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Ian Alexander Christie Wood was born in Mackay on 31 January 1901. He became a local businessman, owning first a newsagency and, soon after, a travel agency. He was elected an Alderman to the Mackay City Council in 1927 and in 1930 became Australia's youngest mayor. In 1950 he was elected to the Senate as a member of the Liberal Party and served as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances - the 'watchdog' of Parliament - from 1953 to 1973. His Senate career ended in 1978 and he died in 1992. This collection includes personal materials as well as items relating to Senator Wood's major interests, Mackay, tourism and politics. Many publications have personal notes handwritten on blank pages.

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Senator Ian Wood Miscellaneous items about Mackay Referendums
Books from the Senator's private collection Senator Woods in Politics Elections
Miscellaneous published items in the Senator's private collection Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances Parliamentary journals
Long-playing records in the Senator's private collection Development of Canberra Miscellaneous
Senator Wood in Mackay Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, Sri Lanka Handbooks and Hansard
Mackay Development Delegation to Latin America House of Representatives
Mackay Town Planning Liberal Party of Australia Senate
Mackay Tourism Correspondence with Senator Wood as Member of Parliament Queensland Legislative Assembly
Ian Wood Travel Service Newspaper clippings about Senator Wood and other political issues Maps
Bona Vista Issues of interest to Senator Wood during his political career Rabbit Island Resort
Mackay City Council Parliament Mrs. Annie Wood Memorial Garden and Estate
Local Authorities Association of Queensland    


Detailed Listing

Senator Ian Wood

These items reveal the man himself, his family and his interests.

SIW/PERSONAL/1 Australia. Parliament's oral history project: Mr. Ian Alexander Christie Wood, interviewed by Ron Hurst, 18-20 October 1984. Approx 230p.

SIW/PERSONAL/2 Ian Wood's service to Mackay and Australia, by Ian Wood. 4 typed pages, with mss, 4 handwritten pages. Also photograph of Senator Wood as a young man.

SIW/PERSONAL/3 Ian Wood reviews his career in politics and local government. Handwritten mss covering the Gair Affair, Car Sales Tax, Queensland graft and corruption, Regulations and Ordinances Committee, 'crawling' in the Liberal Party, the Arab loans, the Canberra report, Mackay Chamber of Commerce, 'Why I stood for the Senate'. Approx 200p.

SIW/PERSONAL/NEWSP/1 Newspaper clippings about Senator Wood and family. Not arranged chronologically as many are undated. Approx. 1946 - 1992.

SIW/PERSONAL/NEWSP/2 Newspaper clippings about topics of interest to Senator Wood. See following sections for clippings about Mackay, tourism and politics. Not arranged chronologically as many are undated. Approx. 1941 - 1979.

SIW/PERSONAL/MEMENTOES Mementoes, including state banquet programmes, Olympic Games ticket (1956), clothing ration card (1948), certificates of appreciation, Sydney Opera season ticket (1924) etc. 39 items.

SIW/PERSONAL/CORRESP Ten items of correspondence with friends, colleagues and constituents. 1959 - 1991.

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Books from the Senator's private collection:

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/1 Love transcends death, by Gertrude Langer, Brisbane, Langer Memorial Committee, 1987. 29p..

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/2 Japanese Manners and Ethics in Business, by B. De Mente. Tokyo, East Asia Publ. Co., c 1961. 179p.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/3 Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon. Cover and title page missing. Approx. 220p.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/4 The Garden Path; the story of the saturation of the Australian Labour Movement by communism, by M.H. Ellis. Sydney, the Land Newspaper Ltd. 1949. 576p.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/5 Selected speeches 1944-1973, by J.R. Jayewardene. Colombo, H.W. Cave and Co. Ltd., 1974. 101p.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/6 Homo insipiens (man the fool), by L.J.J. Nye. 2nd and enlarged ed. Brisbane, W.R. Smith and Paterson Pty. Ltd., 1969. 108p. Also card addressed to Sen.Wood, noting appreciation of author.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/7 Elysium attained, by L.J.J. Nye. Brisbane, W.R. Smith and Paterson Pty. Ltd. 1974. 221p. Inscribed by author to Sen. Wood.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/8 Luck's a fortune, by David McNicoll. Sydney, Wildcat Press, 1979. 312p.

SIW/PERSONAL/BOOKS/9 The National Geographic, Vol. 111, Number 1, January 1957. Note: 'On Coral Rampants' [The Great Barrier Reef], by P.A. Zahl, p. 1-48.


