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Townsville Custom House and Quarantine Station Plans Archive

Original architectural plans for the Townsville Custom House and the Quarantine Station on Magnetic Island. The Brisbane Courier reported on 16 June, 1899 that ' The Works Department have received instructions that the plans of the new Custom-house proposed to be erected at Townsville are to be proceeded with as soon as possible'. Magnetic Island was set aside in 1875 as a quarantine station although it was another ten years before the proper facilities were established at West Point. This collection was donated by Professor B.J. Dalton.


Archive Location: Special Collections Map Drawer 12

Detailed Listing

Townsville Custom House

i. Detail Sheet No. 1, 20 December, 1899

ii. Sheet No. 2, Foundation Plan, 20 December, 1899

iii. Sheet No. 3, Ground Plan, 20 December, 1899

iv. Sheet No. 4, Upper Floor Plan, 20 December, 1899

v. Sheet No. 5, Roof Plan, 20 December, 1899

vi. Sheet No. 6, Elevation to The Strand (including cross-section details), 30 December, 1899

vii. Sheet No. 7, Elevation to Wickham Street (including cross-section details), 30 December, 1899

viii. Sheet No. 8, Longitudinal sections through Custom House building's offices, 30 December, 1899

ix. Sheet No. 9, Elevations (looking west, south and north), 30 December, 1899

x. Plan Elevations & Sections of Roof (undated)


Quarantine Station, Magnetic Island

i. Plan of Luggage Shed, 8 May, 1888

ii. Plan of Wash house to Hospital Kitchen, 1 June, 1886

iii. Care Takers Cottage, 3 December, 1885

iv. Surgeons Quarters, 29 December, 1885


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