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This is a collection of entries for a competition run by the 4QN radio programme, 'Write from the word go'. The concept for the programme, which started in early 1975 and lasted until mid-1979, came from Joan Davis, a local poet, following the demise of the Townsville Writers' Group. Davis also compered the programme for the first twelve months and was followed by Lesley Daniell. The final compere, Robert Handicott, took over at the end of 1977 and remained until the programme’s final session in mid-1979.

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Series Listing

Competition documents

Section 1:    Poetry

Section 2:    Short Stories

Section 3:    Miscellaneous


Detailed Listing

Competition documents

WFWG/1/1 Official entry form. 1p.

WFWG/1/2 Duplicate of WFWG/1/1.

Section 1: Poetry

WFWG/2 Allen, Sue. Seeds

WFWG/3 Allen, Sue. Who goes there?

WFWG/4 Anon. Anzac

WFWG/5 Anon. Daniel

WFWG/6 Anon. Divorce

WFWG/7 Anon. Fro

WFWG/8 Anon. Frustration

WFWG/9 Anon. In Desperation

WFWG/10 Anon. The Intruder

WFWG/11 Anon. Nephew Peter

WFWG/12 Anon. The New Australian Thinks

WFWG/13 Anon. The Sea Storm

WFWG/14 Anon. A Sheep Dying

WFWG/15 Anthill [pseud]. Sale Day [See WFWG/212]

WFWG/16 Bach, Dai [pseud]. Childhood’s Dream

WFWG/17 Bach, Dai [pseud]. Emily

WFWG/18 Bannerman, J. Freedom is …

WFWG/19 Bee, Miss Busy [pseud]. War

WFWG/20 Bennett, Rodney. Ants

WFWG/21 Bird, Maggie. For Michelle …

WFWG/22 Bowman, Margaret. Archaeologist

WFWG/23 Bowman, Margaret. Complaint

WFWG/24 Bowman, Margaret. Migrant

WFWG/25 Bowman, Margaret. Songs

WFWG/26 Bowman, Margaret. Surf Rider

WFWG/27 Brown, Bill [pseud]. Out West

WFWG/28 Buff, B. A Silurian Epoch

WFWG/29 Busy, I.M. [pseud]. Fog

WFWG/30 Butterball, Miss C. [pseud]. The Choice

WFWG/31 Butterfly Lover [pseud]. Butterfly

WFWG/32 Carry, Brenda. They Will be Back for More

WFWG/33 Cebel [pseud]. Confession

WFWG/34 Cebel [pseud]. A Wife’s Prayer

WFWG/35 Chief, Alan. The Race

WFWG/36 Chanticleer [pseud]. From a Battle Field

WFWG/37 Chanticleer [pseud]. The One that Got Away

WFWG/38 Chanticleer [pseud]. The Politician

WFWG/39 Chanticleer [pseud]. Repentance

WFWG/40 Chanticleer [pseud]. Small Boy Fishing

WFWG/41 Chanticleer [pseud]. The Stream of Life

WFWG/42 Chanticleer [pseud]. Sweet Dreams My Love

WFWG/43 Chanticleer [pseud]. Viking Raid

WFWG/44 Coconut, Billy. Disbelief

WFWG/45 Coconut, Billy. The Shark

WFWG/46 Danks, Liza. Tropical Heat

WFWG/47 Darcey, Carla. Life and Love

WFWG/48 Darcey, Carla. War, and More

WFWG/49 Dreamer [pseud]. The Dream

WFWG/50 Drifter [pseud]. Brumbies for a Living

WFWG/51 Early Bird [pseud]. Early Riser

WFWG52 Evergreen, Rudolph. The Valley

WFWG/53 Flite, Simon. The Lumberjack

WFWG/54 Flite, Simon. The Shamrock and the Thistle

WFWG/55 Fogity, John. Suzi Q

WFWG/56 Golden Girl [pseud]. Victim of Love

WFWG/57 Green, Mary. Lonely House

WFWG/58 Hammond, Theodore. The Bullfight

WFWG/59 Harding, John Wesley. Lament

WFWG/60 Harding, John Wesley. Portrait

WFWG/61 Harvey, Basil. Wipe Out

WFWG/62 Henery, John. Law Is?

