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This collection of papers from the Townsville subcommittee of the Association of Employers of Waterside Labour (AEWL) is concerned with the operation of firms and employer groups working in both sea-going and shore-based activities of the stevedoring industry.

In addition to log books and minutes reflecting normal day-to-day port management in the period 1956 to 1975, there are reports and transcripts of cases involving the stevedore industry heard before the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission between 1943 and 1983, and an index of cases dealing with the maritime industry from 1905-1954.

Archives Location: 142L-153L, 195L-R, 197L-R

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Australian Conciliation & Arbitration Commission Decisions Commission

Australian Stevedoring Industry Reports

Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority

Miscellaneous Items


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 AEWL/MIN/1/1 MINUTES - WHARF SUPERINTENDENTS' MEETINGS - from November 19, 1956 to November 17, 1959. (Comprising representations from: Overseas and General Stevedoring Co. Pty. Ltd., N.Q. Stevedoring and Wooldumping Co. Pty. Ltd., Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd.).

AEWL/MIN/1/2 MINUTES - STEVEDORES' MEETINGS - from December 16, 1960 to August 20, 1962. (Comprising representations from: N.Q. Stevedoring and Wooldumping Co. Pty. Ltd., Oversea and General Stevedoring Co. Pty. Ltd., Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd.).

AEWL/MIN/2-4 MINUTES - A.E.W.L. - 1956 TO 1975.

AEWL/MIN/2 MINUTES - A.E.W.L. (Townsville Sub-Committee) - from November 7, 1956 to March 18, 1959.

AEWL/MIN/3 MINUTES - A.E.W.L. - (Townsville Sub-Committee) - from March 25, 1959 to August 2, 1961.

AEWL/MIN/4 MINUTES - A.E.W.L. - (Townsville Sub-Committee) - from August 9, 1961 to January 31, 1975.

Australian Conciliation & Arbitration Commission Decisions Commission

AEWL/C & A/1-7 These records comprise summaries of decisions in disputes between the A.E.W.L. and unions involved in maritime work and variations to awards governing such unions. (Each folder contains a chronological index of cases).

AEWL/C & A/1 Cases from January 1943 - May 1946.

AEWL/C & A/2 Cases from June 1947 - November 1967.

AEWL/C & A/3 Cases from November 1977 - December 1979.

AEWL/C & A/4 Cases from January 1980 - December 1980.

AEWL/C & A/5 Cases from January 1981 - December 1981.

AEWL/C & A/6 Cases from January 1982 - December 1982.

AEWL/C & A/7 Cases from January 1983 - December 1983.

AEWL/C & A/8 Court transcripts of a case involving an application by the Waterside Workers' Federation to alter its conditions of eligibility for membership - October 1979 to February 1980.

AEWL/C & A/9 Court transcripts of a case involving changes to award conditions governing early retirement of waterside workers - April 1984 to June 1984.

AEWL/C & A/10-11 Appeals against Board of Reference decisions.

AEWL/C & A/10 From November 1957 - July 1960.

AEWL/C & A/11 From April 1961 - November 1963.

AEWL/C & A/12 Indexed listing of Board of Reference decisions, from 1949 to 1964.

AEWL/C & A/13 Indexed of Commonwealth Arbitration cases involving unions engaged in the shipping industry (shore and sea-going) from 1905 to 1954.

Australian Stevedoring Industry Reports

AEWL/STEV/REP/1-4 Annual Reports (including Financial Statements) of the Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority:

AEWL/STEV/REP/1 Report for the year ending June 30, 1957.

AEWL/STEV/REP/2 Report for the year ending June 30, 1958.

AEWL/STEV/REP/3 Report for the year ending June 30, 1959.

AEWL/STEV/REP/4 Report for the year ending June 30, 1960.

AEWL/STEV/REP/5 General Report of the National Stevedoring Industry Conference, April 1967 (Chairman: Mr. A.E. Woodward, Q.C.).

AEWL/STEV/REP/6-8 Monthly reports on Industrial Stoppages and Delays.

AEWL/STEV/REP/6 Reports for period December 1961 - December 1963.

AEWL/STEV/REP/7 Reports for period January 1964 - December 1966.

AEWL/STEV/REP/8 Reports for period January 1967 - July 1969.

Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority


PORT ORDERS - detailing specific working conditions relating to various ports throughout Australia (e.g. methods of engaging labour, operation of gangs, roster procedures, etc.).

AEWL/STEV/PO/1 Port Orders 1955 - 1958.

AEWL/STEV/PO/2 Port Orders 1959 - 1960.

AEWL/STEV/PO/3 Port Orders 1961 - 1963.

AEWL/STEV/PO/4 Port Orders 1963 - 1967.

AEWL/STEV/PO/5 Port Orders 1970 - 1972.

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Miscellaneous Items

AEWL/MISC/1-2 Report of the CANADIAN ARCTIC EXPEDITION 1913 - 1918 (Southern Party), by D. JENNESS and H. ROBERTS.

AEWL/MISC/1 Volume XII - The Life of the Copper Eskimo.

AEWL/MISC/2 Volume XIV - Eskimo Songs.

AEWL/MISC/3 MOUNT ISA MINES (M.I.M.) HOLDINGS LTD. - A list of Executives and Organisation Charts for 1983 - 1984.

AEWL/MISC/4 ACCIDENT REPORT FORMS - Port of Townsville, for July 17, 1971 to October 14, 1971.

AEWL/MISC/5 NOTES AND LESSON PLANS FOR MOBILE SLEWING CRANE DRIVER TRAINING (prepared by the Training and Accident Prevention Division, A.E.W.L., Brisbane).

AEWL/MISC/6 TOWNSVILLE CITY COUNCIL ACTIVITIES - newspaper clippings from the "Townsville Daily Bulletin" from January 23, 1982 to August 23, 1983. (A chronological list of items is included in the folder).

AEWL/MISC/7-8 ASSOCIATION FOR CIVIC DEVELOPMENT (A.C.D.) - newspaper clippings from the "Townsville Daily Bulletin" (1973), on the city council election campaign.

AEWL/MISC/7 Clippings for February 1973.

AEWL/MISC/8 Clippings for March 1973.

AEWL/MISC/9 An agreement between the A.E.W.L. and the Waterside Workers' Federation governing employment conditions in the port of Brisbane, 1968.

AEWL/MISC/10 Draft of a marine order to cover "Cargo and cargo handling safety measures" - issued by the Commonwealth Department of Transport.

AEWL/MISC/11 Royal Commission into Alleged payments to Maritime unions - final report, April 1976.

AEWL/MISC/12 Ledger containing details of: (i) Waterside Workers' gross and average earnings 1948 - 1957 (Townsville and Lucinda). (ii) Tally clerk earnings 1948 - 1953 (Townsville and Lucinda). (iii) Dates of unauthorised stoppages, 1949 - 1952 (Townsville). (iv) Cargo loading and discharging, 1948 - 1953 (Townsville). (v) Mutual agreements between A.E.W.L. and the W.W. Federation, 1951 (Townsville).

AEWL/MISC/13 Location plan of proposed amenities for Waterside Workers, 1982 (Townsville).


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