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Union Rules and Elections


Series 1:   Union Rules

AMIEU/URE/1  1956 Federal Draft Rules and Qld Branch Draft Rules

AMIEU/URE/2  Rules

AMIEU/URE/3  AMIEU Queensland Branch By-Laws

AMIEU/URE/4  Registered Rules of the AMIEU, 1986

AMIEU/URE/5  Rules of the Trades & Labor Council of Queensland

AMIEU/URE/6  AMIEU Rules: Correspondence

AMIEU/URE/7  AMIEU Rule Books, 1930-1982

AMIEU/URE/8  Townsville Trades & Labor Council: Constitution, Rules & Standing Orders, 1941

AMIEU/URE/9  Rules of the Trades & Labour Council of Queensland

AMIEU/URE/10 Registered Rules of the AMIEU, 1987

Archives Location: 445L


Series 2:   Legal

AMIEU/LEG/1  Legal Assistance to Members of the Forces and Their Dependants [1944]

AMIEU/LEG/2 Queensland Police Department Statements of Witness, 5 March 1991

AMIEU/LEG/3 Certificate of Registration of an Association as an Organization of Employees, 1912

AMIEU/LEG/4 Certificate of Title for AMIEU property. 1958

AMIEU/LEG/5 Certificates of Registration of a Workplace, 1991-1998

Archives Location: 445L


Series 3:   Union Tickets/Scabs


Items not individually numbered

Archives Location: 445L


Series 4:   Elections

AMIEU/ELEC/1  District Council Meetings, 1937-1966

AMIEU/ELEC/2 B. 113 of 1963. G. Barnes v. AMIEU (Union Elections)

AMIEU/ELEC/3 Branch and Northern Sub-Branch Elections 1960-2963

AMIEU/ELEC/4 Queerah Local Sub-Branch Bi-Election - Ballot Papers 1970

AMIEU/ELEC/5 Elections - Ballot Records

AMIEU/ELEC/6 1980 Elections

AMIEU/ELEC/7 Elections - Prior to 1980

AMIEU/ELEC/8 Electoral Rolls 1982; 1981 Elections

AMIEU/ELEC/9 Ballot Paper lists, results: 1964, 1975, 1977, 1981

Archives Location: 445L


Series 5:   Elections - Correspondence


Items not individually numbered

Archives Location: 445L


Series 6:   Elections - Promotional Material


Items not individually numbered

Archives Location: 445L


Series 7:   Additional

AMIEU/ADD/1 The Oakleigh Abbatoirs Operatives' Association Constitution

Archives Location: 445L