Miscellaneous published items in the Senator's private collection:

 SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/1 'The Movement" 1941-60, an outline, by B.A. Santamaria. Melbourne, Hawthorn Press, no date. 46p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/2 Peiping's International Propaganda Activities, by Tsai Chin. Republic of China, Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League, 1975. 107p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/3 Communist China's Camouflaged Zigzag Channel by Yao Jen-tien. Republic of China, Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League, 1976. 42p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/4 Ravening Wolves by Monica Farrel. 5th ed. Melbourne, Light and Truth Gospel Crusade, 1964. 64p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/5 State Aid for Education: A Public Mischief, by W.E. Gollan. Sydney [Communist Party of Australia], 1964. 23p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/6 Making plutonium a Soviet monopoly, by P. Beckmann. Nashville, Tenn., United States Industrial Council. No date. 20p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/7 Sex Hygiene and Veneral Disease. Washington, War Dept., 1940. 16p.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/8 The World Map. The National Geographic Magazine, 1951.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/9 Pamphlets and newsletters on various topics. 16 items.

SIW/PERSONAL/MISC/10 Two unidentified typewritten pages, untitled parts of multi-page documents. No date.

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Long-playing records in the Senator's private collection:

SIW/PERSONAL/RECORDS/1 January the Twentysixth from 1770 to today - the history of Australia in words and music, devised and produced by George Patterson Pty. Ltd. 2nd ed. Bank of New South Wales. Undated.

SIW/PERSONAL/RECORDS/2 James Cook's First Voyage Around the World - H.M. Bark Endeavour 1768-1771, produced by Ron Wills and narrated by Nigel Lovell with extracts from Cook's journal. No date.

Held in A-V Collection Elvira Madigan. Classic Screen Themes, I. Musici/Wolfgang Sawallisch. Fontana Gloria Series, FG-290 Stereo. Nippon Phonogram Co. Ltd., Tokyo.


Senator Wood in Mackay

This section deals with Senator Wood's activities in Mackay, its development and tourism.

Mackay Development

SIW/MACKAY/DEVT/1 Site investigation report for a resort development in the Great Barrier Reef Area, for the Australian and British Investment Holdings Corporation. Honolulu, Hawaii Architects and Engineers Inc., 1973 . 29p.

SIW/MACKAY/DEVT/2 Hay Point Environmental Impact Study, by Gutteridge, Haskins and Davey, 1976.

SIW/MACKAY/DEVT/3 Dolphin Heads [development plan and prospectus]. 1980? 12p. 2 copies.

SIW/MACKAY/DEVT/4 Mackay Airport - Planning for the future. Mackay Port Authority, 1989, 6p.


Mackay Town Planning

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/1 Plan of General Development for the City of Mackay ... R.A. McInnis. Brisbane, W.R. Smith and Paterson, 1934. 117p. Includes coloured scale plan at back of book.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/2 Sub-tropical Housing, by Karl Langer, Brisbane, University of Queensland, 1944. (Faculty of Engineering Papers, vol. 1, no. 7, 1944) 12p, 11 plates.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/3 Letter from Karl Langer to Alderman Ian Wood regarding town planning details. 25 February 1945. 1p.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/4 City Council's Town Plan for Mackay ... designed by Dr. Karl Langer. 1 sheet. 1 May 1945.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/5 Statement by His Worship the Mayor, Ald. Ian Wood. [About the Langer and McInnis town plans]. 4p. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/6 Aerial view of Paris, marked for attention of Senator Wood (i.e. result of lack of town plan). 1953.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/7 Letter to Senator Wood from Charlie Barton(?) regarding use of Jubilee Park as a civic centre. 2p. 1 August 1958.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/8 Letter to Mackay Town Clerk (from Senator Wood?) objecting to the proposed Mackay Town Plan. 4 pages; 2 copies. 30 January 1960.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/9 Report upon the siting of a Civic Centre in the City of Mackay, Geoffrey Mill. 17p. 6 December 1968.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/10 City of Mackay [map]. January 1971.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/11 History of town planning in Mackay [by Senator Wood?]. Incomplete. 3 typewritten pages. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/12 Drafts of letters to the editor by Senator Wood, regarding town planning in Mackay. 11 handwritten pages. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOWN PLAN/13 Newspaper clipping referring to Ian Wood's donation of a block of land as 'the only monument to the shelved and imaginative Langer plan'. Daily Mercury, 7 June 1991.

