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This large collection of documents concerning the Townsville Community Music Centre (TCMC) was donated by Jean Dartnall. The Townsville Community Centre began in early 1983 when a group of people with a shared interest in musical matters decided to address the local paucity in musical opportunities. An early objective of the centre was to encourage the establishment of tertiary music education in Townsville, and provide classes, courses, and workshops in a variety of musical styles, levels, instruments and experiences. The Centre ran a significant concert program for many years and promoted emerging musicians. Reflecting the Centre's increasing workload as an information and referral service, this collection includes documents on concerts, training, instruments, musicians, sheet music, performance and rehearsal spaces, functions and events, sources for grants and funding, legal matters, continuing professional development of local musicians, and integrating overseas professional musicians with local community musicians.

For a comprehensive study of TCMC, read Jean Dartnall, The Townsville Community Music Centre: some memories of the first 25 years (2008). It is catalogued as part of the North Queensland Collection, Special Collections Library at James Cook University, Townsville.

Archive Location: 191-193, 196, 202(a)L, Folios 507

Detailed Listing

TCMC/Arts Queensland/1/ Arts Service Survey - 2000

TCMC/Arts Queensland/2/ General Correspondence - 2000

TCMC/Arts Queensland/3/ Grant Correspondence - 2000

TCMC/Arts Queensland/4/ CIP Meetings - 2001

TCMC/Arts Queensland/5/ General Correspondence - 2001

TCMC/Arts Queensland/6/ General - 1997-2001

TCMC/Arts Queensland/7/ Financial Accounts - 2002-2003

TCMC/Other Organisations/1/ Australian Northern Europe Liaisons - 2000-2001

TCMC/Other Organisations/2/ Board of the Royal School of Music - 1998

TCMC/Other Organisations/3/ Queensland Government: liquor licences - 2002

TCMC/Other Organisations/4/ Letters of Support - pre-1998

TCMC/Other Organisations/5/ Breakwater Casino C.B.F. - 1988-2004

TCMC/Other Organisations/6/ Letters of Support for TCMC - 1998-2003

TCMC/Other Organisations/7/ Concerts: Miscellaneous: Current - 2000-2002

TCMC/Other Organisations/8/ Hardy Wines

TCMC/Other Organisations/9/ Photocopier Grant Application - 2002

TCMC/Other Organisations/10/ Townsville City Council Grant - 2000

TCMC/Other Organisations/11/ Townsville City Council Grant - 2001

TCMC/Other Organisations/12/ James Cook University - 2003

TCMC/Other Organisations/13/ Thuringowa City Council Grant - 1998-2000

TCMC/Other Organisations/14/ Thuringowa City Council Grant - 2000-2002

TCMC/Other Organisations/15/ Thuringowa Correspondence - 2001-2002

TCMC/Other Organisations/16/ Arts Snapshot - 2000

TCMC/Other Organisations/17/ Australian Northern Europe Liaisons Correspondence - 2003

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/1/ Community Music Centre Projects: Let's Make An Opera (1987); Music Expo (1990); Brass Razoo (1991); Larry Sitsky (1992); Christmas Story (1996)

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/2/ Raise High the Aspidistra - 1995

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/3/ Blindman's Holiday - 2001

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/4/ Tonnoirs - 1986-1987

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/5/ Tonnoirs - 1990-1991

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/6/ Bishop's Lodge

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/7/ Sheraton Breakwater Concert/Stokes-Nicholson Big Band - 1997

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/8/ Jupiters, Townsville - 2000

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/9/ Jupiters, Townsville - 2001

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/10/ Jupiters, Townsville - 2002

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/11/ Sheraton, Townsville - 1995

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/12/ Sheraton, Townsville - 1998

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/13/ Sheraton, Townsville - 1999

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/14/ Love Beneath the Bandstand - 1996

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/15/ Fundraiser - 1996

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/16/ 1930s Cabaret - 1994

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/17/ Sheraton Afternoon Tea Concerts - 1990-1992

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/18/ Sheraton - 1993

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/19/ Evening at Bishop's Lodge - 1992

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/20/ Bishop's Lodge - 1995

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/21/ Bishop's Lodge - 1997

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/22/ Bishop's Lodge - 1998

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/23/ Bishop's Lodge - 1999

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/24/ Bishop's Lodge - 2000

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/25/ Fundraising Movie - 2001

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/26/Proposed Film Nights (Red Violin) - 2000

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/27/ Everyone Says I Love You - 1997

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/28/ Lamington Film Night - 1996

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/29/ Persuasion - 1996

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/30/ Film Nights - 1991-1992

