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Mavis Thomson Archive

Mavis Thomson (nee Quinn) authored the women's page, etc. for the Townsville Daily Bulletin and hosted an ABC radio program during the 1950s and 1960s. Mavis was married to Don Thomson, Townsville photographer.

This archive is comprised of a folder of typed personal letters, newspaper articles, running-order for commentaries, and notes.

Archive Location: 104R

Detailed Listing

MT/1/ Personal letter, dated 13th August (year unknown)

MT/2/ Start 3.00' (undated)

MT/3/ Townsville Today (15 September 1967); extract from Townsville Daily Bulletin (15 September 1967); Extracts from George J. Connor and Associates Report: Central City Block Redevelopment: Town Hall Site and Environs

MT/4/ Typed letter headed 'For Release Friday Morning. September 15, 1967'

MT/5/ Typed commentary headed 'Begin with same introduction as Program 1', accompanied by handwritten notes

MT/6/ Map on tracing paper, 'Townsville Development 1866'

MT/7/ Commentary or transcript for radio show (?), completed on 15 October 1964

MT/8/ Transcript of letter dated 11 July 1865

MT/9/ The Environment of a Unique Area

MT/10/ The Burdekin Dam Story As Told by Mr Arthur Coburn, MLA

MT/11/ 'Black's letter to Towns, July 27, 1865'

MT/12/ News review 22 February 1967




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