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Mackay tourism

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/1 Impressions of a trip to the North of Australia in 1946, by the editor of Australasian Grocer. 4p. 20 August 1946.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/2 Account of holiday in the Whitsundays (by Ian Wood?). Typewritten. 15p. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/3 Mackay Tourist and Development Association. Constitution and Rules. 15p. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/4 The Book of Mackay. Tourist information about Mackay and district. 24 typewritten p. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/5 Tourist information about Mackay and district, most apparently written by Ian Wood. 10 items. No dates.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/6 Ian Wood's views on travel agents and package tours. 3 typewritten p., (first page missing). No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/7 Excerpts from 2 articles mentioning Mackay; including history of tourist trade in the area and the role of Ian Wood. 5p. Title of magazine unknown. Date approx. 1978.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/8 Mackay and District Business and Services Directory 1985-86. 28p.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/9 My activities to develop Mackay. 7 items assembled in a folder by Ian Wood. Probably around 1979.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/10 Recommendation for a publicity programme for the City of Mackay, by J. Walter Thompson Aust. Pty. Ltd. 12p. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/11 Magical Mackay and the Barrier Reef ... produced by the Mackay Chamber of Commerce. [Artist's mock-up of proposed souvenir book]. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/TOURISM/12 What has been the Commonwealth's role and actions to date in relation to tourism? Parliamentary Library Legislative Research Service. 4p. 26 January 1973.


Ian Wood Travel Service

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/1 Visitors book. 1 September 1950 - 1 September 1956.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/2 State Transport Facilities Act License No. 547 for Mackay Tours (J.H. Hopkins and I.A.C. Wood). 30 June 1948. Also subsequent renewals of license.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/3 Public liability indemnity policy for Mackay Tours. 24 December 1948.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/4 Invoices, presumably for travel service office construction. 6 items. October 1927.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/5 Details of counter for Mr. Ian Wood of Mackay [blueprint], designed by Karl Langer. 1 sheet. 15 July(?) 1954.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/6 Gordon's Australasian Air Guide, No. 62. 65p. 1 June 1942.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/7 Notes taken by Ian Wood during interviews for a position at his travel service. 27p. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/8 Carbon copy of letter to Airlines Representative Board, requesting reinstatement of rebated travel allowance. 4 typewritten p. 11 April 1974.

SIW/MACKAY/IWTS/9 Tourist information brochures for parts of Australia and New Zealand. 8 items. 1939-1940.


Bona Vista

Senator Wood purchased Bona Vista, 'Mackay's most prestigious home' in 1953, with the intention of operating coach tours to the site, developing a restaurant and accommodation, and donating land to the Council for a public garden. Karl Langer was engaged to design both the restaurant and garden, later named after Senator Wood's mother, Annie.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/1 Senator Wood's account of his involvement with the Bona Vista property. 7 items (4 typewritten, 3 handwritten, some duplicates). No date.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/2 Lease between D.H. Croker and R.R. Croker to E. Camilleri, Farmer. Original and one copy. 31 July 1953.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/3 Plan for Annie Wood Memorial Gardens. No date.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/4 Plan for conversion of existing residence 'Bona Vista' (Mackay) to a restaurant, designed by Karl Langer. 12 September 1958.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/5 Typewritten letter from Karl Langer suggesting colour scheme for a house. 1p. and colour chart. 20 June 1962.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/6 Typewritten carbon copy of letter from Harold Holt, confirming exemption from gift duty of Senator Wood's proposed donation of land to Pioneer Shire Council. 1p. 12 November 1965.

SIW/MACKAY/BV/7 Letter to G.E. Jones and Co., Chartered Accountants, Mackay, from Ullman and Nolan, Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers, Mackay, confirming that Senator Wood's original intention was to donate parkland for t he benefit of the community. The area donated was far in excess of the requirements of the Pioneer Shire Council Sub-Division By-Law. 2p. 28 November 1975.

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Mackay City Council

This section includes correspondence and other material related to the Council and Mayoral duties. 115 items, mostly originating in 1967.

SIW/MACKAY/MCC 1941 - 1969

Correspondence relating to Mackay, excluding City Council business (for which see above). 33 items; mainly covering travel and tourism development issues; and some of Ian Wood's letters to the editor (mss). The first item is a t y pewritten 'Extract from letter of 20th November, received from Mr. R.H. Mackay, with biographical details on George Mackay and discovery of the Mackay district'. (2p. undated).