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/31/ Film Night - 1994

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/32/ Film Night - 1995

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/33/ Farinelli - 1995

TCMC/Correspondence/Functions & Events/34/ Fundraising Dinner - 1995


TCMC/Management Board Meetings/1/ Minutes 1983-1984

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/2/ Minutes 1984-1987

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/3/ Minutes 1988-1990

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/4/ Minutes 1991-1993

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/5/ Minutes 1994-1998

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/6/ Minutes 2001-2003

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/7/ Minutes 2003

TCMC/Management Board Meetings/8/ Minutes 1999


TCMC/Internal Operations/1/ Constitution Matters

TCMC/Internal Operations/2/ Untitled file: procedural issues - 1999

TCMC/Internal Operations/3/ Knobel Real Estate - 1998-2002

TCMC/Internal Operations/4/ Donations Correspondence - 1990-2004

TCMC/Internal Operations/5/ Donations TCMC - 1988-2004

TCMC/Internal Operations/6/ ACE Nominations/Awards Committee - 2000

TCMC/Internal Operations/7/ Townsville City Council Arts and Cultural Awards Correspondence - 1990-2000

TCMC/Internal Operations/8/ General - 2000

TCMC/Internal Operations/9/ Palmer Street Jazz Festival - 2002

TCMC/Internal Operations/10/ AFCM - 2002

TCMC/Internal Operations/11/ AFCM - 2003

TCMC/Internal Operations/12/ Grant Application Drafts - 2002

TCMC/Internal Operations/13/ Austarnet/Norton - 2001-2003

TCMC/Internal Operations/14/ TCMC Old Supreme Court Building, Background Details

TCMC/Internal Operations/15/ AFCM - 2000-2007

TCMC/Internal Operations/16/ Photographs - 3 sets of photographs; 3rd set from 1980s Music Centre activities, source being Rachel Matthews, known then as Rachel Berker during her involvement with the Music Centre

TCMC/Internal Operations/17/ Newspaper Clippings - 1987-1990 ['D'-ring binder]

TCMC/Internal Operations/18/ 1986 Info and Photos

TCMC/Internal Operations/19/ Scrapbook/1/ -1995 and 1996 Press Clippings

TCMC/Internal Operations/20/ Scrapbook/2/ -1997 Press Cuttings

TCMC/Internal Operations/21/ Scrapbook/3/ Press Items, October 1997-4 December 1998

TCMC/Internal Operations/22/ Scrapbook/4/ Press Cuttings, 27 November 1998-20 April 2001

TCMC/Internal Operations/23/ Scrapbook/5/ Press Items, 27 April 2001-25 June 2004

TCMC/Internal Operations/24/ Annual Reports - 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

TCMC/Internal Operations/25/ AGM 2000 [with 1999 Annual Report]

TCMC/Internal Operations/26/ General: CEO Position Description; Income Tax; Auditor's Report; Emerging Issues; Draft Plan for 2001; Programs and Events for 2000-2001; Membership survey 1999; 1999 Annual Report; TCMC President's Report 2003

TCMC/Internal Operations/27/ Old Supreme Court Building

TCMC/Internal Operations/28/ Notebook kept by Fred Thompson, first president of the Music Centre for the period April 1983 to February 1987


TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/1/ Sirocco - 2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/2/ Bella Voce - 2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/3/ Carlos Balbi and Christobel Moore - 2001-2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/4/ Helen Lam-Winther - 1999-2000

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/5/ Janet Seidel Quintet - 2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/6/ Southern Cross Soloists - 2000-2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/7/ Women in Docs - 1999-2003

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/8/ Song Company - 2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/9/ Pinschof and Schubert - 2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/10/ Walisuma De Los Andes - 1998-2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/11/ Musica Viva Proposals - 1999-2000

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/12/ Con Spirit Oz - 2001

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/13/ Tess Remy-Schumacher - 1996-2001

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/14/ WASSA - 2001-2003

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/15/ Cologne New Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra - 1998-2001

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/16/ Sinfonia Di Colonia - 2000

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/17/ Ali Wood Concert - 2000-2002

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/18/ Bruce Mathiske - 2001

TCMC/Liaison with musicians and performers/19/ Information for Musicians - 2002


TCMC/Functions and Events/1/ Standing Committee for Academic Board, Monday 29 June 1981

TCMC/Functions and Events/2/ TCMC (Historical) - 1988

TCMC/Functions and Events/3/ Bishop's Lodge - 2001

TCMC/Functions and Events/4/ Bishop's Lodge - 2002

TCMC/Functions and Events/5/ Film Night 2002

TCMC/Functions and Events/6/ Concerts - February 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/7/ Concert & Musicians - February-June 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/8/ Concert & Musicians - July-September 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/9/ Stokes Nicholson Big Band

TCMC/Functions and Events/10/ Miscellaneous/1/ 1984-1985

TCMC/Functions and Events/11/ Miscellaneous/2/ 1986

TCMC/Functions and Events/12/ Miscellaneous/3/ 1987-1988

TCMC/Functions and Events/13/ Address to Community Music Conference, Mackay 23-25 July 1999

