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Ayr and Lower Burdekin Caledonian Association Archive

The Ayr and Lower Burdekin Caledonian Association (ALBCA) was established in May 1910 by David (Dave) Edwards, who also served as the association’s first chief, to service the arts/crafts and cultural community groups in the local Burdekin Area. From early days, ALBCA organised large and popular community events which also attracted people from outside the Ayr/Burdekin district. The association’s first sports meeting, held on 2 January 1911, attracted eight hundred people. The New Year’s Day 1913 celebrations, described as the “most ambitious ever submitted in that district,” was so extensive and popular that it warranted a special train service from Townsville. The programme included: 70 and 100yd foot races; eight man a side tug-of-war; pony trot; open handicap trot; step dancing, “including all Scotch favourites”; caber tossing; “putting the weight”; piping contests; throwing the hammer; tent pegging; maiden jump for ponies; and a hunters’ plate.

The Archive consists of Minute books from 1910 to 1979.

Archives Location: 171L-171R


Detailed Listing

ALBCA/MB/1 Minute book 4 June 1910 - 16 August 1913

ALBCA/MB/2 Minute book 1 July 1913 - 3 March 1920

ALBCA/MB/3 Minute book 3 April 1920 - 10 September 1927

ALBCA/MB/4 Minute book 17 September 1927 - 5 December 1928

ALBCA/MB/5 Minute book 17 March 1936 - 12 January 1946

ALBCA/MB/6 Minute book 26 January 1946 - 19 December 1950

ALBCA/MB/7 Minute book 13 January 1951- 11 April 1979