SIW/MACKAY/CORRESP 1939 - 1973. Newspaper clippings about Mackay are not arranged chronologically as many are undated.

SIW/MACKAY/NEWSP 1943 - 1990 approx.


Local Authorities Association of Queensland

Ian Wood was President of the Association in 1948/49. Items include Agenda for the Annual Conference on 3 August 1949 (1p.) and the Annual Report for 1948/49 (13p.).



Miscellaneous items about Mackay

SIW/MACKAY/MISC/1 Celebrating 125 years [of] The Daily Mercury (Special issue). 4 April 1991.

SIW/MACKAY/MISC/2 The Pine Islet Lighthouse Story, written by Enid Schmidtke. 17p. 1990.

SIW/MACKAY/MISC/3 Black and white photograph of 'sugar lands near Farleigh'.

SIW/MACKAY/MISC/4 The Farleigh Co-operative Sugar Milling Association Limited: Golden Jubilee 1926-1976. 25p.

SIW/MACKAY/MISC/5 School in the clouds: Eungella State School Golden Jubilee 1928-1978. 24p.

SIW/MACKAY/MISC/6 Mackay State High School 75th Jubilee Dinner 1912-1987; programme. 4p. plus insert. 24 July 1987.

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Senator Wood in Politics

SIW/POLITICS/TRIBUTE A Tribute to the Memory of Ian Alexander Christie Wood. Extract from the Parliamentary Debates 25 February 1992. 24p.

SIW/POLITICS/TAPE Tape recording (1 reel) of an election speech by Senator Wood. Quality of recording and date unknown.

Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances

From 1953 to 1973, Ian Wood was Chairman of this Committee which was regarded as the 'watchdog' of Parliament.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/1 Supporting a motion of appreciation of the services of Ian Wood as Chairman of the Senate Regulations and Ordinances Committee. [Extract] from the Parliamentary Debates, 27 March 1973. 7p. (24 copies).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/2 Procedure on 'Amendment' bills for the guidance of chairmen of committees (the Senate). 7 typewritten p. (in folder with notes).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/3 Notices of motion for disallowance of regulations and ordinances on the Senate Notice Paper at the end of a session; correspondence [concerning an anomaly of interpretation of the Act]. 8p. 27 February 1973. < /P>

Reports of the Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances.

 SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/4 10th, 1956 (2 copies).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/5 26th, 1968-69.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/6 29th, 1970.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/7 32nd, 1970.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/8 41st, 1972.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/9 43rd, 1972 (General report for 1971/72).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/10 46th, 1973.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/11 49th, 1974.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/12 50th, 1974 (General report for 1973/74; 2 copies: 1 typewritten, 1 printed).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/13 81st, 1986.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/14 82nd, 1987.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/15 83rd, 1988 (including legislation considered 1986-1987).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/16 84th, 1988.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/17 85th, 1989 (including legislation considered 1987-1988).

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/18 87th, 1990.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/19 Conference of Delegated Legislation Committees (Canberra) 29 September - 3 October 1980. Programme. 15p.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/20-22 Commonwealth Conference of Delegated Legislation Committees, 29 September - 2 October 1980, 3v: Report, Documents and Transcript of Proceedings.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/23 Second Conference of Australian Delegated Legislation Committees 26-28 April 1989. Report and transcript of proceedings and conference papers. 373p.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/24 Pearce, D.C. Delegated legislation in Australia and New Zealand. Sydney, Butterworths, 1977.

SIW/POLITICS/SSCRO/25 Drafting of legislation/Retrospectivity of regulations: paper given by Ian Wood on the role of the S.S.C.R.O. 13 November 1969. 3 items: letter confirming details of lecture; paper presented (?); 103rd report of Joint Committee of Public Accounts, 1968 [noting inadequacy of instructions for Parliamentary draftsmen].

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Development of Canberra

SIW/POLITICS/DOC/1 Report from the Select Committee appointed to inquire into and report upon the Development of Canberra. September 1955. 2 copies: Copy 1 is printed report, 150p. with index; Copy 2 is typewritten, 111p. plus appendices.

SIW/POLITICS/DOC/2 Dissent: Separate Report by Senator Wood. 3 typewritten copies.


Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, Sri Lanka

SIW/POLITICS/CPC/1-2 Twentieth Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. Sri Lanka, 1974. 2 vols: Handbook (49p.) and Biographies (98p.).


Delegation to Latin America

SIW/POLITICS/LA/1 Visit of Australian Parliamentary Delegation to Latin America, 10 June - 9 July 1965. 1 folder containing travel itinerary, background information and briefing on relevant foreign affairs.

SIW/POLITICS/LA/2 Satchel containing 11 items promoting the National School of Agriculture at Chapingo, Mexico. 9 items in Spanish, 1 in English, 1 map.

SIW/POLITICS/LA/3 12 black and white slides of Buenos Aires, in cardboard box.


Liberal Party of Australia

Various publications of the Liberal Party.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/1 Liberal Party of Australia (Queensland Division) Constitution and Rules. Brisbane, December 1968. 59p.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/2 Federal election 1958 Joint Policy Speech of [R.G. Menzies]. 29 October 1958. 31p.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/3 The First Ten Years: The Menzies Government 1949-1959. 48p.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/4 Federal election 1966: Policy speech delivered by [Harold Holt]. 8 November 1966. 28p.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/5 Liberal Party of Australia (Queensland Division). A History of the Liberal Party. 8p. 1971(?).

SIW/POLITICS/LP/6 Democratic socialism? by John Martyr, Member of State Council, Liberal Party of Australia, Western Australian Division. 4p. September 1973.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/7 The Liberal Party of Australia. Federal Platform as endorsed by The Joint Standing Committee on Federal Policy. 75p. 11 April 1974.

SIW/POLITICS/LP/8 Speech by ... Margaret Thatcher ... Liberal Party of Australia Federal Council 1976. 6p.


Correspondence with Senator Wood as Member of Parliament

SIW/POLITICS/CORRESP 10 items of correspondence, some with drafted replies. 1950-1978.


Newspaper clippings about Senator Wood and other political issues

SIW/POLITICS/NEWSP Clippings are not arranged chronologically, as many are undated. Approx. 1943-1988.


Issues of interest to Senator Wood during his political career

SIW/POLITICS/I/1 Aboriginal and Islander Affairs: Inquiry into the financial administration of the Dept.; land rights and antidiscrimination bills; media releases. 1974-1978.

SIW/POLITICS/I/2 The Beef Cattle Industry in the Leichardt-Gilbert Region of Queensland: an economic survey, by J.H. Kelly. Canberra, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, April 1959. 80p. plus appendices.

SIW/POLITICS/I/3 Budget 1977: Note and attachment from Bill Wentworth. 3p. 1 July 1977.

SIW/POLITICS/I/4 Report from the Joint Committee on Constitutional Review, 1959.

SIW/POLITICS/I/5 Dept. of Environment, Housing and Community Development. Explanatory Notes for Additional Estimates. 1977-1978. 29p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/6 Senate Estimates Committee D: Dept. of the Interior Additional Estimates 1971/72, Appropriation Bills 4 and 5; Explanations. 176p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/7 Dept. of Labor and Immigration. Explanations on Additional Estimates of Expenditure. 1974/75. 29p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/8 Dept. of Transport. Estimates of Expenditure and Receipts. Explanatory notes. 2 items: 1974-75 and 1977-78.

SIW/POLITICS/I/9 Elections: 3 items: Graduation for democracy: part 1 Election issues, by Tom Appleton; Queensland results of Senate election 21 November 1970; appointment of Ian Wood as scrutineer, 21 September 1941. < /P>

SIW/POLITICS/I/10 Employment and training schemes. 8 items. 25 May 1978.

SIW/POLITICS/I/11 Imported houses: 2 items: extracts from Hansard 7 and 8 December 1950, and undated.

SIW/POLITICS/I/12 National parks: 3 items: Bill to Amend the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975; speech by Senator Garrick on the Amendment Bill 1978; documentary history of national parks agreement between th e Commonwealth and Northern Territory (1976-1978).

SIW/POLITICS/I/13 Parliamentary Scrutiny of administration, paper by Senator John Knight. 29 April 1978. 17p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/14 Statement by Sir Robert Menzies [on the powers of the Senate]. 21 October 1975. 5p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/15 Racism: 3 items: Copies of 2 letters to the editor from C.H.S. Thomason 10 April 1978; and author unknown, 12 April 1978. Also extract from Senate hansard: Senator Wood speaking on Racial Discrimination Bil l 1975, 22 May 1975. p. 1790-1793, 2 copies.