WFWG/63 High-beam [pseud]. This Good Earth

WFWG/64 High-beam [pseud]. The Little Victims

WFWG/65 Hope, Hilary. [McGinty]

WFWG/66 Hope, Hilary. Youth [See WFWG/213]

WFWG/67 Hughes, Jane. Gather, then, Your Grains of Love

WFWG/68 A Human Being [pseud]. In Calcutta, Tonight

WFWG/69 A Human Being [pseud]. Once More Wakened …

WFWG/70 A Human Being [pseud]. Speaking …

WFWG/71 Isosceles [pseud]. Adelaide, Townsville and the Sturt’s Desert Pea

WFWG/72 Isosceles [pseud]. The Australian Bowerbird

WFWG/73 Isosceles [pseud]. Beautiful Upper Ross

WFWG/74 Isosceles [pseud]. The Brolga Tribe

WFWG/75 Isosceles [pseud]. Bushland Walking Stick Visits Townsville

WFWG/76 Isosceles [pseud]. Death Cry of the Flying Fox

WFWG/77 Isosceles [pseud]. Foreign Feathered Friend

WFWG/78 Isosceles [pseud]. His Eminence, the Praying Mantis

WFWG/79 Isosceles [pseud]. In Memoriam to a Rescued Owl-Faced Finch

WFWG/90 Isosceles [pseud]. Jabiru

WFWG/81 Isosceles [pseud]. Magpie and Child

WFWG/82 Isosceles [pseud]. Noon Bathers’ Ballet

WFWG/83 Isosceles [pseud]. Opossum

WFWG/84 Isosceles [pseud]. The Pied Piper of Townsville

WFWG/85 Isosceles [pseud]. Pig Dog Ditty

WFWG/86 Isosceles [pseud]. Ross River Bonanza

WFWG/87 Isoceles [pseud]. Shag

WFWG/88 Isosceles [pseud]. Swan Song of the One Winged Finch

WFWG/89 Isosceles [pseud]. Willy Wagtail

WFWG/90 Jackie [pseud]. From the Other Side

WFWG/91 Jackie [pseud]. It is Not Farewell

WFWG/92 Jensen, Joshua. Alone

WFWG/93 Jensen, Joshua. The Eagle

WFWG/94 Joe, the beginner [pseud]. Progress

WFWG/95 Jones, Johnny. Superiority

WFWG/96 Just Me [pseud]. The Dancers

WFWG/97 Just me [pseud]. Light and Shade

WFWG/98 Just me [pseud]. To Bronwyn

WFWG/99 Just me [pseud]. Slowly, Slowly, Slow

WFWG/100 Kama Sutra [pseud]. The Last Written Word

WFWG/101 Kama Sutra [pseud]. Life’s Prophecy

WFWG/102 Karley [pseud]. Time Takes Time

WFWG/103 Kat [pseud]. Night Prowler

WFWG/104 Kingston, K. Buddleias

WFWG/105 Kismet [pseud]. Age and Nostalgia

WFWG/106 Kismet [pseud]. Birds of the Forest

WFWG/107 Kismet [pseud]. Gardens and Flowers

WFWG/108 Kismet [pseud]. Life’s Journey

WFWG/109 Kismet [pseud]. The Night Horse on Her Rounds

WFWG/110 Kismet [pseud]. Wake Me from this Reverie

WFWG/111 Kite, John. Day by Day

WFWG/112 Kite, John. From the Memories of a Civilisation

WFWG/113 Kite, John. Kite

WFWG/114 Kite, John. The Lady and the Knight

WFWG/115 Lamplight [pseud]. Australian Aborigines

WFWG/116 Lamplight [pseud]. Bush Town

WFWG/117 Leigh [pseud]. Life’s Love

WFWG/118 Leigh [pseud]. Of You

WFWG/119 Livingstone, Jonathan Jnr. Tree

WFWG/120 Lucas, Paul. The Shooting of Innocence

WFWG/121 Lucy [pseud]. Misery is Cheap

WFWG/122 Lyndon [pseud]. Life’s Colours

WFWG/123 Lyndon [pseud]. The Prophet

WFWG/124 McAnson, Donald. Ocean Ensemble

WFWG/125 McLean, Lyn. To a Kingfisher

WFWG/126 Marx, Khali, The Art of Madness

WFWG/127 Marx, Khali. Deserted

WFWG/128 Marx, Khali. Son Rise to Son Set

WFWG/129 Marx, Khali. Why Am I Me?