TCMC/Functions and Events/14/ VHS and DVD copies of Townsville Community Music Centre 'Noyes Fludde' by Benjamin Britten, 6 July 1985, 8.30pm

TCMC/Functions and Events/15/ Flyers and Programs/1/January 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/16/ Flyers and Programs/2/February 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/17/ Flyers and Programs/3/March 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/18/ Flyers and Programs/4/April 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/19/ Flyers and Programs/5/May 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/20/ Flyers and Programs/6/June 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/21/ Flyers and Programs/7/July 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/22/ Flyers and Programs/8/August 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/23/ Flyers and Programs/9/September 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/24/ Flyers and Programs/10/October 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/25/ Flyers and Programs/11/November 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/26/ Flyers and Programs/12/December 2003

TCMC/Functions and Events/27/ Flyers and Programs/1/January 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/28/ Flyers and Programs/2/February 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/29/ Flyers and Programs/3/March 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/30/ Flyers and Programs/4/April 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/31/ Flyers and Programs/5/May 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/32/ Flyers and Programs/6/June 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/33/ Flyers and Programs/7/July 2004

TCMC/Functions and Events/34/ Flyers and Programs/8/August and October-November 2004


TCMC/Newsletters/ Bundle/1/ January 1985-December 1993

TCMC/Newsletters/ Bundle/2/ February 1994-December 1998

TCMC/Newsletters/ Bundle/3/ January 1999-June 2004

TCMC/Newsletters/ Folio/1/ Paste-ups of newsletters, incomplete, covering period January 1996 to June 2004, including copy of Nigel Daniels, Architect, Townsville Community Music Centre (no date), and laminated copy of Townsville Community Dance & Music Centre poster [archived at Folios 507]


TCMC/Photographs/Concerts Photos/1/ Michael Knopf; Helena Kong; Gilya Hodos; Meghan Horne; Robert [Keate?]; Meadowlark, consisting of Jenny Hultgren, Gregg Brunskill; Sheila Brunskill; plus two other photographs with no identification

TCMC/Photographs/Concerts Photos/2/ 1st Semester concert; Ray Bull and 'Boof' Thomsen; 1st Semester concert, Kneipp; Kirsty [Vernon?] - 1st Semester Concert, 1986; 1st Semester Concert, Rolf Bull and pupil; plus 25 photographs with no identification (probably mid-1980s)

TCMC/Photographs/Concerts Photos/3/ Julie Adamson 'Sunshine Kids Choir' group of photographs; plus several other sets of photographs with no identification (colour and b/w)

TCMC/Photographs/Concerts Photos/4/ 'Poms from Oz' - Judy, Alan and Kathleen Pomeroy; 'No Half Measures' - Richard Ryall, Richard Newell, Heidi Newell, Steve Kinver; Gerrit Bon; Melaleuca String Quartet; Chanel Lucas and Roz Pappalardo - 'Women in Docs'; Michael Whiticker; 'Blue Mountains Trio'; members of 'Blue Moon'; 'Bella Musica String Quartet'; 'B'tutta Percussion Group'; 'Cologne New Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra'; some members of 'Bella Voce Choir'; 'Con Spirit Oz'; Rachel Cairns; Adele Cristando; Steven Campbell (bass); Ali Wood (pianist); 'Townsville Brass Choir'; Margaret Caley; Robert Nixon (piano); Ryan Daniel (piano); 'Wattle 'n Gum'; plus several other photographs with no identification (colour and b/w)

TCMC/Photographs/Concerts Photos/5/ 'Syrup of Figs'; Pamela Richman; Johnny Nicol and His Quintet; Trio featuring Ashley Croder, Caroline Lloyd-Doolan and David Roberts; St. Maria im Kapitol in Koln 1991; Sam Magill; Tess Remy-Schumacher (cello); Leanne Roobol (soprano); Tess Remy-Schumacher and Gilya Hodos, August 1998; Barry Davidson, member of 'Downtown Dixie Jazz Band'; Jill Martin 1999; Kate Agioritis; 'Quadraphonics'; Alex Salvador; two members of 'Telemana Ensemble'; plus several other photographs with no identification (colour and b/w)


TCMC/Bill Williams Memorabilia/ University of Queensland Science, Arts Culture Award, Order of the British Empire, personal effects such as passport, address book, photographs
Photo of Bill Williams, funeral ornaments, letters and address


TCMC/Mary-Lou Schonfeldt Memorabilia/ 5 laminated music performance awards 1991-1994, 1997


TCMC/Laminated Posters/Bundle/ Bundle of laminated posters for various TCMC events, shows, etc.


TCMC/Promotional Posters and Advertisements/Bundle/ Bundles of small posters, advertisements in final or paste-up form for various TCMC events, shows, etc.


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