Detailed Listing


KAC/CORR/1 1884-1940 correspondence with the Department of Public Instruction (photocopies).

KAC/CORR/2 1941-1979 correspondence with the Department of Public Institution and the Education Department (photocopies).

KAC/CORR/3 1884-1985 School Correspondence (photocopies).

KAC/CORR/4 1967-1988 Communication Bulletins from headmaster.

KAC/CORR/5 1971-1986 Newsletters to Parents (incomplete).

KAC/CORR/6 1984-1989 K. Allen's general correspondence regarding the writing of the history.

KAC/CORR/7 Correspondence and questionnaires form former students and teachers A to I.

KAC/CORR/8 Correspondence and questionnaires from former students and teachers J to Z.

KAC/CORR/9 Correspondence, questionnaires and interviews (oral history tapes) with:

John Ashe (1921-23)

W. Barnes (1945) - tape only

R. Cantatore (1948-51)

James "Alex" Cran (1925-30)

Sister A. Cole (1968-73) - tape only

A. Duffield (1911-13)

Marion Easterbrook (headmaster's secretary 1961-80)

W. Gillman (1930-33)

C.H.V. Harding (1934-37)

W. Henry (1920-25)

Charles, Richard, John and Henry Hopkins

Joyce Land (1939-42)

C. Melick - tape only

Glenys Perry (nee Brown 1951) - tape only

Gertie Pohlmeyer (1927-31) - tape only

Frank Provera (1938-39)

G. Sleeman (1928) - tape only

W. Stockdale (1928) - tape only

L. Wilkins (1937-39)

R. Vine (1923-25)

Group interview x 2 with Pat Toohey and others in Ayr 1986

Group interview x 1 with P.F. Rowland's daughters and son-in-law, F.T. Miller's daughter, T.B. Wright and Mrs. Badgery (nee Moore) in Sydney

KAC/CORR/10 Correspondence with T.G.S. Trustees, correspondence with Alan Morwood and Sam McClusky file

KAC/CORR/11 1897-1924 correspondence relating to Hollis Hopkins Scholarship (photocopies).



KAC/RPT/1 1888-1988 Speech Night programmes and reports (photocopies, extracts, computer printouts and originals) - incomplete.

KAC/RPT/2 1898-1927 Trustees reports to the Department of Public Instruction (photocopies) - incomplete.

KAC/RPT/3 1901-1959 Department of Public Instruction Inspector's Reports (photocopies) - incomplete.

KAC/RPT/4 1964-1987 Headmaster's Reports (photocopies) - incomplete.

Financial Records:

KAC/FIN/1 1884-1984 administration reports, financial statements and financial matters (photocopies) - incomplete.

KAC/FIN/2 1947-1986 budget and balance sheets (photocopies) - incomplete.

Meeting Records:

KAC/MR/1 1885-1987 agenda, minutes and matters relating to Trustees meetings (photocopies) - incomplete.

KAC/MR/2 1978-1984 agenda and minutes of staff meetings - incomplete.

KAC/MR/3 1970s agenda and minutes of various meetings including P & F and H.M.C. (photocopies).


KAC/PUB/1 Extracts from T.G.S. Magazine 1904, 1905 and 1937, At Call Over 1936, Prospectus 1962 and 1965, Project Phoenix and Staff Handbook 1981.

KAC/PUB/2 Extracts T.G.S. Gazette 1968-71 and 1985.

KAC/PUB/3 Extracts from various publications including newspapers.



KAC/L/1 Chronology of Queensland Education.

KAC/L/2 Lists of ex-students (names and addresses).

KAC/L/3 1925-30 Railway Passes.

KAC/L/4 1955-86 P & F presidents and 1888-1985 staff list.

KAC/L/5 Lists of 1986 boarders, class rolls 1978 and 1945-46, 1981 register of students, 1974 corporal punishment books, 1978 laundry list, 1971 boarders' book, 1888 student roll (photocopies).

KAC/L/6 Scholarship holders to Queensland University and matter relating to scholarship.

KAC/L/7 Recipients of Scartwater Scholarship, Cunningham Scholarships, Jessie Rowland Memorial Prize, A.S. Grose Memorial Prize.

KAC/L/8 1894-1961 Schedules of State Scholarship holders (photocopies) - incomplete.


KAC/T/1 Appointments to the Board and other matters relating to Trustees including biographical material and oral history (tape recordings) from I.H. Roberts and A.H. Tait.



KAC/H/1 E.F. Upward 1888 - biographical material.

KAC/H/2 C.H. Hodges 1889-1900 - biographical material.

KAC/H/3 P.F. Rowland 1905-38 - biographical material, 16mm film, oral history tapes x 2 and correspondence..

KAC/H/4 T.B. Whight 1939-46 - biographical material, correspondence, and oral history tapes x 3.

KAC/H/5 A.C. Logan 1947-48 - biographical material.

KAC/H/6 M.W. Blank 1948-65 - biographical material, correspondence and oral history tape x 1.

KAC/H/7 L.S. Daniels 1966-75 - biographical material and correspondence.

KAC/H.8 A.D. Morwood 1976-1980s - biographical material including resume.



KAC/MISC/1 1979 Sick Bay Records (photocopies).

KAC/MISC/2 School Rules, Regulations, Government Acts and Regulations, P & F Constitution and War Memorial Building Fund Constitution (photocopies).

KAC/MISC/3 Various programmes, menus and invitations (photocopies).

KAC/MISC/4 Cyclone Leonta (1903) file.

KAC/MISC/5 Recollections file.

KAC/MISC/6 Site plans (photocopies).

KAC/MISC/7 Construction and maintenance file includes building funds and plans (photocopies).

KAC/MISC/8 Cadets file.

KAC/MISC/9 Roll of Honour file.

KAC/MISC/10 Past Grammarians file.

KAC/MISC/11 Sports file.

KAC/MISC/12 Blank questionnaires.

KAC/MISC/13 Queensland State Archives photocopy forms used for research.

KAC/MISC/14 Author's handwritten research notes.

Progressive Manuscripts:

KAC/MS/1 Computer Printout 1 - includes names of alumi, P & F presidents, masters, staff, roll of honour.

KAC/MS/2 Computer Printout 2 - includes general history.

KAC/MS/3 Computer Printout 3 - includes prologue, boarders and conclusion.

KAC/MS/4 Galley Proofs with amendments

KAC/MS/5 Galley Proofs with amendments

KAC/MS/6 Galley Proofs with amendments

KAC/MS/7 Video Tape - K. Allen on writing the history of the Townsville Grammar School.


Archive Location

KAC/CORR/1-3 368L

KAC/CORR/4-7 368R


KAC/CORR/11 369L


KAC/RPT/1-4 370L

KAC/FIN/1-2 370R

KAC/MR/1-3 370R

KAC/PUB/1-3 370R

KAC/L/1-8 371L

KAC/MISC/1-13 371R

KAC/T/1 372L

KAC/H/1-2 372L

KAC/H/4-5 372L

KAC/MISC/14 372L

KAC/MS/1-3 372R

KAC/MS/7 372R

KAC/CORR/10 373L

KAC/H/3 373L