WFWG/130 Marx, Khali. A Word on Love and What is Love?

WFWG/131 Mary [pseud]. One Life

WFWG/132 Mary [pseud]. Round is a Ring.

WFWG/133 Meadows, Pamela. Frustration

WFWG/134 Meadows, Pamela. Jasmine

WFWG/135 Meadows, Pamela. Mrs Loy of Normanton

WFWG/136 Meadows, Pamela. The Moth

WFWG/137 Meadows, Pamela. To Me with Love

WFWG/138 Michaels, John. The Year of Peace

WFWG/139 Michell, Robert. Imagine a Bull

WFWG/140 Monty [pseud]. In a Crowded Street

WFWG/141 Monty [pseud]. Little Boy Blue

WFWG/142 Moon, Ringo. Seasons Song

WFWG/143 Move, D. Rain

WFWG/144 Morris, Stevland. Hierarchy

WFWG/145 Mortimore, Dick. Life and Man’s Society

WFWG/146 Mortimore, Dick. Suicide

WFWG/147 Masters, Lee. Saved

WFWG/148 Mythyn [pseud]. Aboriginal Burial Ground

WFWG/149 Mythyn [pseud]. Mount Spec

WFWG/150 Nimrod [pseud]. The Surprise

WFWG/151 Norris, Cynthia. The Fog

WFWG/152 007 [pseud]. Visions

WFWG/153 Oldtimer [pseud]. To the Freshers

WFWG/154 Oleander [pseud]. The Sun Rules Me but the Sea is Ruled by the Moon

WFWG/155 Olivetti [pseud]. Cardwell

WFWG/156 Olivetti [pseud]. [Stace]

WFWG/157 Olivetti [pseud]. Lovers Lament

WFWG/158 O’Neill, D. Patrick. Cleveland Bay Nocturne

WFWG/159 O’Neill, D. Patrick. The Curse of War

WFWG/160 P.M. [pseud]. The Beef Steak Stakes

WFWG/161 P.M. [pseud]. Our Cattle Country

WFWG/162 P.M. [pseud]. To a River Gum

WFWG/163 Page, Jimmy. My Name is …

WFWG/164 Pax [pseud]. Something

WFWG/165 Penelope [pseud]. Who’s to Blame

WFWG/166 Peters, Luke. My Country – My Land

WFWG/167 Peters, Luke. Puta Politics

WFWG/168 Porter, A. Cyclone

WFWG/169 Porter, A. The Dominion of Machines

WFWG/170 Quamby [pseud]. The Day I Tried to Ride the Big Buck Kangaroo

WFWG/171 Quisquah’s [pseud]. Saga in the West

WFWG/172 Quisquah’s [pseud]. The Seventh Bow

WFWG/173 Quisquah’s [pseud]. Valediction [See WFWG/214]

WFWG/174 Rahill, Lee. Anzac Memories

WFWG/175 Rahill, Lee. Child to be Born

WFWG/176 Rahill, Lee. Grandma

WFWG/177 Rahill, Lee. Pop

WFWG/178 Rev, Johnny. Memories

WFWG/179 Red [pseud]. Dusty Heroes

WFWG/180 Rhodes, Jackson. War

WFWG/181 Richards, Letitia. Man has No Dominion

WFWG/182 Richards, Letitia. Other Natures, Other Places

WFWG/183 Russell, Archie. Murder in the Dark

WFWG/184 Seagull, Daniel. [pseud]. Evenings Over Townsville

WFWG/185 Seagull, Daniel. [pseud]. Sharing

WFWG/186 Seagull, Daniel. [pseud]. Under Stars

WFWG/187 Shores, Sharon. Storm

WFWG/188 Showers, April. The Battle

WFWG/189 Showers, April. Nature

WFWG/190 Showers, April. Sea Voyage

WFWG/191 The Skipper [pseud]. Halloween

WFWG/192 The Skipper [pseud]. Senior Citizens Visit Forrest Beach

WFWG/193 Slip [pseud]. Camping Alone

WFWG/194 Snodgrass, Davy. Age

WFWG/195 Solvig [pseud]. Shadow World

WFWG/196 Solvig [pseud]. Water

WFWG/197 Star Gaza [pseud]. Have You the Right?

