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Wanetta Pearling Company Archive

The Wanetta Pearling Company, Thursday Island, came into existence in the late nineteenth century, run by the Hockings Brothers. The records held, which cover the period 1900 to 1927, provide comprehensive coverage of the day-to-day running of the company and also convey the nature of employer/employee relationships which existed.
(Many items are very fragile)

(Records of the Wanetta Pearling Company are also held by the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane.)

Archive Location: 73R-75L

Detailed Listing

WPC/1 Accounts and correspondence, 1902–1910.

WPC/2 Accounts and letter, 1910 (one is 1912).

WPC/3 Accounts 1911.

WPC/4 Nippon Yusen Kaisha Steamship Co. bills of loading, Accounts, and eight letters, 1912.

WPC/5                        1913

WPC/5/1 Accounts.

WPC/5/2 Telegrams.

WPC/5/3 Queensland Certificates of Discharge.

WPC/5/4 Government/official correspondence re Aboriginal and/or Japanese employees.

WPC/5/5 Company business correspondence.

WPC/5/6 Company personal correspondence.

WPC/6                        1914

WPC/6/1 Accounts.

WPC/6/2 Telegrams.

WPC/6/3 Queensland Certificates of Discharge.

WPC/6/4 Government/official correspondence re Aboriginal and/or Japanese employees.

WPC/6/5 Company business correspondence.

WPC/6/6 Company personal correspondence.

WPC/7                        1915

WPC/7/1 Accounts.

WPC/7/2 Telegrams.

WPC/7/3 Company business correspondence.

WPC/7/4 Company personal correspondence.

WPC/8                        1916

WPC/8/1 Accounts.

WPC/8/2 Telegrams.

WPC/8/3 Company business correspondence.

WPC/8/4 Company personal correspondence.

WPC/9                        1917

WPC/9/1 Accounts.

WPC/9/2 Telegrams.

WPC/9/3 Company business correspondence.

WPC/9/4 Company personal correspondence.


WPC/10 Accounts; Papua Native Labour Ordinance 1916 Schedule; Contracts of Service; Receipts for fees; 1918.

WPC/11 Account, Letter 1919. Miscellaneous undated accounts, letters and telegrams.

WPC/12 Miscellaneous Xerox copies of documents. Handwritten copy.

WPC/13 Pamphlet “Reports of the Torres Straits Hospital for the Year 1911”.

WPC/14 Wages book (index in back), 10 July 1907 - 23 May 1908.

WPC/15 Company accounts ledger, 1 Feb 1913 - 30 July 1915

WPC/16 Company accounts ledger, 1 Aug 1915 - 26Feb 1921

WPC/17 Company accounts ledger, 25 Jan 1919 - 25 Feb 1921

WPC/18 Company accounts ledger, 10 Mar 192 - 29 Aug 1922

WPC/19 Company accounts ledger, 13 Mar 1925 – 30 June 1927

WPC/20 Document dated 1906. On cover in Dutch: “This seal belongs to the enclosed copy of the crew list dated 26 October, 1906, number eight of the steamship named Wanetta belonging to Celebes Trading Company Ltd. Amboniom 26 October, 1906. T. M. Harthoom, Chief Harbourmaster." 

WPC/21 Australian United Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. Brisbane. Shipping receipts, 1913.

WPC/22 Telegrams, business correspondence, 1914.

WPC/23 Business correspondence, 1915.

WPC/24 Telegrams, business correspondence, 1957.

WPC/25 Telegrams, business correspondence, 1958.

WPC/26 Cash book, 1905-1909.

WPC/27 Accounts book, May 1908-1909.

WPC/28 Company accounts journal, 23 May 1908 - 27 December 1910.

WPC/29 Company accounts journal, 1912 - 1914. Loose note enclosed, signed, dated “20-04-09”, re. “One month provisions in the lugger [name is indecipherable]”

WPC/30 Company accounts ledger, June 1927–June 1929.

WPC/31 Wages book, 1903–1905.

WPC/32 Wages book, 1911–1912.

WPC/33 Diary of the schooner, “Wanetta,” 17 March 1911 - 30 September 1914.

WPC/34 Invoice ledger (incomplete) 8 January 1911 - 30 July 1912.

WPC/35 Union Bank of Australia Ltd, Brisbane, Current Account book i.n.o. Celebes Trading Coy, Wanetta A/c, 21 December 1905 - 25 August 1909.

WPC/36 Miscellaneous accounts and correspondence. Mainly undated.

WPC/37 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1913.

WPC/38 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1914.

WPC/39 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1915.

WPC/40 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1916.

WPC/41 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1917.

WPC/42 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1918.

WPC/43 Accounts, correspondence and telegrams, 1919.

WPC/44 Correspondence, 10 February 1954 - 29 December 1958.

WPC/45 Correspondence, 22 January 1954 - 2 June 1959.

WPC/46 Accounts, correspondence and contracts, 10 June 1954 - 2 July 1959.