SIW/POLITICS/I/16 Review of legislation: 3 items: Draft motion (4p., undated); letter to Attorney-General (1p., 9 September 1976) and covering letter (1p., 24 May 1978) by Senator Fred Chaney.

SIW/POLITICS/I/17 Estimates Committee B Report to the Senate. October 1976. Note: Senator Wood has made personal notes on the verso of these pages; some apparently regarding the future distribution of his estate.

SIW/POLITICS/I/18 Stevedoring industry: 3 items: redundancy, idle time payments and Proclamation during serious industrial disturbances.

SIW/POLITICS/I/19 State parliamentary superannuation schemes; summary of main provisions. Canberra, The Treasury, August 1976. 35p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/20 Taxation, gift and estate duty: 7 items. Amendment bill 1978; comments on Report of Mathews Committee of Inquiry 1975; retrospective application of legislation; Fair Taxation [submissions regarding b u dget 1972-73]; comments by Bill Wentworth on Income Tax for Aged Persons, 13 November 1973; submission regarding superannuation provisions for the self-employed, 19 May 1978; Senator Wood speaking in Senate on Sales Tax (exemptions and classifications) B i ll (No. 2), 5 December 1960. Extract from Hansard p. 2032-2044.

SIW/POLITICS/I/21 Trade Practices Bill 1973. 74p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/22 Report of the Committee of Investigation into Transportation Costs in Northern Australia. Canberra, September 1965. 196p.

SIW/POLITICS/I/23 Wage-price freeze. Proposal by Bill Wentworth. 2p. 12 February 1972 and 3 May 1977.

SIW/POLITICS/I/24 Senator Wood speaking in Senate on Loan (War Service Land Settlement) Bill 1952. Extract from Hansard 14 October 1952. p. 2990-2997.

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This section comprises publications which facilitate the operation of the Australian Parliament.

SIW/PARL/SO/1 Senate standing orders as in force on 23 March 1977. 87p.

SIW/PARL/SO/2 Senate Standing Orders Committee. Second report for 59th session, 1978. 14p.

SIW/PARL/SO/3 Senate Standing Orders Committee. Second report for 57th session, 1976-77. 22 February 1977. 8p.

SIW/PARL/SO/4 Standing Orders Committee. Sixth report. Standing order 64, withdrawal of Notice of Motion for the disallowance of Regulations and Ordinances etc. 12 October 1972. 4p.

SIW/PARL/SO/5 Senate Standing Orders Committee. Report on Standing Committees. March 1970. 62p.



SIW/PARL/REF/1 Referendums to be held on Saturday 27 May 1967 [proposing alterations to the constitution regarding membership of the Houses of Parliament and removal of discrimination against people of Aboriginal race]. The arguments for and against. 6 April 1967. 16p.

SIW/PARL/REF/2 Referendums 1977; State of Queensland. Results of scrutiny of votes ...

SIW/PARL/REF/3 Referendums 1973; State of Queensland. Results of scrutiny of votes ...



SIW/PARL/ELECT House of Representatives and Senate Elections 1972. State of Queensland. Results of scrutiny of first preference votes ...


Parliamentary journals

SIW/PARL/JOURNAL/1 The Parliamentarian. Journal of the Parliaments of the Commonwealth. Vol. 69, Number 4 (October 1988), Vol. 65, No. 2 (April 1984), Vol. 65, No. 1 (January 1984), Vol. 63, No. 3 (July 1982), Vol. 61, No. 1 (January 1980), Vol. 59, No. 4 (October 1978).

SIW/PARL/JOURNAL/2 The House Magazine Souvenir Edition (New Parliament House opened 9 May 1988). Photocopy of front cover and p. 17-21.



SIW/PARL/MISC/1 Information on the facilities provided for Senators and Members of the Australian Parliament. Canberra, A.G.P.S., 1974. 20p.

SIW/PARL/MISC/2 Your will be done, by Arthur A. Chresby. [Explanation of functions of Parliament, etc.]. 26p.

SIW/PARL/MISC/3 Parliamentary retiring allowances handbook. Canberra, The Treasury, March 1975. 10p.

SIW/PARL/MISC/4 Colour poster [The Queen presumably opening Parliament]. No date.

SIW/PARL/MISC/5 Parliamentary Library. Index to current information, Vol. 4, 1976. 395p. plus index.