WFWG/198/1 Stevenson, R. How to Get to Magnetic Island

WFWG/198/2 Stevenson, R. Then there is the Light

WFWG/198/3 Stevenson, R. Consciousness

WFWG/198/4 Stevenson, R. Time Is

WFWG/198/5 Stevenson, R. Lonely Traveller

WFWG/198/6 Stevenson, R. The Last Will and Testament of a Man

WFWG/199 Stun Sail [pseud]. A Collection of Anthology

WFWG/200 Swift, Pedro de. Dreams

WFWG/201 Tara [pseud]. Open Misere

WFWG/202 Tarcoola [pseud]. Query Defiant

WFWG/203 Thalcoron, Hamas. Maliniyun

WFWG/204 The Thinker [pseud]. Our Destiny

WFWG/205 Thomas, Alexander. “A” Flight

WFWG/206 Timnar, Joe O. Mathematical Soliloquy

WFWG/207 Tropic [pseud]. Dawn at Dreamers Paradise

WFWG/208 Walsh Michael Paul. Dream On

WFWG/209 Watkins, Jerimiah. Thoughts

WFWG/210 Weaver, Sarah. The Battle

WFWG/211 Whitney, Pratt N. The Sea of Time

WFWG/212 August, Pace [pseud]. A Plea for Abbott’s Body

WFWG/213 Hope, Hilary. [Modern poets of today]

WFWG/214 RGA. Denim, Dogs and Dope

Section 2: Short Stories

WFWG/215 Anon. An Evening at Versailles

WFWG/216 Anon. Doomed Mountain

WFWG/217 Anon. Fertilizer

WFWG/218 Anon. A Horrid Home

WFWG/219 Anon. Pitch-Black

WFWG/220 Busy, Miss I.M. [pseud]. The Things from Outer Space

WFWG/221 Chanticleer [pseud]. The Sparrow and the Hawk

WFWG/222 Curl, Crystal. The Valuable Present

WFWG/223 Cymru [pseud]. A Sense of Adventure

WFWG/224 Danks, Lisa. Typical Indifference

WFWG/225 Dee, Patricia [pseud]. Descriptive Luck

WFWG226 Diovissatou, Christopher. Origin of an Author

WFWG/227 Doolan, Katie. Much More Than Pumpkins

WFWG/228 Drake, Amanda. Smaller than Eden

WFWG/229 Edward, Verna. One Long Summer

WFWG/230 Francois [pseud]. Paris by Night

WFWG/231 Gosiago [pseud]. Operation Crocodile

WFWG/232 H. Jay [pseud]. An Encounter

WFWG/233 Harassed [pseud]. Excitement

WFWG/234 Hope, Hilary. He Who Laughs First

WFWG/235 A Human Being [pseud]. The Western World

WFWG/236 James, Elizabeth. Then There Were Two

WFWG/237 Kehl, Kiza. The Lamb

WFWG/238 Kelly [pseud]. Courtroom Thoughts

WFWG/239 Kent, Donald. The Surprise

WFWG/240 Kingston, K. Champagne

WFWG/241 Kingston, K. Fool

WFWG/242 Kingston, K. The Stone

WFWG/243 Kite, John. To Dream a Reality

WFWG/244 Leigh [pseud]. Gone to Different People

WFWG/245 Leigh [pseud]. Simplicity

WFWG/246 Leigh [pseud]. A Time to Laugh, a Time to Weep

WFWG/247 Lucy [pseud]. And the Machine Stopped

WFWG/248 McAnson, Donald. The Burning of Joan

WFWG/249 McDonald, John. The Facade

WFWG/250 McQueene, Christine. An Act of Charity

WFWG/251 Monty [pseud]. Death of a Child

WFWG/252 Monty [pseud]. Desire

WFWG/253 Non, A. Farewell Beatrix Potter

WFWG/254 Oleander [pseud]. It's been a Hard Day’s Night

WFWG/255 O’Neil, Jenny. I Dare You

WFWG/256 Parker, Lyn. Freda

WFWG/257 Paxton, Sonya. The Hammer and Nails Gang

WFWG/258 Penn, Eliza. Encounter in Space

WFWG/259 Phillips, K. What Price Peace?

