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VP50 Celebrations Archive

VP50 celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Pacific, August 1945. These activities were facilitated through the Townsville City Council and held from 11-20 August, 1995. This archive includes a few examples of original World War Two materials.

Archive Location: 188L, 190(a)L

Detailed Listing

VP50/1/  Event letters, memoranda, notes, book/article excerpts, copies of war-time photographs, etc. relating to the Second World War and relevance to Townsville/northern Queensland

VP50/2/  VP50 publication, Can you name these faces? [war time photograph of VAD Number 1 Detachment]

VP50/3/  Anne McInnes file: Letter to VP50 Committee (27 July 1995) with copies of photographs regarding war service of her father Alfred Stanley (‘Stan’) Woods and uncle George Arthur Woods, both serving in the same unit

VP50/4/  Copy of Kenneth Wallace Fields, Kangaroo Squadron: Memories of a Pacific Bomber Pilot: An Interview with Lt. Col. John Wallace Fields, U.S.A.F. (Ret.). Inside cover, information that interview was conducted on October 9 1982, Shamrock, Texas.

VP50/5/  Fold-out ‘City of Townsville’ map, with attachment headed ‘Explanation of Some Numbers on Dispatch Riders Map, Map One.  There is heading in top right-hand corner – ‘U.S. Map of Offices, Etc. in T’ville circa 1943/44’

VP50/6/  Original Athol's Inn menu titled 'Our War Effort', dated 5 May 1945. On back is written reference to RAAF Concert Party No. 2

VP50/7/  Descriptive list of photographs with particular reference to events, places and personnel in northern Queensland

VP50/8/  Original special feature 'Townsville Victory Day Celebrations/Townsville on Victory Night', in The Townsville Daily Bulletin, 12 June, 1946

VP50/9/  Commemorative newspapers

VP50/10/  Commemorative brochures, souvenirs, concert shows, events, etc.

VP50/11/ VP50 Display materials

VP50/12/ Photograph: 'Announcement of Peace 15/8/45'

VP50/13/ Photograph: 'US Hospital'

VP50/14/  Red Cross Display materials

VP50/15/ VP50 commemorative photo album featuring colour portraits of children; 'Our Future' embossed on cover and inside is heading 'Children of the VP50 Celebrations'


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