SIW/PARL/MISC/6 Correction of typescript of speech: Senator Wood speaking on simultaneous elections. 2p. No date.

SIW/PARL/MISC/7 Extract from Senate Hansard, 16 February 1956. Senator Wood commenting on the Governor-General's speech. p. 41-51.


Handbooks and Hansard

SIW/PARL/APH/1-4 Australian Parliamentary Handbook. Canberra, A.G.P.S. 18th ed. 1973; 19th ed. 1975 and supplement No. 1, 1976; 20th ed. 1978.

SIW/PARL/ASP/1-4 Australian Senate Practice, by J.R. Odgers. Canberra, A.G.P.S. [1st] ed., 1953; 3rd ed. 1967; 4th ed. 1972; 5th ed. 1976.


House of Representatives:

 SIW/PARL/PDR/1 16 November - 10 December 1965.

SIW/PARL/PDR/2-5 8 March - 8 November 1977 (4 volumes).

SIW/PARL/PDR/6-7 Index to Parliamentary Debates: House of Representatives. 2 indexes: 21 February - 31 May 1985; 17 February - 4 June 1987.

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SIW/PARL/PDS/1 19, 20, 21 May 1964.

SIW/PARL/PDS/2 8 December 1965 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDS/3 30 November 1971, 1-2 December 1971.

SIW/PARL/PDS/4 10 April 1974 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDS/5 17, 18, 19, September 1974.

SIW/PARL/PDS/6-9 8 March - 9 November 1977 (4 volumes).

SIW/PARL/PDS/10 Senate Estimates Committee September 1977.

SIW/PARL/PDS/11 1 June 1978 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDS/12 7 June 1978 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDS/13 8 June 1978 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDS/14 9 June 1978 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDS/15-16 Index to Parliamentary Debates (Senate). 2 indexes: 21 February - 31 May 1985; 17 February - 5 June 1987.


Queensland Legislative Assembly:

 SIW/PARL/PDQ/1 31 July, 1-2 August 1956 (proof copy).

SIW/PARL/PDQ/2 7-9 August 1956 (proof copy).



SIW/MAPS/1 Town of Mackay ... Survey Office, Department of Public Lands, Brisbane. September 1947.

SIW/MAPS/2 Dolphin Heads [proposed development] No. 182-1, showing location in relation to Eimeo and Mackay. Karl Langer, Brisbane. November 1965.

SIW/MAPS/3 Dolphin Heads [detail of proposed development] No. 1182-2. Karl Langer, Brisbane. November 1965.

SIW/MAPS/4 Town of Eimeo. Survey Office, Department of Lands, Brisbane. November 1970.

SIW/MAPS/5 Slade Point Development Scheme; proposed Mackay beach estate. No. 1135-6, Karl Langer, Brisbane. No date.

SIW/MAPS/6 Town of Ball Bay [details of subdivision of portion 1485, Parish of Ossa, County of Carlisle]. No date.


Rabbit Island Resort

The following plans and sketches were prepared by Karl Langer for the proposed tourist resort on Rabbit Island, near Seaforth, north of Mackay. July 1959 - April 1960.

SIW/MAPS/7 Artist's impression of aerial view [presumably] of the resort.

SIW/MAPS/8-25 Locality maps, sketches and details of accommodation. Series No. 1099-2 to 1099-10 (some duplicates).

SIW/MAPS/26-27 Locality maps showing Rabbit Island in relation to surrounding islands, Seaforth and the Whitsunday Islands. 2 copies.

SIW/MAPS/28 Perspective and plan of an accommodation unit.


Mrs. Annie Wood Memorial Garden and Estate

These plans show survey details and proposed layout of the garden and housing subdivision proposed at Bona Vista.

SIW/MAPS/29-30 Proposed layout of estate and gardens, as devised by Karl Langer. July 1966.

SIW/MAPS/31-32 Survey of subs 19 - 33 ... [adjoining Malcolmson Street and Norris Road]. With annotations attached.

SIW/MAPS/33 Bona Vista Estate. Contour and detail survey ... by Hillhouse and Hillhouse, Surveyors. 4 March 1966.

SIW/MAPS/34-42 Plans of details of subdivision, by Ullman and Nolan, Engineers. Plan No. Mis 1388 - 1392 (some duplicates).

SIW/MAPS/43 TAA map of the Commonwealth of Australia showing air routes ... etc. May 1959. Note: track of a cyclone is marked, positioned off the Queensland coast.


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