WFWG/260 Quisqualis [pseud]. The Umbrage of the Oak

WFWG/261 Quisqualis [pseud]. A Time to be Born

WFWG/262 Redgrave, Anita. Transition

WFWG/263 Romer, John. The Fall of Justice

WFWG/264 Rhodes, Jackson. Fraser McDonald

WFWG/265 Richards, Letitia. History Repeats Itself

WFWG/266 Rivers, Dorothy. Coats are for Wearing

WFWG/267 Rivers, Dorothy. Death

WFWG/268 Roberts, Marnie. Take You Where You Want to Be.

WFWG/269 Rosco [pseud]. The Brown Rug

WFWG/270 Rosco [pseud]. The White Moth

WFWG/271 Smith, George. The Last Farewell

WFWG/272 Summers, Fred. Everything in the Garden

WFWG/273 Tait, Fanny D. The Storm

WFWG/274 Thomas, Doc. Miracle on Marble Mountain

WFWG/275 Trefoil [pseud]. Encounter

WFWG/276 Trefoil [pseud]. The Korner Allotment

WFWG/276 Tropic [pseud]. Gladys Gecko

WFWG/278 Virgo. [pseud]. The Picture Book Shirt

WFWG/279 West, Andrew. Faith

WFWG/280 West, Andrew. Fight, Fight or Die

WFWG/281 West, Andrew. Lost in Imagination

WFWG/282 Will-I-win [pseud]. Dawn Rescue

Section 3: Miscellaneous

WFWG/283 Anon. Gooche's Toes

WFWG/284 Anon. The Word Modern Implies …

WFWG/285 Arnold [pseud]. Treasure

WFWG/286 Blacky [pseud]. The Riddle of Poetry

WFWG/287 Bloggs, John. A Tall Story

WFWG/288 Brown, Geoff. See Australia First

WFWG/289 Bryan, Anne. How the Programme Got its Name

WFWG/290 Buttons, Betty. The Bridegroom’s Promise

WFWG/291 Carlson, John. A Tall Story

WFWG/292 Critereon, Jim. Bradford, Quinlan and Sanders

WFWG/293 Dailey, B. See Australia First

WFWG/294 Flint, Jeremy. Valley of Dreams

WFWG/295 Gold, Clinton. What Do You Think the Most Appealing Features of Australia and the Australian Way of Life Are?

WFWG/296 Gough, John. See Australia First

WFWG/297 Gowl, Howy [pseud]. Dear Mum, Dad and Kids

WFWG/298 Groucher [pseud]. Paid in His Own Coin

WFWG/299 Groucher [pseud]. The Peaceful Row

WFWG/300 High-Beam [pseud]. Robbing Bees

WFWG/301 Ivett, Gary. Dinkum Aussie (Myth or Reality?)

WFWG/302 James, Carolyn. Jenny

WFWG/303 Jensen, Joshua. Yellow

WFWG/304 Karley [pseud]. Surfing

WFWG/305 Kingston, K. Me and the Bees

WFWG/306 Kismet [pseud]. The Duel-a Chess Game

WFWG/307 Kismet [pseud]. Memories from Days of Our Youth

WFWG/308 Kismet [pseud]. Of a Sister Nun

WFWG/309 Kismet [pseud]. Stop Time

WFWG/310 Longrod, A. Australian Way of Life

WFWG/311 Quisqualis [pseud]. Reminiscence

WFWG/312 McQueene, Christine. Pan-American Honeymoon

WFWG/313 McQueene, Christine. What’s so Funny?

WFWG/314 Mouth, Fred. A Tall Story

WFWG/315 Read, B. Squash

WFWG/316 Red [pseud]. The Hairathon

WFWG/317 Redgrave, Anita. Portrait of a Novel

WFWG/318 Solvig [pseud]. Ugly

WFWG/319 Solvig [pseud]. Vice

WFWG/320 Stewart, Dorothy. Troublemaker

WFWG/321 Tansley, Derin. Abstract Power

WFWG/322 Tarcoola [pseud]. Mossie Time

WFWG/323 Tyron [pseud]. Victory at Last

WFWG/324 Wasp [pseud]. Composition by Tape-Recorder

WFWG/325 Wasp [pseud]. The Ghost

WFWG/326 Wasp [pseud]. Hold Your Ground

WFWG/327 Windy [pseud]. Any One There?

WFWG/328 Wood, Hazel. A Flooded Landscape

WFWG/329 Zappa, Iron. Novel Extract


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